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  1. This Made my evning:) and evning of spinning, to bad its only in my head.
  2. Do u gett it at a health food store or? Problem for me is i never remeber when out that i Need to try somthing for my fog. Thoug. I am verygreatfull for for less fog after getting my litle boy:) Whats tumeric?
  3. I loved it. but lost it. so ery glad i can find it on ytube
  4. Thanx Been lovering my allergy meds, hope i will feel better any day now
  5. Hi Have not had that problem for years But when i was younger i did. So i really do understand. But what ever way I dealt whit my docs they didnt understand. They ust didnt belive me. But more and more docs gett more knowlegde about dys etc. But trying to explain the best way u can how dys influenses your life, even though u can also be active. Best of luck
  6. The thing about pots is that its a collection of symtoms and not a illnes in it self. So that makes its so much harder. Many of us know the reson why we have pots, many of us dont. I am in the dont group. But i hope to gett in the I know group. And for the first time in many years I have a lilte hope again. But back to topic... I am at this momment pregnant. I am about 4 mnths now. I got diagnosed whit pots back in 98. Have had symstoms of weird stuff as long as i can remeber. This is my first pregnancy. Back when i was 23 my cardio told me that i shouldnt gett pregnant. Then he said he had n
  7. The weather and drops makes a difrent to me. Sometimes more than other. I hear most pots patiens complain about the heat. Not a bigg problem here. But the temp can fall quikly, and it rains a lot. Has been two weeks whit warmer and not so rainy, lovely for my body. Not hot, but warm.Between 14-22 c during, the last two days heavy rain and drop in temp. I feel it in my head and my body. I wish i lived where it was a litle warmer and lilte less rain. We are now planning to install heat in the floors, warm wather
  8. Symtoms has long as i remeber. Got gradually worse from my teens and up. At 20 even worse, and in 98 i got my diagnose. 2001 i think was my first bedbound spell. So been a few years. I am now 35, and still here
  9. Hi Lots of difrent things at difrent times. But starting on allergypills a year ago made the biggest difrens for me. But there are also lots of other things; Like eating the rigth food often and in small portions (often the rigth food is a lilte sugar) Acsepting the days i have to stay in bed or in the sofa all day doing nothing. Rest alot My wheelchairs My showerchair findg out that a low dose midorin was a lot better than a high (after over 8 years, almost 9) Painmeds to gett better sleep Giving up trying to exserise, and then lookng at all movment as that, exersise. Doing micro exersis whe
  10. Sorry to hear u are getting worse. And that your docs are well docs... I have had this in one form all my life. When i got my diagnose back in 98 I had gradually gotten worse for a few years. But still i was abel to be fairly active and did more than most people. During the year of 99 I reclined even more. I started the year exerising like i always did, but during the year my body ust whent down in shape and stamina, even though i kept at it.And i have never been abel to do normal exersis since that year. Ater that i have had many ups and downs. My ups is not healty or functiong all day (even
  11. Hi Brynne being young and dealing whit this is not easy. I have had pots always i think, but was diagnosed at 22. I was abel to go to shcool and even got a bacholr degree. But it was very hard, and had no idee about what was wrong whit me. The doc said it was all in my head. So i was told to pay no attension too my body from a very young age. So thats what i did, and i botled up my feelings too. During my last 7 years i have learned gradualy how to really deal whit my feelings and situations. Getting to griev is important. I had a mnth about two years ago. I cryed and cryed, and dived down int
  12. Hi I used to have low bloodpressure. Have been on midorin 9 years, and a very high dose also. It was the rigth dose the first years, but then i think i have been on a too high dose for years. I have had high bloodpressure at times for years also. But i havnt been taking my bloodpressue to much sitting and standing up. I march i had a sort of episode thing that lastet two weeks. Along whit other things my bloodpressure whent too high sitting and standing then whent of the midorin. That was not good either. But i started on a lower dose,and have contiued on that dose. My old dose was 3 tabl 2,5
  13. Hi. I had symtoms all my life, it got gradually worse. A few fainings in my teens, and in the early 20 i started fainting alot. The docs dont really bother whit my other systoms, they are ust fixeted on the fainting. I got my diagnose back in 1998, in usa actually. I have been bedridden og sofa ridden for long peroids. I use wheelchairs when out and about, and also at home. But i do walk short distanses at the house. like in the bathroom, cos the chair dont go there (but i do have a chair to sit on, and one in the shower too). last year becouse of allergy pills i have gotten a lilte better li
  14. hi misstraci i am sorry your last pregnancy was so stressfull that it is to blame for the pots. But i think i have read that people getting pots from pregnancy or other sudden ocasion has a better chance of recovery. How long have u had pots for now? I cross my fingers for u getting better.
  15. jupp, my bloodpressure does things to my vison, low and high...
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