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    PEOPLE..PEOPLE who need people!!<br />And I am in the people business too !!<br /><br />And I love to SING!! For weddings.. parties.. church...choir.. but now mostly in my car.. hehehee

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  1. Again.. I am hoping and praying for YOU..but even more for these docs to get it together. Just wondering...how bad is it if you do not have a GAG reflex? Aspiration risk? I too have had swallowing issues..everything ruled OUT (GERD ETC) so "I" think its CNS Told one doc that I sometimes "forget" to swallow. He never heard of that. I walk around with water in my mouth.. then cognitively recognize that I have not yet swallowed. Go figure YOUR MIRACLE IS ON ITS WAY!!!! Jan
  2. OMG...all I can say is how BRAVE you are..taking on the Medical experts..sticking to your guns..needing so much help. My guess is that YOU are helping THEM..learn from you..and help the next person that speaks a similar condition. Just sending HUGS..and HEALING VIBES.. BELIEVE in being directed SPIRITUALLY..and watch and see your MIRACLE unfold.. Warmly, Jan
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