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  1. Hey guys, I don't know where else to turn to. I have this very troubling symptom the last few days. I was wondering if anyone else with dysautonomia has had it. Essentially when I'm focused on my breathing, such as when I'm relaxing or just about to go to sleep, I don't feel the full impulse to inhale fully, and I end up with really shallow breathing. I'll check the oximeter and the spO2 is indeed dropping, and I can feel that I'm not getting enough air, but nothing is telling me to breathe deeper in my chest. I think my breathing is working when it's involuntary, like when
  2. Hi everyone. It's been a few years since I've been online regularly. Also my display name seems to have changed. It used to be Foggy01. I see a lot of new members. I also notice many of the regulars I talked to before haven't been online in years. Rama and Jangle come to mind. I was wondering if anyone knows what they're up to? Last I heard Jangle was entering medical school. I was also wondering about AllAboutPeace (Lori). I hope she's ok. There's several others as well I miss. I've had a big flare recently and was wondering how everyone else was doing.
  3. If I take too much salt too quickly I feel worse rather than better. It has to be a subtle gradual thing in my experience. Gatorade works ok but salt by itself does not for me. Maybe this is why. Ben Levine actually impresses me a lot when I have read some of his work and emailed him. Perhaps this is a condition that somehow triggers a deconditioned-like state in patients with corresponding low blood volume. His work is certainly gaining momentum within the dysautonomia research community. Although I think a quote someone said to me recently summed up my experience: Exercise may improve the sy
  4. It's interesting so much of us have this. When I first joined this board and just had the usual POTS symptoms no one seemed to be talking about it. Now suddenly when I have it I notice everyone is talking about it (or a lot of people rather). Strange this all seemed to come out of the woodwork now.
  5. RichGotPOTS did a good breakdown of these breathing issues. One seems to be caused by a nerve dysfunction and the other perhaps by an actual lack of perfusion in the chest area. The "forgetting to breathe" feeling is the nerve dysfunction one but the second one you describe (smothering sensation) could be either the nerve dysfunction or an actual, although transient, problem with lung capacity and blood flow. Anyway just to let you know you're not alone. RichGotPOTS has had it for around 18 months on and off and I've had it for 6 months now fairly constantly. It's very distressing so I complet
  6. Yeah I get this. You'll notice a lot of your symptoms are shared by the rest of us at times and you'll be hard pressed to find people outside in the ordinary world that understand. I've heard of you guys mentioning so many things I never thought I'd ever hear anyone else say they experienced. Guess you guys've experienced quite a panoply of things that no one else will understand.
  7. Sounds exactly like what I have. Thanks for sharing. Thanks to everyone for sharing.
  8. It's hard to know. But since we're all sort of reporting visual disturbances of some sort, even if they aren't exactly the same, it's probably safe to say visual disturbances are associated with pots. I think the doctors might agree it's associated. It was mentioned in one article I think.
  9. I'm fairly sure it's just related to the general problem I have with blood and flow and tachycardia and all that. Just was wondering if others with POTS ever got anything similar. What you describes sounds similar enough that I guess I've got that question answered.
  10. It sort of is like that. But it's also dark all the time now as well. But gets darker temporarily like you describe. I guess "dim" would be the word, not dark.
  11. Does anyone notice their vision is sort of "dark" when they feel the worst with pots? My vision seems to be "dark" all the time now. It's hard to explain. Anyone kind of know what I mean?
  12. I am wondering about this too. Someone here recommended him to me but I also wonder how thorough he is in determining types if not the cause itself.
  13. For those of you who have significant "brain fog"/"mental fog"/"mental clouding"/etc. has this intensive exercise helped it? If so how bad was it before and how bad now? Thanks.
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