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    Studying Polish language and culture, reading, music, movies, hermit crabs, simple games and puzzles (Suduko, Search-A-Word, Cryptoquip, Jumble, Crossword), spending time with my family and friends. Before becoming disabled by dysautonomia I enjoyed dance, swimming, and taking walks. I have an undergraduate degree in mathematics, and I completed all the didactic coursework for a PharmD degree. Unfortunately, I was unable to finish the clinical component of my degree due to my inability to function because of the dysautonomia. However, I still enjoy and stay current on medical and pharmacy studies.

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  1. I have tried both flax oil capsules and ground flax seed - both caused me to get immediately flushed in the face, dizzy, and an onset of autonomic symptoms. I have had a similar with cod liver oil capsuls and olive oil. I seem to have a general intolerance to any type of oil, but I am not sure why.
  2. Yes, mine start out purple to the point of being almost black in patches, but then after a few minutes they are bright red. Half the time my toes look scary - like they could be damaged by poor circulation, but the cardio says its venous pooling and I shouldn't be too concerned about it.
  3. Same here... I have a lot of neck, head, and jaw muscle pain. This winter I can't even wear earmuffs or a hat!
  4. Hello, I hate having a BM... it takes everything out of me and leaves me feeling like I just ran a marathon or something. I usually have to get laying down as quickly as I can make it out of the bathroom, or actually crawl out to the couch. I also frequently get nauseous after having a BM. Things are more tolerable if I pass small volumes of stool at a time, so I do the best being somewhat constipated. You are not alone... I wish I had some advice to offer. The only thing that helps me some is taking an ice pack and cool washcloth into the bathroom to put on my face and the back of my nec
  5. Oh my goodness, Jump! I understand completely... you have described exactly what I feel on a daily basis! I experience this in waves with the same disorientation and momentary feeling of "blacking out" that you described. I feel it most strongly when I am standing, but it also occurs when I'm sitting. I have many ways to describe what it feels like, but it is as though my body is suddenly falling, gliding, tipping, or shifting, or that this is happening with the floor or chair under me. I often do what I call "bracing" against it where I tighten up my body to "brace" in opposition to this
  6. Hello. I don't know what causes the "internal heat" symptom, but I have also experienced it. I used to say that it felt like my insides were cooking. I feel like there is heat radiating from my body cavity. I also do not sweat at all in response to being warm; being outdoors in the warmth or even in a warm room or in the kitchen when there is a burner on makes me feel woozy and like I am going to pass out. I only get cold and sweaty in association with other autonomic symptoms, but never sweat when I normally would have before getting dysautonomia. I don't have much to offer in terms of u
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