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  1. I've noticed that my automatic respiration doesn't seem to be working that well. When I'm not aware of my breathing it seems like I get less than the normal 12-16 respirations per minute. It feels like I get incomplete, slow, and shallow breaths. When I put on the pulse oximeter during these times my spo2 is between 95-96% and it goes up to 97% if I switch to manual breathing and start "breathing right". As I'm drifting off to sleep it's even worse. I can get down to 93-94% spo2 as I'm in that transition between awake and asleep. I've woken up several times feeling suffocated and sometime
  2. I've noticed for some time now that I have some significant symptoms in regard to breathing and shortness of breath. I've noticed that I get winded doing minimal exertion, like changing sheets or going to the kitchen or bathroom. When I stand up to do something light, as soon as I lay back down I feel a heaviness in the chest and "air hunger", feeling like I need to take deeper, fuller breaths. I have a pulse ox here at home, and I notice that my oxygen levels range on average from 96-97% and it goes to 98% when I start doing deep breathing. However, I've seen it several times at 95%, esp
  3. Hi everybody! First time poster here after finding this forum. I would like to share my story so that I can get some opinions and hopefully some support. So I've been suffering from what doctors just dismiss as panic disorder and anxiety for several years now. It all started about 8 years ago when I started having a very fast heart rate out of nowhere while watching a movie. The sensation was unlike anything I've felt before. I stood up and felt very dizzy, my heart raced even more. I thought I was about to pass out at any moment. I ended up going to the hospital where I had an EK
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