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  1. If it's an indoor pool, then for me those are impossible to handle. It's too humid in those places, so no matter what I'm doing (sitting, lying down, in water), my HR is always too high and I feel sick. The water can be too hot as well.
  2. Ingesting a lot of cabbage like this may affect your thyroid. Something to keep in mind!
  3. Agreeky, At night when I turn the light off, my eyes will flicker for a while. Then once the closed eye hallucinations begin it feels like waves of darkness coming over my field of vision. It is darker than the darkness in the room. Now some people online say they see colors and I do sometimes, but I mostly just see black darkness moving across my vision. I try to position myself in a way so I can see light through the crack in the door and it will cover up light and actually block objects in the room! It can be claustrophobic feeling and scary. I have not had this my whole life, so something
  4. I have a lot of eye symptoms. The lights and floaters started several years ago, but everything got a lot worse in Oct when I woke up with a permanent blind spot. Now i have several more and in many areas the vision isn't quite right, but it's not a total blind spot. On exams my retinas are fine. I have visual snow, blue, yellow and red dots, afterimages, as well as dark and bright spots in my vision. The one day I was driving home and the sky was flickering. Several times now I've had a large black scotoma appear out of nowhere for 30-45 seconds at a time and then go away completely. It's pre
  5. A few names I have heard in passing over the years. Dr. Kapoor http://www.vitals.com/doctors/Dr_Wishwa_Kapoor.html Dr. Erek Lam UPMC Passavant Dr Ganz I have no experience with any of them except for Dr. Ganz. He is listed on dinet here. He's mostly concerned about just trying different meds and not about testing to find the underlying cause. If you want more info, I'll have to take it to PM"s as we are not allowed to discuss our doctor experiences on here.
  6. I am trying to make a picture showing what I see but I'm having a very hard time capturing it. I'm not very good with paint programs. If it turns out half-way decent I'll post it. Thanks to both of you for posting here. I wonder if the busted blood vessel could be from all the up's and down's in BP/HR we suffer from on a daily basis? I can't imagine this is good for our eyes. I haven't had any lasting spots today so that is good news. Edit: Here's my pathetic attempt to show what I see. I don't see all of these spots at once, but it's just example of the different shapes I've seen bef
  7. Yeah I've seen that post before. If it's normal then...why even mention it or even have a medical term for it?
  8. Sophia, I had the most basic things tested. My optometrist did the visual eye exam and that was good. The other doctors made me turn my eye ball in all directions as they were looking at my retinas. The one thing they said I have is something called white without pressure. The first 3 doctors said that my retinas were very thin in that area, so that was probably why I saw the first episode of lights in my left eye. Apparently the WWP looked very weird to him and wanted a senior doctor to look at it. Then this was the guy basically dismissed everything the other doctors said and told me I w
  9. I really don't think it's headaches or migraines for me. That's why I threw that in there at the end. I get a headache maybe once a month if that and when I get one, it is usually because I'm underreplaced on the hydrocortisone and a quick stress dose brings me out of it. It's amazing how many symptoms one can get with low cortisol I wish I could draw a picture of what I get because I've seen pictures/read descriptions of what a migraine aura looks like and that is not what I'm getting at all. My spots do not move with my vision or go from the middle of the vision out to the edge. Thes
  10. I've been thoroughly examined by 4 ophthalmologists. Three of them said I had a vitreous detachment and the last one who was the senior doctor in that office discriminated me by my age and said there was no way I had one. Took a quick look at my eyes and said, "Nope the vitreous is good. There is some tugging but it is still attached fine". I have no idea who to believe at this point, but don't really want to go back to that office. I got strung along for 8 months thinking that I was going to have a retinal detachment at any moment. The other doctors made it sound like it was inevitable.
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