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  1. Propranolol has been very helpful to me - it's helped lower my standing HR from 150-180 to about 80-100. So that's a big improvement for me in addition to reducing some overally jittery feelings I get from POTS. My allerigies are acting up and I am showing minor asthma symptoms from a lung test. Propranolol is the medicine (and Midodrine) that have allowed me to go back to work. It's not easy...and I struggle with fatigue and other issues...but I'm making it. This switch is huge to me. I was told the two Blockers are fairly similar and to start Bisoprolol at 5mg for a few days and if it's not
  2. Thanks, Anoj. I'm adding that to my list to discuss with my Cardio. Do you find it lowers your HR well?
  3. I noticed I'd been more short of breath than usual (also my allergies are acting up more than usual, so that could be part of the problem). I know I get a bit winded on POTS so I didn't terribly worry about it. But then my Doctor had some concern over this lingering cough I get - especially after a bad cold. It'll hang on and isn't bronchitis. He told me I really needed to get a Pulmonary Function Test. I had one about 4-5 years ago and it was all clear so I was able to take Propranolol. This medicine is very helpful. While not making things perfect, it's one of the meds that at least allows m
  4. I take Propranolol which really helps me function - I do not think I could work without it. It really makes a difference dropping my HR from 140-180 to 70-90 and letting me function. I've looked up a list of CardioSelective Beta Blockers. Does anyone have experience with any of these? I did try Metoprolol once...it made me vomit all day so I'll avoid that one. But, anyone's experience with any of these would be help. I see my Cardiologist later this month and will be switching at that time. I'm quite upset as I really depend on my Beta Blocker! Acebutolol (Sectral®) Atenolol (Tenormin®) Betax
  5. I had some testing done and they don't think I had MCAD. I remember doing it a few years ago...I have bad allergies, but they didn't think it was MCAD. I do get high ANA-levels and have some kind of autoimmune thing they can't figure out going on! At least, autoimmune-eds-POTS is somehow driving me mad! I hear the interstitial cystitis can come and go and they aren't sure why, either. I'll have to keep track of what I'm eating, etc. but it did really start to misbehave after fighting C-Diff w/ hardcore antibiotics. I guess I'll have to venture to the Urologist for the test to know for sure.
  6. Hi all - I've been gone a bit because life has been overwhelming handling work & POTS. It seems to suck my energy and I just haven't had time to do much else. I finally saw my geneticist and he thinks I may have Ehler-Danlos Syndrome, Type 3, Hypermobility. The cases he sees varies from mild to severe - and while mine is mild, he thinks it probably is enough to affect my blood vessels to cause pooling/POTS. Of course, one can't say for sure as there is no genetic test for this version now. My cousin and my sister both have POTS (cousin is officially diagnosed, somehow my sister ignores it
  7. My POTS likes to throw out new issues once in a while - - you think you get some things under control and wham, here's a surprise. I was unfortunate and had C-Diff last winter. I took the proper meds and healed up, but I started to get more UTI's after. I do what I can to avoid them, but they kept coming back. Now I'm having symtpoms (frequent urination, very slight burning, urgency). Not terrible, but they are there. The Urologist wants to do a 'direct stream' test (those hurt so much!) because I don't want to use antibiotics if I don't have to because of the C-Diff I had and, obviously, no
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