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Extreme Dizziness

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hello folks..

OK for several weeks now Ive been dealing with an Increase of my normal everyday dizziness.. which bites b/c i was allready pretty gosh darn dizzy to begin with..

Well along with that... Im getting these wickedly freaky sensations that the floor is moving...(in a swirly motion)...like the floor is going to disappear from beneath my feet... also i get this feeling while laying down that the whole room is moving and im going to fall off the bed..

and last but not least.. upon waking up i dont even open my eyes yet.. but im awake and the im dizzy from the word go.. i dare to open and eyeball.. and the walls and everything look as tho they are moving in an upward type motion... this goes away some times.. after laying there a long while.. other times it does not..

having all this dizzy crud going has brought my nausea on full force.. it is so not cool!!!!!!!!!!!! :o:o:blink:

my sit up/stand up time is not so hot these days with all this dizziness going on.. even using my wheelchair.. its driving me MAD!!.. off and on now for ill go with several months... Im having problems with dizziness like this...

along with the nausea and the dizziness.. comes that annoying little bugger of fatigue! Oh my lord i can feel it clear into my muscles...fatigue has always beena big issue for me... but this fatigue ive been battling along with dizziness and stuff over the past several month is kicking me rear...

Ive tried getting IV fluids..IM salt fluid loading..actually drinking some pickle juice...~gag~ but ti very salty.. ive tired all the tricks.. and im out...my ears have been checked time and time again and they are good to go...

help anyone? doctorquest got any suggestions on this?


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I was going to suggest some type of viral ear infection, because I had the same type of dizziness/vertigo happen to me. Since you've already had that checked out I'm not sure what it could be...Just thinking back during the time I had that dizziness and it's horrible...How has your b/p been lately?? Have you been keeping up with fluids?? Keep us updated.


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I was going to suggest Labarynthitis (inner ear infection / inflammation). Sounds like you have had your ears checked before but if not done recently might be worth seeing the ENT docs again.

Sorry, no other suggestions - just my deepest sympathies, why do we always seem to get kicked when we are down?


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Hi Diz,sorry you are feeling so poorly.I am also dizzy on regular basis and get the horrible room spins occasionaly,they are the worst to say the least.One doctor RX antivert with phenegran,it does help if you can take it.HUGS PAT

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I'd also suggest getting your ears tested. However it may not be an actual infection (though since its a recent development of severity it does sound likly). Definately see an ENT specialist if you suspect this as well. I was diagnoised with a vestibular disorder the same time as my POTS at Mayo. - They did various tests specifically for dizzyness focusing on balance, eyes, and inner ear function. I'd definately reccemend the testing. It made me nausus, but we figured out why it did :o Now I have some vestibular therepy exerices I do at home, retraining my eyes and body for functioning with my ear. Other than the balance, (atleast when my eyes are closed) and some episodes in the car... I'm doing A LOT better!!

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hey dizzy, i am sorry that you're feeling so bad. wish i could send some magical powder to stop the spinning. i know how it is, i get this now and then and cannot even leave my bed to go to the bathroom. it really feels terrible.

i think it would be wise to call your doctor and tell him that you can't function like this so he'd better check on you again (i know how this must feel to you and i'm very sorry). maybe it has something to do with a very low heartrate during the night/early morning??? i have times that i feel like having been unconscious when waking up (if waking up, as i cannot even remember things my hubby tells me later on about what i said or did :lol:;) )

hope you will be doing better soon dizzy!

corina :)

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Hi dizz,

Sorry you are having such a bad spell. I've been having increased dizziness for about the past 4 weeks - I was wondering whether it has something to do with the change in seasons, but who knows! I definitely get the floor moving and mine is from POTS, not inner ear (though I agree it might make sense to see an ENT).

Is your BP lower than normal? I've noticed my BP has been a bit lower than normal, so I have been salt loading and slowly trying to cut back on my beta blocker...but just started a week ago and going really slow.

Feel better soon,


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hi folks just wanted to pop in very quickly,, and let you know that while we still do not know waht is causing such dizziness.. at least not for sure..

that im being set up an ENT for vestibular testing on my inner ears... i hope that they figure this out b/c i really cant stand the room spinning nor the floor moving any mor either..

i will post an update when i know more

thanks all for your suggestions!! and support

love and hugs


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I have always had the POTs dizziness, but back in November I woke up one morning with HORRIBLE spins and nausea. It went on for days and I finally went to the doctor. I saw 4 doctors and nobody could find anything, so I saw a neurotologist (ENT/Dizzy specialist) and he seemed to think I had labyrinthitis and it's just taking a while to clear up. The spins have gotten better over the last 6 months, a lot better, but I still can't lay down flat to sleep or turn my head in different directions quickly. I feel constantly like things are moving, rokcing, or swaying, but not spinning exactly. It's awful, and it makes me incredibly tired and sometimes I feel weak and achy. I also have chronic Lyme disease which may contribute to my immune system dysfunctioning, but I am seriously tired of being dizzy so often. I am hoping that time and taking good care of myself will help heal the damage. I just wanted to say that I completely understand the way you feel!!

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