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  1. I get short of breath very easily as well. I think we've talked about that a bit with eachother. I did a full pulmonary work up my first Mayo trip - everything was normal, so signs of asmatha or anything. I think my blood test today had something to do with investigating it further, but so far I have no explination. My feeling is just like I'm short of breath, with a weight on my chest - Unforntley I don't have any good coping mechanisms to suggest . Just breathing deep. Everyonce in a while, I might use an inhaler even though I don't have asmatha because opening my lungs an extra amount seems to help temporarily.
  2. I will be honest and say I didn't read through all the previous responses so I aplogize if I repeat anyone else's comments. I haven't tried Strattera personally - however from what I understand in terms of its relation to use in patients with any type of heart/blood pressure type issues, it is preferable over other various 'adhd' medicines. My mom is highly a.d.d. she was on various other medications, but a severe pneumonia infection triggered heart disease and a MPV (which runs in our family so we're not sure if the chicken or the egg came first for that part). Her add is so bad she truly cannot function normally with out treatment but because of her heart, she couldn't be put on any other medications. Finally strattera came out and her cardio actually suggested it because it would be easier on her system and it would get her back to normal functioning. its been 5 years now since the switch. ALL her heart symptoms have cleared and she is sitll doing very very well on the strattera.
  3. I've tried many different allergy medicines. It ws a good 5 years or so ago, so I don't remember it too clearly. I have a lot of outdoor allergies, but none are severe. Claritin worked pretty well, I liked it better than benadryl - this was before Claritin was OTC also. Allegra worked about the same, but I didnt' like how big the pill was. I think my Allergra dosing had a bit of a better decongestant to it compared to the Claritin. This was all prior to my more severe POTS. At the time I only had undiagnoised fatigue type symptoms. But neither med seemed to affect that in anyway.
  4. HI I was puton wellbutrin while I was being mis/un-diagnoised fatigue symptoms for depression. (but I believe I was suffering from a mild for of POTS at the type, which I am now diagnoised with years later) - I couldn't get past the hard hit of side effects they were awful. Sorry I don't have any more expereince than that to share, but I completely understand that icky feeling when they first start. I've heard quite a few people since joining the forums here say they have had success with various simliar meds but I always ahve the most horrible side effects, including the whole 'may increase suicidal thoughts in young adults and teens'. But I was being treated for misdiagnoised anxiety and depression, so I do remember the last time they were perscribed not being as fatigued.
  5. I ddi a 24 hour urine looking for any type of odd hormone, chemical levels - they didn't find anything in them or any of my blood work to suggest an adrenal issue.
  6. I get two types of dizzyness. One is caused by POTS and another is an inner ear imbalance. There's a pretty simple way to figure out if its your ear - sometime when you're doing well and able to stand for a few minutes, stand in corner, place one foot in front of the other, and close your eyes. If you start to fall over, not because you're feeling faint, but because you can't balance, you could have an inner ear problem. Standing in the corner is just to help if you do happen to fall for either reason. If you don't feel off balance doing this, your ear is most likily fine. Its an exercise I do to help retrain my brain to work with an ear imbalance (one ear has about 33% less funcutionality when it comes to balance than the other). I can't do this without falling into the wall very quickly. I use my eyes to compensate, but when they're closed or its dark, I stumble all over the place. I know its a tricky test to perform if your POTS if acting up and you can't stand for long - but its a LOT easier than being put through various types of inner ear testing unnessecarily.
  7. I've definately had various tender spots on my scalp - and the rest of my body, but I tend to notice it more on my head I think. I'm not sure if I have noticed the dent type areas that you are describing however. I definately have a few dents in my head, but its hard to tell if they have developed more recently or are just the ususal types found on a skull. I hope your doc and your MRI can yeild some results - maybe if you specifically mention your concern they will be able to look with a more detailed eye.
  8. It does sound a bit, with the rash/hives like a potential new allergy - but I'm sure a doc would know better. Since you're going soon, I'd take some pictures of the rash area, so they have a refrence if its gone away again by the time you're there. Hopefully that will help them figure things out. Also maybe taking a journal of whats going on just prior to symptoms and during will help them. Hope you feel better, and good luck with your MRI!
  9. All your symtpoms are ones I have experienced at one time or another since my more severe symptoms of POTS first started nearly a year ago. I couldn't pin-point any triggers either despite keeping a symptom journal - other than being more active would cause more severe symptoms. I had a very complete work-up at Mayo to get my diagnosis of POTS - the slurred speech, genearlized weakness, and dream state were all included in that diagnosis. But they could not say defininatively if the muscle and nerve issues were realted or not - that seems to vary person to person and doctor to doctor. Unfornately, I've found out that more often than not, other than well known issues assoicated with DA, such as dehydration and the like, the ER isn't incredibly helpful since they are not well-versed in issues like this. Have you seen a specialist yet? Are you on any types of treatment or medications? have you slowed down your actvity level? I'm just guessing but it sounds like you might be young, and I know how hard it is to say doing the simpliest things like going to school or the grocery store are too much, but I've found the one thing that has truly helped me so far is trying to do more from home. I take college courses online and have a 'station' set up in my living room so I have access to what I need on days I feel bad. There are many days where I get very frustrated by having to restrict my young life-style so dramatically, but its much better than feeling so sick 24/7. I hope you find some asnwers.
  10. Congrads on your pregnancy! You seem like a very strong woman so I'm sure you'll make it through. It sounds like you have a wonderful family as well. I don't have any advice to give as I've yet to have any children, but it's reassuring to hear both from you and the other women that have chimed in support that it is do-able. I'm still young, so I don't plan on children for several more years, but I'm in a very serious relationship so it's been something on our minds as we watch friends and family have children. Keep us updated and best of luck.
  11. This is the first I've heard of DA being related to gulten allergies or intolerances. I'm Italian, so pasta is my main comfort food, when I don't feel well I don't eat much else. Do you think your intolerance is related to DA? I'm very curious about this as a possible related issue if you could maybe share more about how you first noticed it and when it developed please.
  12. ouch! I hate when that happens! I get hiccups that badly as well. It dosen't happen too often, maybe no more than once every 6 months, but man, when I get them, they dont' go away for days and they're so very painful because they're so strong! Hiccups are caused by a spasm in your diapraghm, that lil muscle at the bottom of your rib cage, that controls your lungs and breathing - the cause of that spasm can vary. A while back on TV I saw a few stories about teenage girls who experienced hiccups for several weeks, one for several months I believe. I don't mean to scare you with that information as that type of situation is VERY rare, but more so to let you know to keep an eye on it, if its very uncomfortable seeing a doctor might be a good idea, but they may or may not be able to help it. i seem to remember your signature saying you're young? I might be thinkng of someone else, but hiccups can also be a sign of growth spurts. I had them a lot when I was a teen, and not to compare you to a family pet, but my puppy had very severe ones for the first few months we had her while she was growing very rapidly and the vet said it was normal and common during a large growth spurt. In the mean time, at home, you can try to stay away from fizzy drinks and be sure to chew your food very well - I noticed that when I don't with my hiccups it can hurt a bit as it passes down to my stomch. Hope you're feeling better Mary!
  13. I have many allergies but one of them are severe, I don't take any medicine for it until it gets very bad for me. I have taken Singulair in the past and my boyfriend who has severe ashmatha and allergies (to our cat among other things) takes it and it helps a great deal for him.
  14. I was put on Provigil prior to my POTS diagnosis when they didn't know what was wrong with me (my doc grasped at a narcolepsy straw). I don't remember what dose I was on, but I did feel a boost of 'energy', I was more awake physically, almost as if I'd had quite a bit of caffine. Unfornately it was, as I said, before we knew it was POTS so my other symptoms were raging and I was still working very long hours at a Irish pub so it's very hard to judge if now, slowing my overall pace down dramatically and being on beta-blockers, if it would help with my fatigue. But I think could be something, if used as a small part of a treatment plan, could benefit. I dont know how it compares to Proamatine however. Congrads to Chrissy on such great improvment after the ENT surgery! I had chronic sinus infections as a child as well, and underwent tonsil and adnoid surgery, despite my doctors promise to 'never have a sore throat ever again', I saw a great improvement in the severity and frequency of sinus infections - I rarely have them now.
  15. Its SO tough describing symtoms. They're something so personal that I don't think poeple who have experienced the same thing always understand my descriptions. What I found helped was writing them down, then reading them back to others, to see if the phrasing makes sense. I agree that comparing a symptom to something the doctor, on any one who might not have experienced any type of dysautonomia, is very helpful. Hope your feeling better after your long day! I was hosting at a pub when my severe symptoms first started and I remember just how awful long days like that felt. Looking back I don't know how I made it through or why I was being so stubborn as to even do it! And good luck with your doctor as well.
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