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  1. I have had this off and on since I have had POTS. All of a sudden my mouth will just fill up with saliva. Pat
  2. Hi everyone ,have not been on for awhile,but wonder if anyone else has CHF and Pots? I am trying to do a balancing act with fluids,up until about a year ago(before I had CHF)I drank tons of water and gatorade,which helped with Pots,also ate alot of salt. Now I have to take a water pill as needed to get the flluid out of my lungs, then I have to load up on fluids,I am so weak,and nauseated . What helps Pots hinders CHF Anyone have this problem? Or anyone have any suggestions? Thanks Pat
  3. So glad it went well for you,and it is finally over. Now I will pray for a favorable decision. At the hearing the judge said I would get an answer in 2 months,my decision came in 12 days,I hope you have the same luck,Pat
  4. I had my hearing in July, I was beside myself,but it went well and the anxiety before was so much worse than the hearing. I am praying for you and sending you good thoughts. Please let us know how it goes,Good Luck Pat
  5. Thank you, I am hoping the best for you,please let me know how it goes. It was not bad at all,the anticipation is the worst.I know you're nervous,I am sure it will go well best of luck, Pat
  6. He confirmed the cervical cancer DX. I had a pap yesteday,and am having a CAT and PET scan Fri. He is meeting with a panel of docs. about my case. I am also meeting with an anesthesiologist (Spelling). After these things are done,I have an app.with him to decide which way we will procede. Options at this point are abdominal Hysterectomy,radiation and a procedure dealing with only the cervix( I don't know the name or all the details on this one. Thanks again for listening,Pat
  7. Just wanted to let you know that after waiting for SSD hearing for 3 yrs.,I received a fully favorable decision yesterday. I had the hearing on July 10,2008,and received the letter yesterday. Thank God. The letter stated I would receive disability for several severe inpairments, POTS being one of them. There was a DR. at my hearing,he knew a little about POTS. After the hearing I gave him some POTS info. I sure wish there was faster way to educate the world on POTS. I still feel like "nobody gets it"( except us of course). Pat
  8. Thank you all once again, your prayers and kind words really help,Sincerly Pat
  9. I got my results back, after having a cervical mass removed.It is adenosarcoma (cancerous).I am seeing an obgyn-oncolygist next wk. Wish me luck,I am not in good shape from the POTS,so I am so concerned about another surg. and chemo. Any experiences ,advice,good thoughts and prayers welcome, Thanks again Pat
  10. I would call again and ask to speak with one of her nurses. Good luck Pat
  11. No Tammy you are not alone, I am not able to exercise at all.I am however thinking about asking the Dr. if he could or would order home PT for me.I don't know if I'll be able to anything??? Pat
  12. I have always been sensitive to meds.and allergic to some.Since I have had POTS I have become allergic to 3 antibiotics that I was able to take before. Anyone else have similar experience? Thanks Pat
  13. I am so sorry you had to go thru that,wishing you the best in finding another doctor,Hugs Pat
  14. Thanks again everyone,so far good so good the preliminary results show a benign tumor.There is one more result we are waiting for but the Dr. is hopeful. Thank God! Pat
  15. Welcome Hannah, you have come to the right place. I am sure you will find good advice and comfort here. HUGS, Pat
  16. Thanks to all of you, for your kind words and prayers. I know I can always count on this group,you are special people. I have added all of you and your families to my daily prayers. Thanks again, Love Pat
  17. Yesterday,I had a mass removed from my cervix,I am doing ok,but won't know the biopsy result for a week or so. Any and all prayers,would be much appreciated,Thanks Pat P.S. After 3 yrs I am finally getting my SSD hearing in July.I wanted to have the surgery after the hearing,to make sure I was ok to go. The DR. said absolutely not. So of course now I am nervous about that.
  18. Thank you Ernie,and Happy Happy Birthday,Love Pat
  19. I think my hearing is next month(waiting for a confirmation). I have no idea what to expect. Do you just answer questions,or can you say what you want? How long will the hearing be?Can someone come in with me? Do you get your decision then and there? I would appreciate anything anyone would like to share with me. You can reply here or feel free I M me. Thanks Pat
  20. Wonderful news Morgan,Lots of luck Pat
  21. Yes I go constantly,I believe it is part of POTS,even with all I drink I can't retain the fluid.The more I go the more POTSIE I get. Pat
  22. I too have spinal stenois.I have had to partial corpectomies c3-6 and lumbar lamenectomy.After the lumbar surg.I developed POTS, gastroparisis and urinary incontinence,coincidence??? I don't think so!!!! My neuro surgeon also"does not concur" Pat
  23. I am so sorry about your horrible dr. app.,I have been there more than a few times(felt like I was in a bad dream). I have gastroparisis and severe Gerd,I take 40mg.of protonix 2x a day and sometimes I have to add tums. My GI wants me to take Reglan,I just don't want to,so I have not. I have not heard good things about it. Take good care and let us know what you decide,HUGS Pat
  24. I can really relate,I always ask people to sit across from me(not next to me)I can't turn my head to talk,makes me really light-headed.I cannot tolerate lights or much noise at all.Even slightly hot foods bother me. As far as movies and tv shows,some of them make me very nervous. Hang in there,Pat
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