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Dreaded Heat...

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Well, summer is offically here. :) Just wondering what do others do to stay cool. This year i am not sure when the central air will be turned on as it's just too expensive. But i do have one in my room. :D I'm trying to stay positive w/ this choice of the parentals as well it will save money in the long run.

Things I do to help stay cool:

I keep my bedroom temp at 68* aka the freezer

Wear shorts no matter how pastey my legs look


Drink lots of water

Run cold water over the feets

sometimes shower twice a day

thats all i can think of now

the hot stinky goat aka susie

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Hi Susie,

It was really hot and humid today and I felt aweful...I'd like to see what other posters have for tips to stay cool in the sun. I looked into those vests online but they were too expensive. They were the vests that keep you cool through out the day.


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Guest tearose

things to stay cool...

take a small facecloth or rag and soak it in water. Ring it out and roll it up. Put in into a plastic bag and stick it in the freezer. Let it freeze. When you need to cool down fast take it out and place it on your neck or forehead. It is a refreshing/inexpensive way to cool down fast.

I find that head coverings are fun and keep the sun off my head and are a good to stay cool too! I guess when my head and neck are comfy, I am too.

I also keep home-made popsicles in the freezer. I also love eating sno-cones and italian ice.

I sometimes take a piece of paper and fold it into a fan for a quick breeze or if you want you get buy one of those plastic fan-spray-bottles to help keep you cool too.

I love wearing skirts and dresses. I like the loose comfort they offer and with my heavy duty compression hose, I stay cooler.

keep your cool, I'll chill with you...iced-tea-rose :)

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I wear long, sleeveless halter type dresses so you don't have to wear a bra...sleeveless as opposed to short sleeve makes a difference.

We also are trying not to turn on AC due to SKY HIGH BILLS. I drink Gatorade over a tall glass of ice so it dilutes to half water.

Also OSCILLATING FANS ARE A MUST FOR ME. Straight fans give me the chills and I can go from hot to chilled quickly.

We are discussing a small room AC for my room if necessary.

This house was builte 30 years ago with half of it cathedral ceilings. We added blown insulation to the walls with a special outfit that does this..but it did NOT HELP the great room. It's a hot box with odd TALL NARROW groups of California style windows. 72 inc by 20 inch so you can't just put up THERMAL DRAPES. One wall is 3 windows, the other 4..only mini blinds. So that half of the house GETS LIKE A HOT BOX even with blinds shut. I can stay out there unless the sun is out and it goes from 75 to 80 between 3 and 4:30.

I wonder about vests with pockets like for fishing or photography..I wonder if there are frozen packets to put in those w/o weighing down the neck to cause neck pain. I have one for photography.

I must drink things OVER ICE to stay ok. I NEVER drink Gatorade over ice in normal weather or the winter.

I can't shower but a few times a week but take sponge baths daily and stick head under sink to cool off.

I put a fan directly on me when at the stove, though to help me stay cool when I try to cook IF I am feeling up to that....I only use a small toaster oven for cookies and cakes in the summer....make one single layer cake or 8 cookies at a time and freeze the left over dough, after a couple of trays.

I don't do laundry in heat of the day. I try to water flowers quickly or stand in shade. watered in the sun one day and was sick the whole day...dizzy! from just 5-10 minutes of watering.

So pace yourself...

Oh, and KEEP WINDOWS CLOSED and blinds/drapes drawn on hot days and use fans, if the HUMIDITY is bad. THEN open windows before dark and that will work.

Keeping WINDOWS OPEN when it is VERY HUMID is asking for trouble. It DOES help to keep the house CLOSE UP but only with lots of fans goign in each room.

These are my tips off the top of my head...

oh, and keep an eye on the DEWPOINT and not just humidity. If it is above 60, it's getting humid. If 70 OPPRESSIVE! We do not open the windows unless the dewpoint is 60 in the head of the day but I live in a valley like area, altitude wise. Keep windows open all night and close by 9AM. Lather rinse, repeat.

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I live in Florida and you would think I would have a great master plan of how to beat the heat by now. But honestly, I think my blood has thinned to an extent because the heat only really bothers me in the summer. The only thing I've learned to do is HIBERNATE! I increase my already increased fluids but when it's 90+ and humid.. what else can you do?

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I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who doesn't use central air because of the cost. I want to insulate my home so I can save and still use the AC, but of course that costs money too.

I try and keep cool by dressing light and the wet hand towels are a great way to cool down. I never thought to stick them in the freezer. I drink ice water and ice tea as well. If I get really hot, I will go to the store....they have AC, and it only costs me the gas to get there. And what I buy as well. I know that wont work for everyone, but I'm able and take full advantage.

Good luck to all in this summer heat!


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I love the idea of the washcloth! :)

I am volunteering this summer for at a camp, okay perhaps i am nuts, no a/c, maybe i take a fan have to ask for sure. Perhaps this was a mistake as it's in July and hot, but we are on the lake....so it shouldn't be too bad. This is a summercamp for 4-H kiddos, which is always fun, but i am on the otherside of the fence, a volunteer not a camper. I will be taking my khaki shorts (i live in them year round, they are elestatic waist which seems to help and no bind me too much).

but yes the window a/c does work wonders for sleeping, i normally can't sleep very well unless im cold enough.

Also i wear tee shirts all the time, light colored ones but not white---i will be dirty as soon as go outside w/ white.hehe


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I live in a building where electricity is covered in rent, so I keep the AC low. When I have to go outside, (as in directly to the car), I have my boyfriend turn it on and cool it off beforehand. Mostly I plan to stay indoors all summer. I can come out to play (ha!) in the winter when it's cooler...it's sort of an opposite hibernation but it works :D

So the List:

1. AC

2. Lots of COLD fluids and popsicles

3. loose cotton clothes

4. acting like a vampire (the aversion to the sun that is...although with my hypovolemia, it wouldn't be a bad idea to go all the way :) )

I hope everyone stays cool in this nasty heat!



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Hello all,

U.K. houses dont tend to have air conditioning unless your very rich.

I discovered these 'cooling headache pads' which are an absolute must in hot weather , especially if I have to go out. I keep a pack in the car as well.

I take a couple with me and when I cannot take it anymore ( about 2 seconds of going into the sun) I place one at the back of my neck or I cut one in half and put half on each wrist.

It does work well and I can keep cool for quite a while. Once they get warm, take them off and flap them about a bit until they are cool again and then re-apply.

They are not made from anything with drugs in them ( just some sort of menthol I think) so they will not react with drugs and I use mine over and over again.

Clothes wise I tend to wear; a big brimmed hat and sunglasses, for me sunglasses are a must because of my eye problems.

I wear a vest ( no bra ) but put a chiffon loose long sleeved shirt over this, its very cooling when the wind catches it as it makes the chiffon billow out and is cooling on the skin, it also helps with protecting the arms from the sun, on the bottom half a full length full skirts that also float around me.

Rather a 'romantic' look but does the job. Willows. :)

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Lauren you are too funny!!! LOL

I hibernate" in the summer as well..(i also stay in in the winter as well--too cold!!) I only come out to play at night! and in the spring and fall..te he... last summer I was like totally house bound.... and I think that this summmer will be the same... we had a few really hot days this week and I ran the AC for like 2 days straight..my apartment building has ac built into the wall...its a dual heat/ac thing.. BUt I have to pay for AC use.. which is going tobe anight mare!

I'm on the 9th floor of the buliding..top floor.. and heat rises! and my apartment is in direct sun light all the time.. IT gets HOT!! YUCKY!!

I found one thing that help if you cant afford AC.. is I also have some of those fans that you stick in the window.. one side can suck or pull in air.. or both sides and pull out air or pull it in.. they do wonders to cool a small room down...as long as you have blinds or curtains or something to help block out the sun light during the day..

Slightly funny story-- last summer I couldnt get cool to save my life.. so I like lived in my bedroom.. my boyfriend put a AC unit in the window.. well I ran it at full blast the whole summer... and it got so cold in there that condensation formed on the cieling and walls! actual water droplets!

it was so bad that we thought that the roof leaked... :):D ..despite the fact that you probably could have kept penguins and eskimos very happy in the coldness of my bedroom.. I was still roasting my buns off!

shoot call me crazygirl.. not dizzygirl!

Hope that every one stay cools this summer....

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A very warm day here today-went outside to try and give my dying flowers a drink ,which was a very short walk and instantly felt nausea, achey, horrible. Back inside to fans and water. AC not in yet, but this is something I have used far more than I would like. I prefer open windows, but doesn't cool me enough. I like all the tips that everyone has given. I also need cars cooled down and usually go out late afternoon or night. This makes life difficult to share with others, who enjoy the outdoors. It seems that the early spring months were the best for me as far as affects from weather, except when we had rain.

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You may want to check this link out.

This is a product that I think many of you will like. I have a neck/shoulder wrap made out of this same material that you just keep in the fridge and it works very well and stays cool for a long time. I'm sure other places sell this same product but this link is just to give you the idea and materials used. You can probably buy the crystals that are used and make your own if you know how to sew.


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I had purchased one of those personal cooling devices that is a silver u-shaped thing that goes around your neck--I got it from sharper image--it didn't work even a little bit.

What does work for me is the coolvest that Teri got me for valentine's day.

Also, If I go out, I always park my car in the shade if I can--and I keep my car in the garage when I'm home.


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well it got SO MUGGY we had to break down and turn AC on...I got very ill and nauseated and even thought I FELT hot...I was clammy and feeling rotten.

The house is set on 80 and the ac still is cycling like crazy. I have fans in my bedroom and all over house and it helps. It just got TOO HUMID in here.

Tonight the humidity AND DEWPOINT is increasing.

HUMIDITY WITH heat affects me worse than just heat...though the latter gets to me also..but there is NO AVOIDING AC when the humidity gets stifling.

It's called AC or hospital.


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OH, and I should add, like many, my house is as cold as a meat locker! Close friends know well enough to bring a sweater or jacket. Also, I keep throw blankets around the living and family rooms so people can keep warm if they need to.


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ummmm....i'm thinking it's not a good sign that it's only may & i'm already fed up with the heat? :D so much for being a SUNfish. and to think that in years past i lived outdoors all summer (coaching, lifeguarding, teaching, etc...even did roof work in NC one year on a mission trip).

my current mini-rant is that the air in my building can't be turned on yet. it's not a "won't" issue but a "can't." it's a convection cooling system that needs a week or more between heating & cooling and they had complaints a few days back about cool nights so had the heat on. which means no air for now. BUT - and this is a big but - they came and installed a window unit in my room at least so that i'm doing okay. otherwise i might be in trouble.

in years past (until 2002) i tried to be economical and go without air. i simply can't do it anymore, as quantified on my QSART a few weeks back that showed zero sweating. i do sweat a bit in some non-peripheral locales (under arms & trunk) but i simply can't tolerate the heat anymore.

i'll be needing to try though at the end of the week (packing myself in cold towels & ice packs perhaps?) as i'm going to be trying to go to my brother's championship regatta (for crew/rowing). i'm hoping the forecast of a bit cooler weather comes to pass & am kicking myself for not having already acquired a cooling vest...

hope all are staying cool as best as possible...

:) melissa

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I am glad you have a window unit to help for now. It IS THE PITS..and the humidity makes it terrible.

We have AC on 80 during the day and 77 at night for sleeping. We would like it cooler but in last 18 months, natural gas prices have risen DRASTICALLY as has Electric...Folks just CAN'T AFFORD to be as cool or warm as they would like. When the humidity rose yesterday and felt like hot wet wash cloth over the mouth when you opened the door, we turned on AC. It was 83 in here and STUFFY. So the AC on 80 helps...but I have to keep glass of ice with Gatorade over it to compensate.

We have fans all over the place and in each bedroom. Good luck Melissa, with all the other things on your plate.


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We got the a/c on at my mom's place which is where I am staying, but I do have one complaint...does the a/c tend to bring on some symptoms??? I get symptomatic, obv not as bad as when it is hot out. Today I thought I was going to pass out but I had the a/c on, so I don't know if it was just something that was going to happen or what?!

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A/c saves my life....I don't keep it drastically cold or would mess with sinuses...but would like to keep it around 75. It saves me.

The heat can bring on heat exhaustion in me very quickly. My doctor even gave me a note for when I lived in apt. They did not consider a broken AC emergency after hours unless you had HEALTH CONCERNS.

I lived on top floor of 3 bedroom flat roof. Had to have AC or apt got over 90 and that was as high a thermostat went!


Now my cat is lying next to me making me hotter! Time for a glass of cold chocolate milk before bed!


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Ugg the joys of summer being sick. Time to hibernate in the a/c! Yesterday I didn't even make it to work it was so hot and humid even with the a/c pumping in my apartment I was dizzy and exhausted. I am at work today and once again feel like a zombie. I am sititng very quietly at my desk listening to all my coworkers talk about there Memorial Day weekends and how they all went to the beach and BBQ's and out to bars at night... all the things I used to love and can no longer do. Eveyone still invites me out but I don't know if they are just trying to be nice or just don't understand that I can't do these things. I have my appt. on June 9th with the access-a-ride doctor (the van service to and from work), finding it very hard to stay positive lately :)

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Ugh! Yesterday was awful, Stace! With the heat index, DC (my hometown) hit the triple digits and even with the AC full blast, I was only able to get my apartment down to 75 (which is still too hot for me).

I get a little upset too about not being able to BBQ and such...I used to surf before I got sick, so I'm dealing with not being able to do that as well. I figure it's okay though. I can do BBQ's in the fall when it's cooler, and the beach is overrated anyways :)

Hope you feel better soon :)



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I forgot to add, frequently putting my head under cold water to help keep cool. My room mate who OWNS the house can't afford to triple his bills.

So I have to work with it..but this *!#&*!#&!( humidity makes this house WARMER at 79-80 than a dry 80.

I have NOT been able to drive or leave the house in 5 days...Today walking makes my vision go black and I am sipping icy Gatorade all day. We have discussed a small unit for my room but they are SO NOISY and can run you out of a bedroom with too much cool...so I don't know. We turn it down to 77 at night.

We have to do something...I can't be like this all summer. Heat is one thing but with dewpoints in the 70's. this house does NOT COOL down at night even with air the way it should. I just walked out to freshen up bird bath water (a bird is almost constantly in it these days) and it is starting to feel like a hot wet wash cloth is put over your nose and mouth.

And he added insulation to the attic AND blown into the walls.


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We live in a 35 year old 2-story home. As heat rises, the airconditioning never seems to work well in the bedrooms. We use a ceiling fan and, because of my temperature deregulation, installed a room airconditioner. That way we can minimize central airconditioning.

I also stay indoors during hot days. Go to the movies for the early show is another trick. Keep a glass with ice and water at my side. Stay in the lst floor family room and vegetate.

Ceiling fans are great at moving the air.


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Seems we all have the same problem, yet when I use the A/C that is necessary -the transition going in and out of rooms, house and car are far worse. Tomorrow I have plans to finally attempt to get a haircut ,if I feel well enough and someone will drive me-but it is to be in the 80's and I fear I will not be able to tolerate

going in the heat at all. Car will have A/C and hopefully salon, but again just going out and back in makes me really sick. Going to give it a try anyway :)

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