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    small fishing village, Devon , UK.
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    I now have 5 grandchildren of my own plus a step grandchild.
    I am still working on my three storey Georgian dolls house, which I will finish one day .
    In 2008 I finished building 'Hogworts Castle ' which is a 30 foot x 20 foot wooden castle with a 30 foot clock tower ( with clock) battlements and 3 rooms inside ( Dumbledore's study, Divination's & spells & Potions) I use this to raise funds for sick children , having recently given up working for the Devon based charity becuase they 'let me down big time' I am now looking for another charity to work for , along with a few of the people who came with me .
    I write comic autobiographical books for a living from my
    lap top sitting on the bed every afternoon. I love watching romantic videos and now have a collection of over 150 + .
    I love all things to do with arts and crafts and at this time have a 3 foot x 4 foot water colour painting on show ( for sale ) in Devon and am about to complete my 3rd painting .
    I have made many 2 -3 foot fully feathered owls for my castle as well as many other items , it has taken me 7 years to collect all the items I need for the castle.

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  1. I'm jinked there is some sort of sign pointing down from the sky over my head and it reads ' chuck what you can at her , she is good for a laugh ' Yes today the 2nd of August just 3 days before our special reception I have4 had yet another fall and boy oh boy did I go down a bang this time .I was walking from our kitchen into the conservatory , we have those white upvc doors to this room and they have a small step to go over .I know I stepped over this sharp white door frame as I lifted my right leg......................but NO my brain said I did but my body didn't do what my brain said 'again
  2. Hello everyone on this awful sunny day , I just thought I'd log in and keep a few of my friends up to date on what has been going on with the family. 1: Mark my disabled husband, you know the one with a knee & foot brace, no right hand , 2 stick to walk with , degeneration of the cervical spine at brain stem : C1 C2 C4 C5 , arthritis in his hips, knees and hand , well he now has 2 frozen shoulders and chronic M.E. and can hardly walk a few yards let alone do anything else, he wants to sleep all the time and the smallest thing hurts him , this has been going on for 6 months now ......and
  3. Hello to you all after such a long time off the forums..........yes, its Willows and I am still alive and biting the heels of the world. I've been very unwell lately with a number of problems , one being internal bleeding which had to be sorted quickly and so I was seen by a very nice doctor at the hospital who discovered way up inside of me ( it felt like at least two foot or more!) that I had two haemorrhoids which had been bleeding rather a lot , or so they thought at the time . So innocent me agreed to a procedure called 'Banding' in which small rubber bands are applied to the base of the
  4. Hello all, yes I know its been a very long time since I have been on the site but so many things have happened to all the family. Mark: now has really awful arthritis in his one hand and is waiting for the results of x-rays , he just doesn't know quite what to do for if he looses the use of this hand he will not be able to drive properly and do all the normal things we take for granted. He has also been having pain in his feet again and his walking is very bad at times. Mike:is now having to use a stick , he's been falling down quite a lot, once as he went to get out of the car , which was so
  5. I don't know about you but I cannot go out in the summer as the heat fro the sun makes me feel very unwell indeed. I have around 20-30 pairs of sunglasses and so many sun hats I could open a shop !!!!!! BUT...........this still makes little if any difference. I have a wedding to go to in mid May of this year and have been searching the net for ideas .............and found an Asian site ( in the USA) who make the most awesome paper sun parasols , fans and all sorts of things. Today I have ordered a pure white parasol to use with posh outfits and a cream hand painted one to use for everyday
  6. Hello all ......the one handed woman is back again Today I have to go back for yet another dressing on my right hand. My left hand is almost healed now and its just very brown and the skin is tight , so hope to shed the skin rather like a snake does very soon. But my right hand is not doing well , I am supposed to go on Wednesday for a dressing but the smell that's coming from the hand is awful its not the outside dressing as hubby has been changing this every day and the special 'gel' dressing is changed every other day by the nurse in sterile conditions. But hubby thinks the skin that
  7. Flop............Mark will be buying up chip basket nets like mad this week , thank you so much for such a brilliant idea. I had a bad night last night first of all Mike redressed my hands , it takes ages as each finger has to be dresses individually , any way having done a good job I carried on doing very small things around the house. At about 7:30 pm the niddle fingers dressing was slowly slipping down my finger , so without thinking I just pushed it back on........................ OMG ouch was not the word that left my lips............so grabbing all the dressing stiff I went downstair
  8. Thank you all for your kind thoughts and prayers. Today I've been very tired again and had some nasty spikes of pain in my right hand, which is also very stiff . Mark gave me a bath which made us both laugh somewhat !!! other tan this all I've done is watch Tv with my hands above my head , didn't want to eat or drink much or do anything as I felt rather horrible , this time I took my own advice and kept upstairs. Thanks again all Ami xxxxxxxxx
  9. I'm writing this with one finger .................... On Thursday at exactly 5 minutes to 1 pm , clever woman here was trying to make a roast dinner for us all . I had managed most things even though I had had to go back to bed that morning with extreme pain and tiredness and it just didn't register with me that having dropped a number of items since then and walked into things that I was a bit unsteady ..................how I wish it had. The last thing I had to do was take the cabbage off the boil and strain it ...............yep, this is where it all went wrong. As I took the lid of t
  10. Snap ..............eyes are the bain of my life at this time I have two pairs of glasses now : one for reading when my eyes are playing up a bit...........and another for when I cannot even see the Tv let alone read! I get a lot of blurred vision when my pots is running very fast and that's normally when I have to lay in bed flat for 2-3 days , so I usually watch Tv or if I'm really bad sleep, sleep and even more sleep . But with my eye's gong in and out and blurring all over the place watching TV is getting a real problem now. I suggest you go and get your eye's tested and if possible go an
  11. Well we are still here biting the ankles of all around us On Monday we are having a brand new stair lift fitted ..............you can hear the singing and dancing from us all if you listen hard :lol: Mark is a bit better now , still not sleeping properly but his big toe ( nail removed one ) is just about healed BUT.............................we did have a small problem with a swede ............not not the living kind from over the water who are blond , but the hard round veggie sort that come from the ground ! Our fridge had a bottle of milk on its side in it and as per usual it leaked,
  12. Hello everyone again, Over the past few months I've been trying to get myself together , not an easy thing for most of us but with Mike up and down and Mark more down than up , esspecailly when it comes to stairs it has been a very hard few months , which is why I've been very quiet here. I've now sorted out a new bathroom for us, having a wet room instead of a bath with shower over it should make a lot of difference. I've also sorted out a stair lift for our very steep and twisting stairs, poor old Mark has come a cropper on a number of occasions and each time he hurts himself a little bit
  13. Hello ..................well the doctors seem to think I've had POTS since I was 13 years old , that's almost 41years as from tomorrow at 10:32 am !!!!! and my 18 year and 11 month old son has had it slowly but surly creeping up on him since he was a sweet blonde haired boy of just 4 years old ., Mikes still of college as they have now discovered his heart is racing at 200 bpm each night when he goes to sleep, which is why he's so tired every single day . Me my heart beats at 35 bpm , all night which is why I'm so tired every day ..... so me thinks if we had half of each of our hearts we'd
  14. Well, I was right poor old hubby had concision for about 4 days and lost quite a bit of weight from not eating , but I'm pleased to say he's feeling a bit better now ........................except for the toe About 7 days after the fall he had to go to see the foot doctor to have his big toe nail removed on the other foot as both sides of the nail for no apparent reason had decided to curl inwards and grow into his skin , the pain has been really bad as he has tried to walk on it and of course its become infected , swollen and very red indeed , so now he has two broken toes on one foot and a
  15. I just think that not only is my house 'jinxed' but we all are as well. OMG , what a week we have all had ..............will this bad luck ever end ??? Sorry I haven't been on for sometime but 'mother here' our main online computer crashed big time and we lost the hard drive and everything on it , Yes we did back up everything on another external drive , but believe me everything it was not and we had to pay out over ?250 ( $500 ) to get the computer sorted and up and running again , but in between this OMG its been awful here. On the Sunday I stared some new drugs for my Raynaud's , on Mon
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