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What a horrible day


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:( What a day. I got started back on atenolol, which is not going to work well, I can tell. So forgive errors, etc, although you will see I've had some colossal ones lately.

Our cat had some biopsies done last Friday, no big deal, just checking on IBD. Now I think we have to put her to sleep tonight. She hasn't eaten and has been vomiting continuously since Sunday. I am waiting for the call to see if she has improved at all. They can't even figure out what's wrong. :(

I ordered some jeans for my daughter in law, they got back ordered, so she had me call them yesterday. They told me they were discontinued. So I told her that. She goes online today and they have about a zillion pairs of them and she buys them herself and calls to tell me. She says she knows I'm not lying, but it feels like it. B)

Today I get a thingy from my credit card company saying I wrote a check that had expired. You know those checks they send you sometimes that have lower interest rates if you use them. Well I wrote one for 1000 dollars to cover my anniversary. I had no idea checks could expire and the girl at the credit union missed it too, so it bounced and they( the credit card company) said I couldn't use the card to cover it at the credit union!!!!!! :) So I have committed a felony and didn't even know it. :o With no way to cover it at my credit union.

So my son had to give us the money to cover it and we have to dig up 1000 dollars to pay him back. OMG. I was bawling my eyes out at the CU, trying not to faint, waiting to get arrested. They kept telling me it was alright, but I feel so stupid! I would have never done anything like this a few years ago. :(

I am having a very bad day and if the vet has bad news I will fly into a million pieces and break more ribs, which hurt like heck.....igiveupmorgan

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what a bummer of a day Morgan. I hope it gets better instead of worse. I feel for you with the kitty--my step mom had to put down her cat on Monday, and he wasn't even all the old, but he had some really bad kidney problems over the past few years.

I'll give my kitties extra kisses tonight and will tell them to send good kitty karma your way. B) Nina

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morgan I am so sorry that you are having such a bad day!.. sending you lots and lots of extra hugs.. that wont hurt your allready hurting ribs!!



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Thanks guys. Well kitty has inflammatory bowel disease everywhere. She did eat a little baby food today and had kept it down as of 5 pm. Tomorrow they are starting her on prednisone. She thinks the IBD is just so bad that it is causing inflammation of her pancreas. So if they get the ibd under control, her pancreas will settle and then they get aggressive with the ibd and get it under good control.

She was on prednisone before the biopsies, but will need to be on a much higher dose. Cats can tolerate very high doses I guess. So keep your fingers crossed, I think she may pull through.

As far as everything else, I'm too crashed to deal. Wanna talk surges, arrythmias, chest pain, syncope.....alldoneinmorgan

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Hi Morgan, I hope your kitty continues to pull through...As for the expired check...that was not your problem. I worked at a bank for years until I got sick. If the teller did not notice the date on the check it's her fault. It's great that you went back with money to cover it, but if you hadn't then that would come out of her teller overages/shortages...It would have stunk for her, but she should have paid more attention!!!!

I hope that you have a better day tomorrow and the days that follow. Keep us updated on everything!


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Morgan, I hope things go okay with your cat. I have three dogs and they truly are part of my family. I hate when one of them is sick, and I worry about them just like I do with my son.

I wish you the best,


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Thank you all for understanding. I really just don't get this, just kill them mentality. My baby girl is better today, even purring and talking to staff. She can be quite mouthy. She is being put on steroids today and a special diet, of course, they all have them, and reglan. We are so glad she pulled through, it was really touch and go for a while.

Anyway, today hopefully will be better. Thanks again...morgan

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Sorry to hear about your rotten day and the worries with the kitty.

YOU KNOW i UNDERSTAND that one with my two black and whites...my constant companions since I am home so much. I hope the prednisone helps.

My room mates cat has IBS and gets injections as needed, every so many months. He has been on W/D (high fiber) which helped for a while. THEN he was having problems and I though, he needs LOW RESIDUE Feline dry food to give insides a break from the fiber. My room mate went to the vet or called him and vet agreed. SO the low residue helped for awhile THEN worked like a stool softener and little Speedy kept having accidents. Then we gradually added more W/D. It's a balancing act but we try to avoid the prednisone but with cats, sometimes it's the only thing to help major flares.

Good luck with your little furry baby and sorry for the check headaches.

Hang in there and I am going around to pet my cats and my room mates right now!



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