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severe pain...crazy question for you all


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Hi folks...

well after I got home this evening I started to crash....my pain level is just unreal... i hurt from head to toe..(and I do mean ..literally)

here is my weird crazy question for when you guys are experiencing more severe pain.. and some pretty wicked fatigue.. along with all that potsy stuff.. does like you hair hurt??

On that note let me elaborate.. for the past few days now my pain level is HIGH!!!

much more then usuall...

well anyways ... w/ the severe pain.. I am finding that my hair closest to my head/scalp actually hurts.. my head itself hurts.. aside from the nasty headache.. ( there is so much pain and pressure in the back of my head it feels as if it is going to split in 2.. at the docs this morning my BP was 144/100..probably explains part of my headache.. :( ))I dont know I am not explaining this real well..

but it hurts to even try and brush my hair.. and pull it up..

and also my fingernails and toenails hurt as well.. they are very "sensitive".. to put it mildly...all of the bones in my body feel as if they are going to just shatter at any moment..toes.. fingers arm bones legs bone..everything.. :(:(:(:(:(:(

I feell kinda stupid posting this topic... :(:):) but i figured what do I have to loose?

so sorry that I am asking silly questions... but my pain level is just way up there.. and tonight I had a emotional meltdown.. I went into a crying jag... and just bawled my eyes...partly because I am hurting so uch.. and other things...

probably wasnt one of my finer moments... but hey a person can only take so much!

apainriddleddizzygirl :huh::):blink::(:blink::huh::(

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Hi Dizzy,

I am sorry you are in so much pain. Don't ever feel stupid, you are not!!!!! And your questions aren't silly!!!! I think it's that at times things are getting too much and all you can do is cry and cry and cry (can you explain me what a crying jag means???). I hope it made you feel a bit better. Is it possible for you to talk to your doc about the pain? Can he/she help you with it? Well, remember we are here for you, warm wishes,


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Dizzy girl,

YES on the scalp pain!!!

I was ALWAYS a "tender head" when my mom would brush my hair as a kid. I could only use soft brushes...never "traditional hair brushes".

Also, having a pony tail for a long time, and then letting the hair down used to hurt. And I NEVER had tight ponytails. But sometimes the scalp would be so sore that just trying to pick up a bunch of hair at once would hurt.

I only have that intermittently but a few weeks ago I experienced this. My hair is cut above the shoulders now. I use those medium sized Velcro rollers for my hair. After my hair is dry or barely damp, will put these rollers in for 30 minutes to a few hours if my hair is too damp. I will lie down in bed and surf the net. Well a couple weeks ago, an area close to the top and back of my head was sensitive. AFTER I removed the rollers, I kept thinking I had left a curler in the back of my head (I have left the house a couple times with a small curler at the nape of my neck but that's NOTHER POST!! ha) But I realized, my scalp had that tender feeling. Not really sore at first, but felt like SOMETHING was touching my scalp.

So your question makes perfect sense to me unless I am just as weird. But I think it goes along with my sleep problem and fibro. It's part of the allodynia (sp?) where normal touch can be painful.

My nails are tender as are my cuticles. I have only worn nail polish once or twice in my 48 years. Just too darn sore to mess with. Plus I could never handle the smell of nail coloring/removing chemicals.

Hope you get through this spell soon and get some rest to see if that helps. Good luck.

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It's been many years but I have experienced this problem. My scalp was so tender that I couldn't bare to brush my hair or even touch my head. I never talked to the doctor about this one, didn't want to get the infamous fibromyalgia diagnosis.

I don't ever remember experiencing my nails hurting.

Sometimes my teeth ache, either the uppers or the lowers. They'll just start aching and it goes away as mysteriously as it came.

I agree with what Sophia said about mom brushing the hair and how bad it hurt no matter how careful she was being. And my head would ache from those tight ponytails.

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I have had times that my hair hurt. I also get all over body pain where the worse spots seem to be hips, legs, arms, shoulders. This is sort of fibromyalgia and sort of not typical of fibromyalgia. For some reason, once I get that body pain, I feel very dark,--not exactly depression, but just very dark and want to curl up in bed until the pain goes away.

However what I have found that has helped is not curling up, but getting moving and doing stretches intermittent through the day.

It always passes.


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Oh I get the hair pain! ;) You are not weird at all and it is like you can't even brush your fingers through your hair. I get it when I have a headache and sometimes just any day. My doctor thinks that it is the tension in my neck that pulls on the scalp and also the pressure on the nerves that makes it hurt but he is not sure. My chinese doctor reccommends brushing my hair everyday with a wooden brush to keep things flowing and to hopefully lessen the pain but I can only do this on days when it is not so bad. So you are not alone!

Hope it eases for you soon.

Stacey :-)

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Hey linda,

I've never gotten scalp pain. But I wanted to give you a (((((HUG))))). I know you've been going through some crazy symptoms lately and I hope you start seeing a light a the end of your tunnel (and that it's not a train! ;) )

I really hope you're feeling better today. And that those doc's of yours start giving you some answers :)

Feel better,


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Hi all.. thank-you so much for your support and kind words.. your all great..

I am still in a great deal of pain today.. sleep didnt relieve it.. unfortunately...and my "hair" still hurts to..

though I think that I now know the reason for such bad flare up.. I woke up this afternoon sick!

My throat ..ears and chest hurt like crazy.. and I am majorly congested in my sinuses.. I feel feverish..and well miserable!

I have some earache stuff being delivered from the pharmacy soon. so maybe my ears will start to feel better...it probably does not help that I got caught in a down pour yesterday (rain) and that I had to wait outside for an Hour for a cab... and it was COLD!

COrina.. you are a dear!!.. crying jag.. Um what I meant was I started crying and just like could not stop..its an expression to express a crying outburst (??) Sorry.. I hope that makes sense.. I;m alitle off today..

I think that I may very well have fibromyalgia... I have had this kind of pain for along time now.. not just when I get sick..so I will be bring this subject up with my doc the next time I see her..

Ok well I am off to pop some pain pills and go back to sleep under my warm blanlets...and pray that my pain will go away...

thanks again guys.. your the best!

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OMG I totally relate. I refer my head pain and hair pain like this. Like i had a pony tail in that was way totight and it made my scalp very tender and painful to touch or run my fingers threw my hair. For me that is how i describe it. And yes I also get that feeling with my bones. I also get the feeling my bones are sharp and are painful to my skin.

I am SO sorry you are feeling terrble. I wish i could make it go awya for all of us. Like there was some magical power we coul dperformand we woul all be healed ;-). I can dream LOL

I have read on here that this type of pain could be fibromyalgia (SP) I am my self am going to talk to the Docotor about this.

Do not feel stupide talking to any one here. Your symptoms are real and it can be quite frustrating. So don't live in your head. As friend told me once. The only stupid question is the one not asked ;-). I have done that for way to long and I am just coming out of my shell.

Form me when things are that bad I take oxycodone as needed. Every day I feel that pain and it is awful. SO I hope you feel better and it is ok to break and cry. I have many times my self lately.

I know it isnto easy but I wlays try to take soothing bath with epson salt and drink a hot cup of green tea. It doe snot take ht epain away but it is relaxing and helps me deal with it. Maybe that migh thelp with you.

Take care

Corina (hopeful-girl)

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i hopeful-girl (corina). I see that you are a newbi here.. Welcome!!

I am sorry that you are sick too.. but glad that you found us for support! Its a wonderful cyber world that we have here...:)

Well I did take some pain meds this afternoon.. and fell alseep for a while... the pain meds knocked my pain down a few pegs.. I can move alittle better without so much pain an ddicomfort.. and an over plus the swelling in my knee and foot as gone down too.. and my fever broke..

my grammi.. read me the riot act for not going to the doc today b/c I woke up sick.. I dindt tell her of the pain I was in..b/c she worries to much.. you know how grammi's can be

I was finally able to drink some chicken broth..(campbells..hardly diluted.. ;) LOL..I only use about 1/5th of the can w/ water in it.. as the stronger is is salt wise the bester it makes me feel..

but i just wanted to pop in real quick before bed and let you guys know that my pain is finally subsiding some.. thank god!!.. and if the ears and throat andchest arent better.. off to the doctor I go tomorrow..

HUGS to you all


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dizzy girl

glad you got some relief. I can not imagine having the intense pain of which you speak. There is something about pain close to the brain that can be difficult to deal with .

My hair'scalp would hurt but nothing to the extent your situation sounds like. Hope you have a really soft pillow! ;)


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