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"internal tremors"


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I get internal trmors...

I called it shaking from the inside out.. I find that I get this when my HR is high.. or if my BP is high or low.. or before and after a syncope spell..

So i get it when my body is under stress.. Um.. I have not found alot to make it go away..sometimes you just have to lay down and let it ride out.. and once the BP/HR return to a somewhat normal state.. the shaking stops..

But yeah it is a part of pots..

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Yup, I get these too. I call them "the shakes". It feels like there are ants crawling around on my organs. I usually get these when my BP has dropped, I don't know why.

I also get a less severe version of these after I lay down, as my hr is falling. They're annoying, but I'm sure they're not dangerous.

Hope that helps,


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Me too. Sometimes I get really cold with these spells and sometimes not (the shaking doesn't start out from being cold though). Once it gets started and I get really cold the only thing that can really warm me up is immersing myself in a warm bath. I just have to be extremely careful with this because I'm usually very syncopal at that point and the tub isn't the best place for passing out but if I can warm up it helps.

I've recently been told I may have Raynauds. I don't know if what I experience is that vs. POTS.

Anyway, you aren't alone in this symptom for sure.

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yep, this is definitely a "me too"...

i've had external shakes/tremors for years when doing really poorly, after a blackout, etc, but the internal stuff is new for me....

it's been hitting me bad for the past month or so, mostly in the mornings, and does correspond with my feeling extremely weak. it's most pronounced in my extremities (rather than in the core of my body) and doesn't seem to improve at all regardless of my position. another mystery.....

:( melissa

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Do you guys find that CBD oil can help to calm these internal tremors? I'm assuming that the internal tremors are attributed to high adrenaline. 

For me personally, I get them after eating any meal, big or small, high carb or low carb for the past 2-3 days now. I was diagnosed with POTS November of last year, and this is a new symptom for me. 

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