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  1. Also sound lot like fibromyalgia but am no doctor . Keep dairy of your symptoms and what u eat also any new products etc also take heart rate standing and sitting also your blood pressure. There be several post on how do that on here .good luck .
  2. Ooh u really don't sound like I having fun at all have u try antihistamines incase it a allergy reaction ? That might help also change your washing powder might make lil less irritant also some ppl find aspirin helps nerve pain . It horrible have all weird symptoms no relief I no believe me do u have dysautonmia pots ? Do hope u find relief.
  3. Think she see loads ppl with allergy that to probably or she did say was going help bk in hstpl last march with covid mabye she did get called in the end .
  4. At first the secretary said was no appointments then I said I was follow up I had appointment allready she looked was moved without telling me .it so long to wait even before the covid .
  5. Rang up see could get my dr croom appointment sooner they put it from march to april now to june 😪😪was only appointment gna help .
  6. midodrine fludrocortisone pyridostigmine clonidine ivabradine beta blockers x3 cant rember names sodium cromglate these just ones I can rember diorlyte daily electrolyte daily compression socks exercise pacing saline at hostpital for emergencys all these made me end up hostpital just torture feeling of hope then have such horrid reactions am still trying to get over clonidine. Salt tablets made me nauseated and stuck in bathroom they horrible hurt lining of my stomach. Compression seem set my heartrate up more .I know feeling as if u let doctor down it your fault it not worked same with
  7. My pots doctor rang has told me there is nothing else they can offer me for my hyper pots we tried it all medication wise .So just emotional support all can give now she said. Feeling very crap about it and as am sure all u felt very alone . Hoping dr croom can help in april .
  8. Really does sound like u have some sort of mast cell activation issues like me nin sorry to hear you have had horrid week to with seizures and stupid toothpaste deffo can cause reactions .
  9. So if you read any of rest my post you no the night time are pure torture for me . Last nite about 11ish I had heartrate of 160 bpm managed to charm it down well it charmed itself full on shakes after horrible ussal got back into bed I been to toilet ended up stuck we all been there am sure. Couldnt sleep but heartrate had went down to low 62s like rollercoaster so tiering . So it got to 4 55 think was it shot back up to 166bpm .all my lymph gland up I feel horridous today I would gone to hostpital but very wary of what they could actually offer plus here in uk we are on lockdown cases are ve
  10. Thanks pistol it quiet scary isnt it . Figures crossed he just been careless with the leftover food .
  11. SO GLAD U WERE NEGATIVE FEWWW!! .My husband has temp now !! But I think mabye could be food poisoning he ate left overs u see he had shivers been cold with the temp to he been stuck in bathroom I have sent of for a test for him to come in the post just to be sure though cant take no chances. He can taste he got no cough...quietly worrying now two children in the house and me having hyper pots mast cells seizures my BP been really high so my heartrate today even more .I darnt let my my mum come in incase luckly my son 14 so he very helpful (santa may of bought him xbox ) so he happy to help .I
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