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  1. So sorry u all suffer the same I use a antihistamines called fexofinine
  2. I also have high bp or low and high heart rate
  3. So sorry u in same situation it horrible isn't it I also have insomnia.i have all over aches point want cry but hurt to cry nausea to jumpy legs and arm which I have no control over night sweats and feeling of being very aditative horrible ussally mast cell reaction on cue every night at 6 30 9 40 140 covered in hives nothing seem help .I have not tryed the g drug cant spell it but no my uncle who has lot problems heart bk etc is on it he says it help .
  4. Hi pistol thank for replying .My pots clinc is ringing me today I had a 5minute talk yesterday with a Male nurse he saying they probably put the dose up well I feel that be a bit silly with me having real low bp to ... we will see what they say today .feeling horrid as ussal .all appointment over phone in uk due to covid .feeling alone my dr on holiday for 3 weeks now not that she much use like. But was somone talk to .it scary feeling like u have look after yourself .
  5. I for what feel for ever now had horrible night time would say adrenaline surges it every night I honstly thought Clonidine would take away or my mcas new trial drug ketoifen would yet still in alot pain jumpy legs arms unvoltry cheast pain flushing high bp and low tremors high heartrate even laid down sweating it scary nausea to anyone else get this .thank u stay safe
  6. Hello everyone I have been prescribed clonidine 25mg for Hyperadrenergic dysautonomia/pots I been on it 11 days mabye I seeing no improvement I give u little background ...I have low blood pressure and high blood pressure daily it goes from low 76s to high 190s I have all the ussal pots symptoms sweating on standing nausea shakes tremors goosepimples blurred vision i also have horrible adrenaline surges it just horrible leg pain arm pain feeling like somone tugging on my viens stomach problems also have mcas so medication is a problom I could go on but I haven't the energy . So just wonde
  7. I do it just horrible I really feel for u it just nasty hope u feeling ok today .
  8. Could be mast cell activation syndrome mabye try see a immunology
  9. Mine goes real low laying so this doesnt applies to the likes me but thought was helpful read in general for anyone just something I come across
  10. Only thing I have found on high bp on standing is this .
  11. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3860797/
  12. I thought same I gone though 5 bp machines then when I went into a&e with a attack they keep saying ooh cant be that high with hostpital machine then they go get other machine twice the did it still high !! Then I lay down it goes real low took good two year for hostpital to believe me cause i was sat when bp was taking now they do it after making me walk around the room then I got put in resus bit then went down to low bp then after 3 days I was aloud go home as couldnt fix it said because was going low laying was safe go home. it terrorifing that no one believes even if one small amount
  13. Unfortunately it a capsule I am taking so we just trying till 3 weeks see if helps is the plan for now
  14. My cardiologist is going to try me on Clonidine for my hyper pots but I am worried about taking it with the low blood pressure I have also with mcas to today has been horrid when I am standing it goes real high my bp but sitting it stays low walking around the house say I wanted to go to the toilet or make a drink it will go real high so does my heartrate. I worry because the last blood pressure tablet I tryed ended me up in the hostpital with to lows of bloodpressure.if I am honest I am scared I allready deal with so much on daily basis my life is very limited I dont leave house unless fo
  15. It so horrible isn't it I feel dirty sweaty soon I get out the shower 🥵😪😪😪
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