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  1. This soooo me it horrible I really feel stupid in woolly jumper everyone else is in shorts!!
  2. Teeth clattering after my wisdom tooth out 3 weeks ago hasn't been fun
  3. That amazing pistol !!! So glad u feel lil better 💖unfortunately calcium channel blockers made me more poorly .
  4. It just horrible what even weirder I posted this in june I just come in as having this right now nothing helping at all .
  5. I have this so far nothing has helped . Made worse yes clonidine was evil I am still not recovered from that horrible drug .
  6. Today has been horrible. I had what I call a flare hyperanadrinic shakes so bad my teeth clattered cold hands feet for ages high blood pressure high heartrate . So cold ice cold dressing gown jumper heated blanket weighted blanket and other still so cold .Then when finally ended hours later go to burning feet face yet still cold with extreme weakness thinking adreline of upping mmy ketotifen for my mast cells was horridous .
  7. Sorry for later reply been very unwell anyways thank you so much all your comments so true everything I read .I really dont no where I be without this site . I have put complaint in we will see what happens from there. The appointment with mast cell doctor was alot more promising she up my meds see if it helps anything.
  8. He was just purely useless nin .he even made my primary gp question me!! Who has seen all evidence of my illness even though I got diagnosis on paper !!! And photograph evidence if am honest feeling very alone and bloody sick doctors saying I have mental problom when I have autoimmune disorders and bloody mast cell activation syndrome !! I also had to answer very strange questions of my gp he was all like do u think u are going to die of pots?!!! I said no but I cant live way I am untreated and same goes my mast cell activation syndrome he said when do u give up tho ... I said when I least have some sort normality like I am spos just give up and live this way --this really upset me . 31 and I am meant just give up on myself pretty much not look for help . He then went on to say I could refer u to medically undiagnosed centure... hello I have diagnosis or did u forget I thought then goes on say to me I talk to you in month ... makes me so mad . I really am not faking I never do sumit like that if I was how would I make all these symptoms appears...
  9. Sorry u feeling so horridous it scary also when dont no the cause. Do you get rash with weather changes ? Do you have mast cell probloms? This sounds soo much like me it just horrible isn't it hang in there x
  10. He assumed was migraine I never mentioned a headache to him at all I no it was a seizure as had as child no feeling afterwards think was cause of excessively high bp but he didnt take well me saying this was all I am the neurologist I no best ovs not !! I have migraines so I no what they feel like horrible sorry u have deal them to . He said sounds like u disassociate now I just read letter which if he classes passing out as dissociating he very strange doctor!!
  11. I have got email back with form to print of to complain I have. He was such horrid man . What women wouldnt be sad after a miscarriage u have be inhuman or just numb that why they wrote anxiety. I think he thought I was hypo women no idea what I suffered since 2012 at all . Like u said who use wheelchair if didnt need lot easier walk somewhere than get pushed be a burden.
  12. I have been seen also for same reason to prove them wrong . They dont seem to care that they said I was mentally fine strong even the lady said . I hoping he refers me somewhere he is ringing today he will now have copy of that vile doctors letter to read .
  13. What horrible horrible doctor !!! He ovs never had to live with these illnesses how it ruins people lifes he wants sacking . I have appointment over phone today with my gp they sposbly spos be referring me other neurologist we will see if it happens
  14. He was so vile so rude plus no help what so ever !! So sorry u had go though that to . I know why would I want be in wheelchair i miss out on sooo much i do because of this illness .I think he thought i was not all there even before i got to the appointment. I think personally mentally i deal real well with all this daily torture my family say i am most strongest person mentally they no . I do worry anyone that has mental health issue but also could have cancer or ms or anything g not mental it not diagnosed because he dont help we all no illness domt discriminate doctors do though.
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