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Taking Emily 's idea I thought I would start a movie topic. We could kind of list some of our favorite movies and when we see a good one we can add it to the list. We are all so resourceful aren't we?? :(:P:)

The main reason I decided to start this was that I just watched a really cute movie and wanted to tell you guys about it.

"Wimbledon"-----Kirsten Dunst and Paul Bettany

Really cute and I liked it so much I will probably watch it again tomorrow ( which of course Jim will laugh at me for) :lol: But I was so worried about the end. So now I know and know I can watch it again happily. Really cute!

I have more but thought I would start off with this one!

Stacey :-)

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Girl! You beat me to the punch!

I was planning to make a movie list and post it...so, of course, as always we are on the same wavelength! :lol:

I know it might seem off-topic to do this...but I think it will be great!!!! I love hearing suggestions and can't wait to watch Wimbledon. I am going to make a list after my HIDA scan stuff is over!

But of course. if you havn't seen:


goodnight and thanks for starting this thread. I will also try to cut and past beverly and nicole's suggestions another day.


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I just saw Wimbledon last weekend. I watch a ton of DVDs, because I subscribe to Netflix. It's much cheaper and more convenient than the video store, especially when you have POTS! I really liked Terminal, Collateral and Something's Gotta Give. If you are into alternative movies, Garden State is a wonderful movie too.

I rent TV shows that I always wanted to watch but never had the chance to, like old seasons of HBO shows (Sex & The City, Six Feet Under, Curb Your Enthusiasm) and 24 (which I never thought I would like, but I am totally addicted)!

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Good idea to post these!

Seabiscuit is terrific! And we just rented Terminal, which was very good.

We recently enjoyed our first trip to the theater in a year. We really liked Meet the Fockers (thought it was better than Meet the Parents - not as far-fetched).

Cold Mountain, Double Jeopardy, Miss Congeniality . . . we've enjoyed many but my memory isn't allowing me to come up with them. Will add more later if I can think of titles.

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Here's the suggestions from beverly and nicole from another post....didn't want them to get lost.

NOW...to all of you...you must start keeping a LIST of your movie picks! :rolleyes: just teasing you. i have a list and i cherish that thing it has all the movies and books i have read or listened since i got sick. so, i will go through it and find my picks, k?

until then, here's some movies to keep you all busyt. :)

and, you've all got me completely convinced to get netflix! :)



Nicole gets Netflix too.? She gets Seinfeld episodes and Curb Your Enthusiasm episodes as well.? I just read an article about the guy who started up Netflix after, in 1997, returning Apollo 13 late and with a $40 late fee.? He was so disgusted - he came up with a better, more appealing way to rent movies.? And now he has well over a million subscribers (maybe more- read it the other day but can't remember).

I do have 10 movies Nicole listed to present to you.? You may have seen each and every one.? (I came up with the 11th).

Here they are:

1. Antonia's Line (Dutch)? - I think it's one of her favorites.

2.? American Movie

3. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

4. In America

5. The Professional

6. The Doctor

7. The Hours

8. Sex, Lies an Videotapes

9. Le? Petite Amour (French)

10.? Magnolia

11. Amelie

Hope you have a good night without any "events".? Sleep well and goodnight.


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Here's my list of favorites, over the years (I don't watch a lot of movies, especially these days :rolleyes:) There are many more I'd LIKE to see and haven't and I will enjoy adding to my list from the posts here!

Much Ado About Nothing (Emma Thompson)

MindWalk (Liv Ulman)

Antonia's Line (Dutch film Nicole's mom mentioned--also one of my all-time favorites)

The Hours (also already listed--I just borrowed this from the library last month and loved it)


The Color Purple

Fried Green Tomatoes

Mozart's Magic Flute (Bergman--English subtitles)

Shadowlands (sad sad sad, but very beautiful)

Laurence of Arabia (I think I just have fond memories of seeing this lavish film on a large screen with my family when I was an adolscent. I might not like it as much now.)

Salvador (HARD movie to watch but excellent.)

The English Patient

The Shining (Don't recommend this if you are in the POTS hole as it is likely to trigger symptoms! )

Dr. Strangelove


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I really liked "About a Boy." That director has another one coming out soon (already out?) called "In Good Company." The previews looked good. I also saw "Spanglish" last weekend and my husband and I both enjoyed it.


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I have a few recent favorites. Dramas:

Billy Elliott

Boys Don't Cry (although very sad)

Monster's Ball (also sad)

Life is Beautiful (sad but uplifting at the same time)

Y Tu Mama Tambien (don't watch with children, unless you want to answer A LOT of questions)


Love Actually (just saw this, it was very cute, and I have a huge crush on Hugh Grant)

Planes, Trains & Automobiles

Uncle Buck


Also, this is not a movie, but "Cheap Seats" on ESPN Classic cracks me up. It's two guys making fun of odd sports and news from the past. It's kind of like Mystery Science Theater but no science. Last night they made fun of some really odd kids in a spelling bee from a few years back. I laughed for an hour straight and hadn't done that for some time.


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Thought of some more:


Finding Nemo

Rush Hour/Rush Hour 2

Shrek/Shrek 2


Mystic River (sad)

A Beautiful Mind

Pieces of April (really sad, but good ending)

Rabbit-Proof Fence

Beaches (sad)

Steel Magnolias (sad)


Central Station (Brazilian)

East-West (French)

Talk to Her (Spanish)

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Oh yes, I should have had Life is Beautiful on my list too! That is also one of my very favorites. (BTW, the actress who plays the schoolteacher in that film is named Giuliana!) I also loved "Il Postino"--thinking of Italian movies! Also sad, but very sweet.

Here are some more "classics" I didn't think of in my first post!:

Breakfast at Tiffany's

Room with a View

Howard's End

Remains of the Day

Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown (hilarious and fun)

Like Water for Chocolate (truly another one of my very favorites)

I was thinking, since this illness causes many patients a need for convalescence, and it is hard to do much at times, other than lie about, howabout compiling a list of recommended films that could be accessed elsewhere on this website (Michelle)? People could add to it from time to time, and maybe folks would find it helpful. I would take care of the text, but Michelle or someone would have to actually upload it. Just a thought! :rolleyes:

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I guess I'm the scifi nut here and cartoons with the kids. Every weekend we all pile on the sofa sleeper in front of the tv, pick movies, eat pizza, pop and popcorn and just be goofy, it is so much fun. Last weekend was The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Some of our favs:

The Matrix Trilogy

The Lord of the Rings trilogy

SpyKids (all)

Laura Croft 1 and 2

Harry Potter (all)

Chronicals of Riddick

MASH the series

Any of the cartoons by Studio Ghibli

Spirited Away, Castles in the Sky, Kiki's Delivery Service, etc.

I guess I like the kids stuff, no brain power required to watch and enjoy.


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Great lists, one and all! Special props to Katherine on the Dr. Strangelove choice! I would add some of the classic Peter Seller's Pink Panther movies for anyone that needs a good laugh. Also, Airplane (my fiancee is an airline pilot and can recite all the cheesy one-liners!) and The Wedding Singer (great 80s flashback).

If you like thrillers (and aren't already too adrenalized!), one of my favorites is Jagged Edge.

Happy viewing,


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I'm adding this before I read all the posts ( I typed it in before I saw all the responses) so forgive the repeats. I was looking through my videos and dvds and here are some of my favorites:

Blow Dry

Love actually

13 going on 30


Tortilla soup

What a girl wants

Bend it like Beckaham

Strictly Ballroom-- one of our favorites

Shrek and Shrek 2

Say Anything ( I am an 80s girl so anything with John Cusack! Love him!) :-)

Moonstruck-- Probably favorite movie of all we have watched so much we can quote it!

The Matchmaker

Galaxy Quest

Truth about Cats and Dogs

Whale Rider


Lord of the Rings 1-3 Great!

Harry Potters of course {:-) em}

Ella Enchanted

Any Jane Austen:


Sense and Sensibility

Pride and Prejudice

Mansfield Park

Ok that?s enough for now will add more when I see ones or think of others!

This is so fun!


Stacey :-)

Just to add I jsut read the other lists. Great suggestons! Blackwolf maybe someday you can expalin spirited away to me loved it but did not get it! ;)

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Ooo, great topic!!

Old Movies

Arsenic and Old Lace (Cary Grant)

Breakfast at Tiffany's (Audrey Hepburn)

The Philadelphia Story (Katharine Hepburn and James Stewart)

Singing in the Rain (Gene Kelly)


Forrest Gump

Pirates of the Carribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl


Cold Mountain

Steel Magnolias

There are sooo many more, as I LOVE movies, but I can't think of them at the moment! :)

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I can spend all day watching the station Lifetime for Women.........it has movies after movies that I enjoy but can't recall names at this time.

Also: Shrek 1 and Shrek 2

The Cinderella Story.............I think that's the name, brain fog


Save the Last Dance............my personal favorite


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I can't believe I forgot this one in my previous post.

The Count of Monte Cristo (the newer one, maybe 2000 or 2001?) - it would have to be ranked among our very favorites. And when he becomes The Count, ladies, you will certainly appreciate the eye candy (sorry, guys!). I don't usually go gaga over any star in any role, but oh my goodness . . . :)

Also, Ghost and Pretty Woman are really fun to watch if you're looking for something a little less "classic."

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