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  1. Hi, Katherine. It's been a long time since I posted here, but I do still lurk ocassionaly. I just wanted to tell you I'm sorry to hear you've relapsed. I also wanted to voice a note of solidarity with you regarding your belief that Hasimoto's and related thyroid hormone adjustments (both up and down) have some connection to your POTS-related symptoms. When I was at my worst, several years ago, my thyroid was completely unstable and my doctor tried valiantly to chase up or down my wildly fluctuating TSH with many med adjustments. I kept saying there must be some connection between this and my s
  2. Poohbear: Interesting article, indeed. Thank you for sharing it. What I find particularly enlightening is the discussion of IST and POTS having some overlapping symptoms. I was told by a couple of different doctors that I had features of both, and didn't seem to fit neatly into one category or the other. Sounds like that is not terribly unusual. What is more, I was always given the impression that IST involved a sustained high resting heart rate. But the article says there can be noctural normalization of the HR in IST - and this is precisely what would happen with me, when I was very
  3. Mom4: I, too, am extremely sensitive to meds. I started on Lexapro at 2.5 mg (yes, that's a crumb!) and worked my way up to 5mg after a couple of weeks. Believe it or not, I stayed at 5mg and found that low dose helped quite a bit with my hair-trigger heart rate, unexplained waves of nervousness / anxiety, and other hyperadrenergic symptoms. Unfortunately, I also suffered from side effects at that low dose, as well: night sweats and vivid dreams (which were totally tolerable from my standpoint) and MAJOR increase in ectopic heartbeats (NOT tolerable, from my standpont!) Ultimately, I made
  4. Katherine, I, too, am sorry to hear you're having symptoms lately. I can tell you I will still get some of the same sensations you describe out of the blue. But, happily, they go away almost as quickly as they appear. A few will linger on, particulalry if I think about it too much. I know I'm not concocting these symptoms in my head - nor are you, of course! But if I focus on, say, being dizzy or feeling like I'm not able to breathe, I find the symptom is troublesome and worrisome. If I distract myself, lo and behold, I find the symptoms will diminish. This is especially true for the od
  5. Jan, I just wanted to add my voice to the chorus of support here for you and Jeff. Cancer is a heinous disease and it has taken so much from me in my 34 years - my father (at age 46, from Hodgkin's Disease, a form of lymphoma), my grandfather (leukemia), my grandmother (lung cancer), and at least a half dozen other friends and relatives. Some of you know I am a runner, and I started running marathons to raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society back in 2001 to mark the 10-year anniversary of my dad's death. I haven't let up since, though my 'run-in' (pun intended) with autonomic
  6. So glad to hear all went well with your pregnancy at the birthing center. And both of your little ones are adorable! Thank you for sharing with us. Wishing you many happy, healthy days ahead with your growing family! RunnerGirl
  7. <<Also, it will help me choosing a route for our trip to the USA (which we will make in 2008, when we're married for 25 years!!!). I'm already saving for that, because we planned to make this trip with the 4 of us, renting a camper and driving through the States, for about 4 weeks.>> What a wonderful adventure that will be, Corina! Hitting the big cities on the East and West Coasts is grand, but make sure you get to see some of the stuff in between. My personal favorite part of the U.S.A. is the Desert Southwest (Arizona, New Mexico, Southern Utah, Nevada) - we have some amazing
  8. Just joining the "Way to go, Avais," chorus. Well said, well done! I even posted a link to your message in another thread. It's too good to miss by anyone troubled (as I know I was for a good long while) by PACs, PVCs, and other heartbeat irregularities. Yours truly (and happily in normal sinus rhythm at the moment!), RunnerGirl
  9. JLB / Jen: If I could give you a big hug right now, I would. As I and others who have dealt with heart rhythm disturbances have posted to you before, we know how anxiety-provoking this symptom can be. But please re-read what I posted to you earlier. And read this from another thread: {http://www.DINET.org]}showtopic=2624&view=findpost&p=24902 You've said you have already had an extensive medical work-up. TRUST what your doctors have told you - that you have a troublesome, quality-of-life-altering, LEGITIMATE condition - but not a life-threatening one. Don't let a reference to
  10. Katherine: If you are Ms. Maryland, then I guess I can claim to be Ms. Maryland - First Runner Up! :-) Or maybe I'll just take the "Maryland CRAB" title! :-) I'm in Crofton, MD - about 15-20 minutes west of Annapolis - but my fiancee and I are building a home in Centerville, on the Eastern Shore. We may just flip it, though, as I am presently interviewing for a full-time position in downtown DC. If I get an offer from this firm and decide to take the job, we're going to need to remain on this side of the Bay Bridge! I have lived in many parts of the U.S. though, and also lived oversea
  11. Earthmother, I think we've hit this topic before, but I, too, have Hashimotos. After a period of relative stability, my thyroid was ALL OVER THE PLACE for about a year, particularly when I first had the onset of my ANS symptoms. I've always been convinced that the thyroid had something to do with my issues, including the PACs and PVCs. Knock on wood, my thyroid has been stable for the last year, and my ANS troubles are also much improved. Definitely makes me wonder about the relationship between autoimmune diseases like Hashi's and POTS. RG
  12. 1.Did you have a history of PVCs directly before POTS symptoms onset/diagnosis/etc? (people commonly have them, but I am talking about the kind that are actually bothersome and noticeable) I'm sure I did, but I never noticed them. 2. Did you notice that when you were sick, your PVCs were more prevelent/pronounced? No, I actually noticed them when I started feeling BETTER. I think having sinus tachycardia tends to mask the symptoms of PVCs, since the pause between the premature beat and the regular beat is not as pronounced when your heart is going fast. I notice my PVCs (actually, I get most
  13. Hi, Corina! It seems that "Nancy Drew" does not have the same "fame" among Dutch little girls as she does with American little girls! :-) Nancy Drew is a beloved fictional character, the heroine of a series of mystery books written for children and young teenagers. Nancy and her friends ALWAYS solve the puzzle, the mystery, etc. I read just about every Nancy Drew book growing up, and I know kids are still reading them today. Anyway, is there such a character in Dutch childrens literature? It's fun to get to see our cultural differences and learn about each other! Best, RunnerGirl
  14. Hi, Roselover! I just saw your post and I would be MORE than happy to share my story. It's a little detailed, and I'm in a bit of a rush at the moment - but I promise a thorough report in the next day or two! Stay tuned! But I did want to quickly thank you for your kinds words and say I'm happy that you (and maybe others) were able to take comfort from the post on tachycardia and arrhythmias. I want to emphasize that I can articulate these things in a calm, clear way ONLY BECAUSE I, too, was plagued by all the same fears and anxieties that you, JLB and others have expressed. My journey
  15. Linda, Maybe I can help clear up some of your confusion. First, I think we have to define what we mean by 'irregular heartbeats" - as we're all using that term here in a very broad sense. 1. Yes, one of POTS hallmark symptoms is tachycardia (hence the "T" in POTS) - which is a form of an arrhythmia technically defined as a HR in excess of 100 bpm. Most POTS patients when speaking of tachycardia are referring to SINUS tachycardia. In other words, the heart's rhythm is being generated via the normal electrical pathway (ie, the sinus node.) It's just that the heart RATE is inappropriately
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