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  1. Corina, I am so jealous!! Like Ernie, I would like to reserve a spot in your suitcase. I have been to the south of France and know how lovely it can be. You can be on the beach and not burn up like our heat in the south of the US. I hope the weather is spectacular and you, your family, and best friends create some wonderful memories.
  2. Persephone, I want to express my sincere congratulations to you for your degree and hard work. Your post was so full of good news and how enjoyable to be shared with all of us here. thank you. Your parents sound loving and now you have a beautiful artwork keepsake along with your memories. I am so glad you got to enjoy all the post graduation activities. here's to a bright future ahead!
  3. Jessica, what a wonderful little boy! Congratulations to you, David, and Ethan. Rest well and let's hope your POTS symptoms stay at bay. All the best!
  4. Jan, I am so sorry to hear the news that the cancer has spread. Never give up hope not matter how dark things may get -- or seem. I will keep you and Jeff in my thoughts and prayers.
  5. A good humor is essential! Thanks for making me laugh but let's remember to bring plenty of chairs when we do get together.
  6. Jan, sending my thoughts of support to you and your husband. May you have the strength you both need to get through this difficult period.
  7. Katherine, the new site is GREAT! and for me, it is so much easier and FASTER to access the pictures. Thanks for your time and effort on this project.
  8. Lisa, so glad you were able to get in touch with your son's doctor. I can't imagine what a 6 year old must think of the inconvenience of having a halter monitor to wear but perhaps the results will give you peace of mind about what is or is not going on. Doctors usually like to "rule out" as many things as possible which is good. good luck to you and I hope your son is feeling better soon.
  9. Tearose, it is so good to hear that you have been busy doing something so rewarding (and not in the potshole). It certainly sounds like you used all your past experiences to know how to plan for the party so that you would still be able to enjoy it yourself. Congrats! Wow, 2 kids in college. I can understand your interest in looking for something to do part time but I really hope that your attorney can get your appeal on the fast track. And, that you get approved. good to see you back.
  10. Hi Lisa and welcome. Sorry your young son is sick. I think "wiggles" is so cute! When I first became ill, I had pins and needles in my hands and feet a lot. Most doctors told me it was from fatigue but one suggested it was from low volume. When I increased my fluids I found this usually helped the pins and needles go away. I was tested for muscle weakness (EMG) and other stuff, but for me, anyway, it does seem that increasing salt and fluids makes a difference. I rarely get the pins and needles feeling any more. Has your son's doctor given you any input? It's always best to have a doct
  11. Roselover, the single best thing I did for my GI issues was go to a gluten free diet. I did this at the recommendation of a nutritionist. I also avoid dairy and meat. I drink hi protein Ensure. Good luck with your Endoscopy. Since they usually give your meds through an IV you may be able to get fluids. Don't hesitate to call in advance and tell them you need the fluids. Most doctors will accommodate if you tell them what you need. It will really help cuz you will be a little groggy after the procedure and may want to sleep instead of catching up on your fluids.
  12. Tearose, I was just thinking the same as Ernie. I hope you are enjoying time with your sons who I imagine are out of school and that you are not down in the potshole. Miss hearing from you. Take care.
  13. Persephone, glad to hear that your grandad is improving. Don't forget to take care of yourself as well.
  14. I have an Omron and find it useful in managing my health. When I start feeling really lousy, I check there first to see if something is going on so I know what to try. For example if I am suddenly dropping 30 pts in BP, I go for more fluids quickly to try to keep from getting worse. If my numbers are in MY normal range, I either keep going about my business or decide to rest. Over time, my body has gotten used to higher HR as my normal, so occasionally I am "surprised" to see how high it has gotten when doing a reading and I try to make adjustments. Like Morgan, I used to be a bit obsessiv
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