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  1. Hi, Kathy. Welcome--glad you made it here, tho sorry you're struggling with these issues. Would your sisters consider doing some reading? They might look at the information/resources available on this web site and at ndrf.com. Otherwise, sheesh; I agree that you shouldn't ask them for advice anymore! Do you have asthma all the time or only as an allergic reaction to something? Do you take anything for it? It doesn't sound like you take medication for it regularly. I wonder if your doctor didn't want to put you on beta blockers because shortness of breath can be a side effect. Let me share a
  2. Miriam, Gatorade helps a LOT of us make it through the day.
  3. Welcome here ... The only other advice I'd add (to the great suggestions already offered that you can do immediately--upping your salt [i sometimes take the tablets you can order through a pharmacy--athletes take 'em, but they're not on the shelf] and electrolytes and fluids to more than 2 or 2.5 liters a day and wearing compression socks/stockings] is to talk to your doctor about beta blockers. My symptoms are similar to yours tho my HR often goes much higher, and sometimes without any exertion, and I just got put on Toprol XL. Many people take midodrine or florinef in combination with beta b
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