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  1. Hi, everyone! I haven't visited the forum in a couple years, but on this Thanksgiving Eve, I thought I'd check in and wish you all the very best. To those of you who knew me when I was first formally diagnosed and for the few years after that (and you know who you are ), I want you to know that I remain grateful for all your support, your friendship, and your wisdom. I think about you, I care about you, and I pray that you are finding joy and healing in your lives. Extra big hugs to you. As for me -- I am doing well! We adopted a truly awesome baby girl from China 21 months ago (she'll be 3
  2. MichiganJan, My heart goes out to you and Jeff. Please know that I'll keep you in my thoughts and that I'm sending out good wishes for healing and strength for you both. Hang in there, Jan. There's no question you two are in for some difficult days during treatment, but people's stories of repair and renewal are inspiring; keep the faith...it will happen for you too! Please keep us posted on everything--and lean on us, OK? Best wishes, merrill
  3. Emily, thank you for your post. I know it was hard to write--that you had to "dig deep," as you said, to find the words to express how challenging these last weeks have been. I'm glad you wrote your post--I didn't know that you've been struggling this way. I was reading posts daily when the "conflict" took place--and almost immediately afterwards, my own life took a fairly sudden turn toward upside-down...and I haven't read any posts in a really long time. This is the longest "break" I've taken since joining the Forum fifteen months or so ago. I have no idea what's going on; your post, Emily,
  4. Sorry this happened to your grandfather, Persephone. I've read plenty of posts on this forum about the need for frequent potassium level checks if you're on Florinef. This is a good reminder to everyone to be vigilent in their care and to learn what low potassium side effects look like! best to you and your family, m
  5. Julie, I took zithromax just last month for a hideous sinus infection ... I was so sick ... Started out on augmentin, which is a better drug for sinus infections and works to kill more strains ... I was OK with that for a few days and then the runs started and wouldn't stop. So I called the doc and switched to zithromax. (You may recall my thread about taking probiotics with antibiotics... and I did start taking acidophilus along with the zithro and also for my last day on augmentin.) I had a five-day zithro pak -- 2 pills the first day then 1 a day for 4 more days. Don't remember the milligra
  6. KathyP, check this out: http://dinet.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtop...oling+neck+wrap These cooling neck wraps are really easy to wear and they work great--they also come in lots of colors and patterns (slightly more stylish than lumpy ice cubes--which also work-I've done it! Even just a damp bandana around the neck makes a difference.) BTW, there have been several conversations on this topic in the last year or so, so you might want to do some surfing to read suggestions from former forum members. stay cool, m
  7. I heard a great line yesterday: It'll all be OK in the end. And if it's not OK, it's not the end. stay cool, merrill
  8. Best wishes, Lisa. I hope you feel better soon! Let us know how you're doing, OK? Will be thinking of you today, merrill
  9. Sally, this is just a guess, but is it possible that your doctor was making an analogy? That is, for a person with dysautonomia, carrying a stack of papers is like carrying something really heavy for a someone without this condition? That's what I thought of when I read your post ... Corina, I LOVE your positive attitude. Your strong spirit will see you through this challenging period and take you to a place of better health. I just know it! Peace, m
  10. Kite Runner is abridged? Fahgeddaboudit. I'd recommend waiting, Emily, until you're up to reading again. It's such a wonderful book. Don't do abridged. Uch. I've read one of the McCall Smith books and loved it too -- want to read the rest. m
  11. Other posts on the topic of immunizations reminded me that I've got Hepititis A & B shots to get... and soon! Any reason I should be concerned about a reaction to those? (I think it's a set of 3 immunizations over 6 months... but I need to check with the travel clinic at the hospital to confirm.) thanks, m
  12. Emily, that's SO COOL that you're gonna have these tests done ... Yay! I hope they can provide some answers ... and/or some peace of mind, no matter what the results. This is a good thing. Here's hoping for a strong day with lots of energy points to spare tomorrow ... have a good journey. (Maybe it'll just feel really good to get away from the house for an hour or two ... to get beyond the mailbox!) Keep us posted, OK? PS I wouldn't think you need worry about where they should send your blood; I imagine the hospital and/or your pots doc will know how to take care of that detail. But if you do
  13. Thanks for sharing your whole story, Wendy. It wasn't too long, promise! And it really helps to get a more complete picture of what's going on for you. I've had miscarriages and no sucessful pregnancies, but others have! And they will surely share their suggestions and experiences. (I know some things by listening and reading and learning...) You can do this! Jessica/Ethansmom is delivering any week now (you might email or PM her) and I know she had a helluva time with nausea etc during her first trimester plus. Katherine and Amy/Calypso are two others who may be able to help ... actually, to
  14. Hi, Wendy. Welcome here. Would you tell us a little more about yourself? When you say you've not had an easy time ... can you describe that and give us a better idea about what symptoms you're working to control? Can you say more about why you want to go back on beta blockers? You might also tell us what non-pharmaceutical things you've tried ... that way, people (especially those who've gone through pregnancies) can see whether there's anything else you might try that worked for them. (Also, I presume you've talked to your ob/gyn and/or your cardiologist about your experiences with the two b
  15. Hey, sweetie (Corina), guess what? That word belongs to the world, not to me! And we need to spread that word (that vibe, that feeling, that love) far and wide! I would be honored if you were to use it and use it often. (and it would make ME smile if you did... ) PS a colleague just came to my desk with a bag of pure chocolate imported from Amsterdam! She was there on vacation last week and loved it--she said it's so beautiful, the trees, the canals, the flowers ... said you're having nice weather now! Yay! Peace, merrill
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