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  1. Sounds like an autoimmune issue. I got a flu 4-5 years ago bad and after that I had low testosterone and thyroid levels. Preceding the pots I had a poorly treated h pylori infection which also cause some left side 4th cranial nerve palsy that I have intermittent esotropia or double vision now. I had been doing better, but a student worker got some sort of stomach bug and now I am getting some symptoms again. Worse double vision, stomach always upset and fatigue. Doctors either can't explain it and shrug their shoulders or think you're nuts. When I come up with suggestions, it's like I crossed
  2. I had mine out when I was 6 or 7. A long time ago. I've had 9 or 10 surgeries...The only negative effect I had was from ketamine. They gave that to me when I had lower spine fusion in 2018. Not good coming out of that, but other than that, propofol knocks you out quickly. I like to know when it's going in though. You'll feel a buzz for a few seconds and boom, out and the next thing you know you wake up. I had my tonsils out as I had a lot of strep throat infections as a kid.
  3. I think that at times, doctors are afraid to say they don't know. They might say idiopathic or even hypochondriac at times when they can't explain things or find anything wrong. I've more than a couple long format news shows where people indeed had a problem, they just didn't get to see the right doctor who had the knowledge, experience and desire to figure it out.
  4. IDK. I had a complaint about a similar experience in Scottsdale that was redacted because I mentioned the doctor's name. I didn't have a good experience. The doctor was a neurologist-ophthalmologist and she was terrible. just went through the motions and basically said, yeah, you have 4th cranial nerve palsy and it looks like thyroid problems in the eye, but we don't know why, but I am sending you back to your regular eye doctor for prism lenses. No interest in why at all. Understand other than age related far sightedness, I never had eye problems in my life. I'd never go back there again for
  5. I have always had pinched nerve issues with my brachial plexus and used to go to the Chiro when I had problems. In late 2010 I had been training for the Iowa State Games for Strong Man. One day I was doing incline presses and the right arm pushed the weight up, the left arm did nothing. I was like, ***? I dumped the weight, went to a Chiro and when he adjusted my neck, I felt a shock down my left arm. I took a couple months off from the weights, but it got worse. It felt like when you sleep on your arm all the time. Went to my doc and by April of 2011, I was told I need fusion. I put it off un
  6. I have stenosis all up and down my spine. In 2012, I had C4-6 fused. In Oct 2018, L4-5 and March of 2019, C2-4. A lot of my pots symptoms went away 4-6 weeks after the latest cervical fusion. I think spinal instability near or at the base of the skull can cause issues. Then there something called chiari malformation too that can cause pots like symptoms as can CSF leaks, which can happen with bone spurs. Funny thing, the pots didn't happen until 6 weeks after my L4-5 surgery and I had a CSF leak during it that they had to fix. I got a head ache the next day from it that I would have killed mys
  7. Yes and I will see how long that lasts. There's really only one level left and then I won't be able to turn my head at all.
  8. Sure, but at 58 and my fusions, IDK. It is what it is.
  9. Maybe? Neck/skull issues can cause POTS symptoms, like chiari malformation or cervical cranial instability. I have had a lot of spine issues and last year I had C2-4 fused. Already had C4-6 fused as well as L4-5. A month after the C2-4, most of my POTS stuff went away. I still have occasional issues, but not as bad.
  10. Took Zoloft years ago and it made me non-reactive to anything. You could have hit me with a 2x4 and I wouldn't have cared. Lowered my libido a lot too and PE with that. I went off it after a year . Coming off it was interesting for a week or two. I've never heard of it used for low BP and high HR.
  11. I've had that happen, but not consistently. I've wondered if it's related to blood flow, meaning if blood pools in the lower extremities, maybe it's not where it should be in the head.
  12. My experience is limited in that I went there for a specific problem to a neuro-ophthalmologist and it was a negative experience. I’d never go back to that department again for sure. I’ve read good things about other areas of Mayo. Not sure about Medicare. I have BCBS. I live a few miles away and I know that a lot of retirees from my town go there for GP stuff.
  13. I don't know what it is. The tests at the neurologist came back normal except for a slightly elevated SED rate. I go through phases with this. It's not like I feel bad every second of the day and can't function, but it varies a bit during the day and sometimes over time. Stomach still feels off on one side, I still get brain fog at times. Skin is dry, still have double vision. I know they're missing something, I just don't know what it is. I had high hopes. Now I just feel like I am supposed to suffer.
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