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  1. I just noticed this happening. When i shower, the veins in my palm side become very noticable in color. My camera didnt pick it up as well as you could really see it though. Just a part of the game or something else? Thoughts?
  2. I told my specialist about it. She didnt really comment on it. I guess because she didnt know what to make of it.
  3. I made a carol of the bells electric guitar cover when i was like 20 or so i think. Its so old myspace was still relevant.
  4. The first cat is named Storm and is spoiled. Then i have a kitten named Noah. We have not gotten him inside yet.(Storm loves to go outside and play with him) Need to get him fixed first. They both came from the neighborhood. Noah is sitting inside his cat house. I insulated it and put a heating pad in there that stays on 24/7. I put a plastic flap on the front to keep rain and wind out since this picture was taken.
  5. My wife uses sleepytime tea or cbd capsules(not thc). PM me for more info if interested. I cant post links here on the main forum. The CBD company she uses gives 60 percent off for disabled or low income individuals.
  6. So i have a few thousand dollars in medical bills that are in collections and show up in my credit report. My sister in law said thats a hippa violation and my wife disputed one and it got removed. I tried the same thing and no dice. Wondering if those credit repair companies could come in handy in this situation. Experiences, thoughts? Of course i would rather just pay them off, but at this moment in time it is impossible.
  7. New trailer. Unfortunately gotta wait on the blu ray release.
  8. I have hyper pots and i really need a laxative. I believe my xanax is making it hard for me to go. Before the xanax, 0 problems. Ive had a few fainting incidents and im not sure if a laxative could mess me up somehow. Thoughts and experiences?
  9. Now that the weather has cooled down, i am having way less headaches. I can somewhat function for longer periods of times as well. I was taking aspirin like candy 6 to 7 days a week. Now maybe 1-2 times a week. Crazy.
  10. The full trailer has arrived. A couple bruce lee scenes as well. Looks really good.
  11. Yes. I actually had chest pain when i ate popeyes. I dont eat popeyes often but the last 2 times i ate it, my heart was racing. The heart pain came from when i was squatting down and i stood up. First time ive felt heart pain. Its as if i didnt take any medication. Just rolling in a different position in bed would make my heart race for a short time then calm back down like before i started medication. I wonder what it is in popeyes that really messes with me.
  12. I have always tried to describe myself as if im floating in a boat sometimes. I can feel this way in any position. I've had muscle twitches all over my body for the past couple of months. Not sure if related. But i physically saw myself swaying back and forth in the mirror. I also feel like i am losing my balance sometimes. Starting to wonder if its parkinsons disease or something or is it just a pots thing. Someone on another group mentioned MdDS. Anybody deal with these symptoms?
  13. Coreg has helped a lot but hasnt completely taken them away.
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