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  1. Yes that was my main motivation in staying. The seriousness of it. I hope the ultrasound was adequate enough testing. But we will see where it goes from here. Dysautonomia is a cruel disease. I wish the medical field was educated in it. When i can afford it, i am going to buy those leg compressor machine things. They have bags that go all the way up to your thigh that inflate and deflate. I can have that on while i lay down. And maybe an exercise bike to get on at least once a day to keep my blood flowing. Just dont want exercise to overload my body with adrenaline. Sometimes when i do a
  2. Memphis, TN. One of the worst cities in the US. They were so swamped, they had the national guard helping and it still took 300 hours. I really have no idea how i made it. I tried to recline the best i could. And yes they usually pair me with a NP. I even got a student doctor at one point last night. Then the real doctor came and told me the news and jetted. When i was a kid, the show ER really had me believing thats how hospitals work lol. You know caring, urgent, know everything. Almost every person had some sort of attitude. Its like that every time. I believe cause im male and
  3. Because of covid and the strain on the hospital, i waited in the lobby 10 hours or so. So i was in there like 13 or 14 hours. Idk how i did it. But they took blood and did an ultrasound and the doc said theres no clot and to get with my pcp. Of course i kept getting judged when i told them my lack of mobility situation. And of course nobody knew what pots or dysautonomia was. The lady doing the ultrasound was like so do u choose not do anything? Like yeah i chose to lay down for 2 plus years, struggle financially etc. Anyways next step, the pcp.
  4. Can florinef cause swelling in just one leg? My right leg(below the knee) and foot are swollen a bit. I started florinef in september. I believe its gradually built up. I might go to the hospital tomorrow to rule out any serious problems.
  5. Its helped a lot with me feeling faint when i stand up. I started in early september. It has made a big difference. However my right leg is a bit bigger than the other. Im not sure if thats related to florinef but i need to get that checked out. I have to make sure on my next doctor visit next week that my potassium levels arent too high from florinef. So just starting myself. I immediately got relief on the 2nd or 3rd day. I used to feel really lightheaded when i stood up. Rarely happens now. I still suffer with lots of other things though.
  6. Anybody had these tests done? To prepare for the VNG test, i had to clean out my right ear with debrox drops. I was at home and flushing my ear out. After about the 10th flush with hot water, i got really hot. I lost all of my balance. I was on the ground and couldn't get up and everything was spinning. My wife brought me my BP machine. it was around 170s/100. I layed there for 20 minutes or so and got up and i was fine. a few days later i went to take the VNG test. It was fine until they blew cold/hot air into my ears. The cold air i had no problems with. Then they blew hot air into my r
  7. I asked my PCP to fill out paperwork for me months ago and they said they dont do that yet they did it for my wife. They didnt believe i was sick as i said i was basically. I ended up leaving because the the whole clinic was not good. Never callling in prescriptions, rude staff etc and it was far away plus they didnt support me. I didnt bother asking my new PCP to fill it out because he has no clue what i go through really. The cardiologist who referred me to my dysautonomia specialist half way understood my condition. He filled out only half of the RFC form. So i asked my dysauton
  8. Private message me and we can talk further. Ever since ive been on the beta blocker called coreg, i no longer experience this 99 percent of the time. This problem has now been solved for me.
  9. My daily routine is wake up and use the restroom/brush teeth. Fix something to quick to eat in the microwave. Take medication. Eat in bed. Stay in bed. I take the trash out once a day. I dont watch much tv. Im usually just browsing on the phone. I get up for bathroom needs. I take the litter out once a week which is like taking a trash bag out. But its heavier and leaves me breathing as if a normal person just did 75 jumping jacks. I hate doing that task. But on a typical day i really do nothing. Sometimes i might play video games for about 45 mins. But thats not every single day.
  10. Shes only a NP but shes a specialist in dysautonomia. Apparently lots of schooling involved. She practices at a neurology clinic. What do you guys think? Im just nervous for the phone hearing. Trying to prep myself. I keep reading to keep your answers short but i want to say enough to where the judge understands my struggles. Like if he asks me a typical day, its going to be really boring. I havent been able to do much in over 2 years now. I dont want it to seem like i am faking or something. I am hoping this form holds weight. I know i made another thread 2 or 3 weeks ago. Sorry.
  11. Well she said my ear was 100 percent clogged and dug a lot out but she said theres still 50 percent left and that i needed to use drops to get the rest. Not sure if she was being lazy or what. It hurt though with how deep she was going in with the tool. Im going to call her in a bit.
  12. My water was hot. Im assuming the same thing would of happened either hot or cold. Gonna try again tonight sigh. I have to get the wax out. Now im really nervous about getting my tonsils out. Any little thing can cause problems.
  13. Dudes...in other words girls. I went to an ENT doc about vertigo issues. To see if i have it. I have to take some test. The problem is my right ear is clogged so they put me on ear drops first. The 2nd time i used them just a few mins ago, i was flushing my ear out. I got hot and dizzy and i couldnt stand. I was on on the floor and everything was spinning. My hands were tingling a bit so i thought i might be about to faint. I asked my wife to get my BP monitor. It was 177/99. The dizziness stopped after a bit lying on the bathroom floor. Eventually my BP became stableish. Just wondering if any
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