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  1. Thanks so much to both of you. I'm trying daily to hold it together but I just feels like, I am about to break and I am praying to God to help me because, me breaking down right now won't be good for my family. This is not a fun ride whatsoever.
  2. I have been in this downward spiral since the beginning of the year. Not sure if this a POTS flare anymore. Everything is ten times worse than usual. Digestion got worse. Sight got far worse. Can't hold my neck on my own. There is so much pressure or tension in the muscles (if that's correct) around my eyes. It gets worse as soon as I stand up or walk around. Bodily pain that I cannot even explain. Worse part is that I don't feel like a human being. My body burns constantly. 24/7 muscle spasms. Barely gets to sleep. Anxiety is off the roof. Its like something crawling all around under my skin. It all just feels like living under the shadows of death. Medications rarely work. Don't know what to do to get out of this. Just at my wits end. Someone said on this forum few weeks back that she had some tests done and it was discovered that she had systemic inflammation, was prescribed Hydroxy-chloroquine and she was able to get her medications under control. I was going to run that by my doctor but couldn't find the post anymore. I am pretty used to hydroxychloroquine in Africa and have taken it thousands of times for Malaria, so not too worried about side effects. I am just ready to try anything to get some relief. Sorry for rambling too much. I am just too tired, irritated and frustrated. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
  3. Praying for you @Pistol. You've been a great channel of encouragement to many of us here.
  4. I read something about the Roemheld Syndrome few years back at it seemed to sync with me. I get instant stomach discomfort and tachy after I eat, no matter how small. The explanation I got was that if your digestive system produces too much gas/pressure after food, it pushes your diaphragm up against your heart with then tends to trigger some sort of panic attack and then a tachycardia. Every food I eat causes an adrenaline rush and in my case, it feels like life is being squeezed out of me. Studying through all these this past weekend, I also learnt that this might be caused by Small Intestinal Bacteria Overgrowth (SIBO). Its all so confusing so I decided I am going to set an appointment with my doctor to see what he can do to get some answers.
  5. Of all the symptoms that I have and still experienced, this is one I never thought someone else is experiencing. It has caused me so much stress to the point that I have stopped driving. Sometimes, the feeling is like every vehicle and objects around me are moving too fast for my eyes to focus on but then sometimes, its like I have lost control of my eyes and I can't intentionally focus on anything. When I move my neck, I feel like I am going to pass out. I didn't know anything about this until I watched a video on Craniocervical Instability. I guess I can assume but will want to know for sure if that is my problem. Seriously, how many issues are we supposed to be dealing with as POTS patients? It gets too much sometimes.
  6. My anxiety level is pretty high (almost all the time of day) and checking my BP tends to spike it acutely too so I have held back from checking it.. I have been trying to only check my heart rate and O2 levels once or twice a day because I tend to over-do things. How I wish this flare only last for few days but they sometimes take weeks or months for me.
  7. Thank you all so much @Pistol@cmep37@CallieAndToby22. Really appreciate all your comments.
  8. I am really struggling today. Hoping someone can tell me how they get through days like this. I feel like I am going to pass out every minute. Walking through the house or even to the kitchen is a big burden. Can't seemed to calm down and even though I have been here before, it all seemed new. Scared to check my blood pressure because if its too high, it will drag me into a panic attack. Sleeping has always been a problem. Without the Benzo, I'm rarely able to get to sleep with the bodily pain and sensations. Thanks.
  9. Thank you so much @Jyoti. I actually only had one session with the chiropractor before I ended up in the ER with what now seemed to be a POTS flare but I will try the ice pack idea. Just got back home on Monday after a three days hospital stay.
  10. My anxiety is pretty bad right now and my benzo did not seem to work. My O2 level keeps failing and rising between 92 and 99. I am freaking out thinking this maybe the COVID thing but my anxiety is high too so I am very confused. I don't want to go back to the hospital but the other part of me said, go. What a nightmare?
  11. Thanks @jyoti. I am supposed to go back in, in 5 days. Not sure I have any strength to talk to anyone talk less of going anywhere but we'll see. I already called my Primary Care Physician to let him know about the new prescription. Thanks for suggesting the breathing exercise. I did that all through my stay at the hospital and it really helped lower my blood pressure. Thanks @E potsYes I have POTS and this thus seem like a bad flare but I am mostly scared because I have never seen it this bad.
  12. I just got home from a three days hospitalization after experiencing several weeks of high blood pressure which then brings about heaviness around the eyes and blurry vision, severe tightness in my chest and stomach, and almost passing out each time. They tried multiple things in the ER including new medication, increasing dosage of current medication but nothing seemed to work, I got like four bags of fluids before my blood pressure could stay below 170/100. There is the symptom that feels like blood is nor reaching my brain creating brain fog and confusion. I feel like these were normal POTS symptoms but the way its happening frightens me. For example, on Saturday night, they were able to get the pressure down to 135/81 but it went up to 200/121 or something within a minute of standing up. I have never experienced that. And then they did a Covid test because I was going to stay overnight and it came back positive. That just made everything worse for me emotionally. No symptoms whatsoever so they didn't treat me for Covid. Luckily, one of the nurses was so supportive and helped calm my fears. Now with all these problems, I have to go quarantine myself for 2 weeks. One thing they told me was that my GI symptoms may have worsen with the virus. Apart from the GI issues, no symptoms at all. My stomach is constantly spasm-ing and producing gas like nothing I have ever experienced. Not sure where to turn or who to turn to but God. My anxiety is through the roof. Not even lying down is making things better.
  13. Thanks @JyotiI was able to see a new chiropractor last week and x-rays showed my neck and spine are in bad shape. I asked her about the device and she told me to hold off for now and see how I respond to few treatments before we come back to it, Really appreciate you following up.
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