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  1. Thank you so much @Jyoti. I actually only had one session with the chiropractor before I ended up in the ER with what now seemed to be a POTS flare but I will try the ice pack idea. Just got back home on Monday after a three days hospital stay.
  2. My anxiety is pretty bad right now and my benzo did not seem to work. My O2 level keeps failing and rising between 92 and 99. I am freaking out thinking this maybe the COVID thing but my anxiety is high too so I am very confused. I don't want to go back to the hospital but the other part of me said, go. What a nightmare?
  3. Thanks @jyoti. I am supposed to go back in, in 5 days. Not sure I have any strength to talk to anyone talk less of going anywhere but we'll see. I already called my Primary Care Physician to let him know about the new prescription. Thanks for suggesting the breathing exercise. I did that all through my stay at the hospital and it really helped lower my blood pressure. Thanks @E potsYes I have POTS and this thus seem like a bad flare but I am mostly scared because I have never seen it this bad.
  4. I just got home from a three days hospitalization after experiencing several weeks of high blood pressure which then brings about heaviness around the eyes and blurry vision, severe tightness in my chest and stomach, and almost passing out each time. They tried multiple things in the ER including new medication, increasing dosage of current medication but nothing seemed to work, I got like four bags of fluids before my blood pressure could stay below 170/100. There is the symptom that feels like blood is nor reaching my brain creating brain fog and confusion. I feel like these were normal P
  5. Thanks @JyotiI was able to see a new chiropractor last week and x-rays showed my neck and spine are in bad shape. I asked her about the device and she told me to hold off for now and see how I respond to few treatments before we come back to it, Really appreciate you following up.
  6. Thanks@JyotiI am going to try one out. Will talk to my chiropractor too if she has any recommendation. My neck is almost causing me to have a blackout.
  7. Thanks@JyotiIs there a device you use or specific exercise that was recommended?
  8. Thanks@Pistol. Sorry I couldn't respond earlier. Its been a very miserable few months and each day seems to be worse than the next. Some days, I really don't know how to handle it than just lay down and pray that I make it through. No medication has worked for me and I am so tired of trying. Not sure what to do anymore and I can't drive right now to take myself to go see another specialist. Just tired. How others go through these daily, is still a mystery to me. No one should be suffering like this.
  9. Thanks @Pistol. Really appreciate taking time to comment. I guess it's been difficult for me to accept all these and maybe its the reason why I find it too difficult to deal with sometimes. One minute, you feel like you are okay and the next, h*** breaks loose and not just in small doses, its a full blown breakdown. Dancing around the extreme polar ends, makes life so miserable. Like today, I woke up okay and thinking, today is going to be better and suddenly, around 11am, it was pain and soreness at every join all day. I just finally got up around 7pm to get some work done.
  10. Thank you @POTSiusand @MTRJ75. Really appreciate your responses. The muscle tightness and aches around the head make it difficult to breathe most days and my body compensate by sniffling constantly when it gets worse. Its like something is pressing down on my nose. As for the neck positioning, I have had issues with my neck now for over 4 years and I used to get weekly adjustments but since my POTS flare up, I have only been able to see my chiropractor once in like 3 months. Scared to even get behind a steering wheel right now and drive for two blocks.
  11. Anyone experienced this severe a vision issue? My eyes feel so heavy, painful and blurry. It feels like they are going to fall out of the socket or go blind. I work with computers so maybe it has to do with that but my glasses have blue light protection. I'm freaking out badly now because I don't know what I would do with my life if I go blind. My body tension have been so bad lately to the point that its causing me some neurological symptoms. Muscle tensions all over my head. I can't imagine life being like this for the rest of my life. I don't know what's causing all these. Not sure
  12. Feel the same here. Today will rank as one of my worst days in 5 years and I really feel like giving up but praying that God will spare me tonight. Everything you can think of, is going on in my body tonight and I can barely explain it but I thank God that I have a place like this to come to and offload everything I couldn't even tell my family.
  13. The last few weeks with this phenomenon have made my life so miserable. I don't know what to do anymore. I am close to passing out right now than I ever was since diagnosed with POTS. Anyone found a relief? My medication doesn't seem to be helping.
  14. I get this all the time especially after my benzo prescription begins to take effect. Its like my tight muscles being forced to loosen up or stretched out. It can be very painful or at least, very uncomfortable, I'm kind of used to it now I guess.
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