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  1. I get this all the time especially after my benzo prescription begins to take effect. Its like my tight muscles being forced to loosen up or stretched out. It can be very painful or at least, very uncomfortable, I'm kind of used to it now I guess.
  2. I experience the same thing all the time. My thought was that the benzo (Lorazepam) that I'm on, caused it or made it worse because I remember experiencing it a little before I got on the medication but not sure. I just got prescribed an SSRI. My hope and prayer is for this to work because I'm so tired of all these symptoms.
  3. This is such a good news @Pistol and an encouragement to the rest of us.
  4. God bless you @Pistol. Thank you so much. This is one of those days when it seems I get too overwhelmed. Its sad watching a fifty year old guy crying. I am getting help with my anxiety issues through a therapist and I am on Lorazepam which has been helpful for my symptoms but it did not work today at all.
  5. Thanks so much @Pistol . I have been out of it all week so its been difficult to check in. Couldn't even work and I haven't done that in my life time. I have been in a paralyze state - every part of me (mind, body and spirit, it seem like) - all day. If this is coming from my unconscious mind, it is terrible. I am just scared for no reason I can see or tell. My body feel numb, muscle so tensed to the point that I can barely breathe or walk. Is it the tension in my body that is causing the fear or the fear causing the tension? Fighting POTS and anxiety/panic attack at the same time, seemed t
  6. When going through the day to day of these multiple issues, its difficult to fathom that other people are going through these same things. I can't say that I'm glad that other people's suffering makes me feel not alone but reading through these posts just makes my sanity less blurry. Thanks to you all.
  7. Not sure. I have stopped checking that for a while now but I know it is one of my problems. I take a lot of coconut water and pedialyte so I think I'm okay.
  8. Thanks everyone. Reading this, gave me a little bit of a relief from being so scared of these sensations when they start. I never knew that was what I have been experiencing. Few years back, I experienced it everyday and then it seemed to taper off. Now it's back with a bang. I am always confused why. Being okay all day and suddenly my body start shrinking together (tightening up), stomach becomes a mess, struggling to breath, and all sorts of sensations. It's like my body is shutting down. My stress and anxiety level go through the roof. The last few days, I thought I was going to f
  9. @Pistol, you are blessed. Thanks so much for your reply. I actually called the clinic today to ask my doctor about the fatigue and they got back to me after couple of hours. It's a small practice so they do not have an online conferencing platform. I was told to take my vitamins and a lot of fluids and if it persist for another 3 days, I should come in. My doctor explained to me the addictive effect of Lorazepam but then told me, I trust you because you hate medications anyways. I must say, it has help me in the last few weeks. I am on 1mg 2x daily but I always cut it in half. So max 1mg
  10. Thank you all @cmreber, @p8d, @KaciCrochets, @Pistol ) for your replies. I haven't been well enough to check your responses until now. It's been a very rough few weeks. Barely sleeping, severe digestive issues and the symptoms that feels like life is being squeezed out of me and every muscles in my body feels like they are been tightened around me. Sudden extreme fatigue. I don't understand that one. One minute I am okay. The next minute, I am holding to dear life. Out of nowhere. Don't know if this has to do with Panic attack or something else but I wasn't feeling any panic when it ha
  11. Thanks @Pistol. I looked up my medical record and all it says was POTS (no information about the type). Based on my symptoms, I thought it is Hyperadrenergic POTS but I am going to call the Cardiologist office (the one that diagnosed me) tomorrow and confirm otherwise I will reach out to my Primary Doctor. It has been a very rough few weeks and I can't remember it being this bad since 2017. I am not sure if my anxiety and panic contributed to the spiral but this is crazy.
  12. Anyone has an idea what kinds of symptoms differentiate Hyperadrenergic POTS from other types? I was diagnosed with POTS in 2017 but never found out what type it was. The last few weeks it has been a very bad burning sensations all over my body especially in my stomach, excessive trembling/shaking, different kind of sensations all over. I am only taking a benzo right now because I haven't done well with any other medication. The last few weeks has been really miserable. Thanks.
  13. Thanks @Pistol. I did finish the H Pylori treatment and the tests after confirmed it was taken care of. As far as the EGD test, the surgeon who was going to do the procedure told me to leave it alone unless the swelling comes back which never did. I am grateful for that. I was diagnosed with POTS in December 2017 and my initial symptoms were the usual Orthostatic intolerance, heart raise up to 140/150 when I sit or stand up, extreme fatigue, dizziness (standing or lying down), digestive issues, Anxiety and Panic Attacks, etc. I feel all wired up all day long. Like my body can't calm
  14. @Random-Symptom Man, I am very grateful for your comments. I have never had a colonoscopy and/or endoscopy. I am a little scared of it. I have had a barium test and that came back normal. When all this first started, it was a GI problem that got me prescribed a double doses of antibiotics. I had a swollen intestine from an infection which ended up being H. pylori. My doctor then scheduled an endoscopy but was cancelled because I had a low potassium level and apparently, it increased my risk of something going wrong during the procedure. It was after all the antibiotics that my POTs star
  15. Thanks @KiminOrlando. I will talk with my doctor about that. Sometimes it just feels like we are just going through the motions when I visit the clinic. The pain I go through everyday and every time I eat something just drives me nuts.
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