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  1. I have a very bad flare right now for the past month and the only thing that is different is that I have allergies. I started Claritin and my POTS is better but still worse than usual. In my case I believe it is because histamine causes vasodilation and my BP is much lower than usual. But it fluctuates really fast , I.e. 140/90 then 80/50, that is when I faint or feel like fainting. As I said, the Claritin gave some relief but it is still bad. Looking back I had a flare every fall and spring for the past 10 years.
  2. @Derek1987 don’t worry, this is common. It happened to me too - despite my employer telling me that I was not safe to work. I have a friend who is a disabled veteran with a metal rod in his spine, ptsd and he has a service dog, yet SSDI turned him down. Despite him being fully disabled per the VA. So - just keep on trucking,,,,
  3. @Clueingforlooks I was in the same boat before and took ppl twice a day, carafate four times a day, Zantac 300 mg at night, zofran as needed and gi cocktail as needed ( vicious lidocaine, mylanta and phenobarbital ). This improved the symptoms some but only when my POTS got under control did my GERD calm down. I would talk to the specialist that controls your POTS since you might benefit from a medication adjustment. This would also help with your adrenaline surges.
  4. @RecipeForDisaster - yes. I believe it is. Who would not b cranky after a bad nights of sleep?
  5. @edriscoll - thank you for sharing your unfortunate story. I am sorry! But because of people like you, who share and educate, we can advocate for ourselves. Bless you!
  6. @Lily I so get it! I also was perimenopausal ( nigh- time hot flashes ) and I have cats .... so I know about the early morning attempts to get attention!
  7. What I love the most about this painting is the feeling of utter helplessness - nothing to hold on to. All alone in a moving, uncontrollable and seemingly unreal environment .... it IS what it feels like!
  8. @p8d yes, it’s awesome. Especially since I was able to avoid the ER and thousands of dollars in unnecessary testing! It proves that we know ourselves best and have to be our own detectives.
  9. @p8d l am with you. I can watch a movie or show but have to mute during commercials or longer and just sit in the quiet or I will freak out from the stimulation. I have - admittedly - snapped at my poor family during movies when I could not retreat. So now I use the pause button a lot and lie down in my bedroom a few times during a movie and this helps keep me sane and the peace around the house 🤫
  10. Yes, I was diagnosed with ADD when I had a neuropsychologist evaluation for seizures and brain fog. ..She said I had it all my life but learned to compensate. Once POTS hit the compensating did not work out anymore. I take Ritalin for POTS and it really helped me.
  11. Thanks, everyone, for replying. I started Claritin and Flonase - we'll see! But I realized something: a while back I posted about if anyone see a correlation between Flares and insect bites ( I had stepped in an ants nest and became very POTS symp[tomatic ) Now I get it: allergies, insect bites, illness … they all cause histamine release which affects the sympathetic NS and causes vasodilation. Hence the fainting, fluctuating BP,s. tachycardia, flushing, heat waves etc. This was a WOW moment for me. Now I feel invincible b/c in my head I now found a way to control these flares better - I can just pop an antihistamine and not flare again!!!!
  12. @Sushi - I had a heart cath in 2018 where they used the right radial artery for the catheter. I developed pain in my right wrist and armpit, they did an arterial ultrasound and found that my radial artery was clotted from the pressure applied after the procedure. I had to take Plavix for a while but had side effects, so I stopped. Today the radial artery si still clotted but better and the arteries developed an alternate circulation, so I have no ill effects from the clot.
  13. Yes - Protomix twice a day, Carafate, Zofran, Zantac and GI cocktail as needed. I had been well controlled until this unfortunate recent flare.
  14. @Random-Symptom Man - thank you for your reply. My daughter has severe environmental allergies and asthma and she has been on the SLIT ( sublingual Immunotherapy ) - or allergy drops under the tongue - for 3 years with AWESOME results. They totally worked for her, she hardly ever needs he inhaler unless she is sick. --- How have you done with Nasocort?
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