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  1. My resting NE was 500 and standing was 1700. Was wondering what everyones regimen is for hyper pots treatment?
  2. Tenex is Guanfacine which Is an Alpha 2 Agonist like clonidine. Carbidopa is a Parkinsons drug but it has been found to block perpipheral dopamine levels which prevents conversion to norepinephrine so in essence it lowers norepi in tissues not the brain. losartan is angiotesin 2 blocker.
  3. I have began the routine. I am Hyper Pots I am currently taking Carbidopa Tenex and Losartan
  4. Thats quite odd.. I have never heard of this medicine being perscribed for hyper pots
  5. https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT00685919
  6. Indeed I will. Anyone try this before?
  7. Do not take cold showers take lukewarm showers and your bp won’t gonup.
  8. Peripheral resistance. Diastolic goes up to try to get blood to your head. What meds are you on?
  9. Beta blockers are dangerous for hyper pots people. Unopposed alpha is bad.
  10. Hmm might be on to something here http://grantome.com/grant/NIH/R01-FD004772-01A1
  11. Don’t care about insurance at this point I’ll lay anything I have seen the top doctors everywhere and they have no idea how to control my tachy and bp. Beta blockers make me so bad and the only thing that works barely is clonidine
  12. I have hyper pots and saw Dr. Goodman yesterday at the mayo clinic. He perscribed Carbidopa ?? isnt that a dopamine booster??
  13. Rauwolfia drains norepinephrine which prevents huge surges in blood pressure.
  14. Rauwolfia’s effects on the heart include decreasing myocardial excitability, inhibiting atrial-ventricular conduction, and extending the refractory period of the heart rhythm.1 Much of the medicinal effects of Rauwolfia serpentina and Rauwolfia vomitoria have been attributed to the hypotensive indole alkaloid reserpine.2Additional alkaloids found in Rauwolfia roots include the indoles ajmaline, ajmalicine, raubasine, imethylajmaline, methylisoajmaline, hydroxysarpagine, yohimbinic acid, and isorauhimbinic acid.3 The constituent ajmaline is thought to be antiarrhythmic.4 Before the
  15. Blizzard. You need to take 5htp or go on Zoloft in my opinion. You need your synapses drained of norepinephrine- THese are just my opinions- Can you do the clonidine patch? I know you take the pills. I am trying a new Herb to see if it helps. Rauwolfia -
  16. Nope just started researching this condition due to the adrenaline surges. I am looking to prevent any surges again in the future. Rauwolfia drains norepinephrine from your synapses by 70 percent. The first hypertension drug developed Reseprine was based on this herb's alkoloids.
  17. Hey ANgie have you tried rauwolfia?
  18. Angie how have you stopped them from occurring?
  19. Ivabradkne and clonodine is the usual combo for hyper pots
  20. I suggest you ask your doctor for Labetalol or clonodine, to address the adrenaline surges.
  21. And its just an illusion I had arterial blood gasses and it was perfect..
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