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  1. Low blood volume I have exactly the same condition that resolves then comes back.. Please let me know if you find a solution..
  2. WE need a method to prevent them from occuring in the first place...
  3. You need to be on a blood pressure med. Message me
  4. Hmm.. Im not sure if you have hyper pots rachel.. do you have orthostatic hypertenstion?
  5. @haugr I believe she might be a member of the RAS club..
  6. curious do you have tremors or muscle twitches? also do you pee alot?
  7. Rachel you are describing my condition exactly. I am battling with nightly adrenaline storms at the moment until i get into stanford..
  8. Indeed. Very tough to deal with. Have you had one? Are you in a state where every sound freaks you out ?
  9. no one has figured out how to control their blood pressure ._.
  10. all opinions welcome..BP is great during day but beging to surge after 5PM
  11. Maybe.. are you hyperadrenergic or regular?
  12. Yep sounds like hyper pots in my personal opinion bro
  13. Mine happen every night. Im trying clonodine and Methyldopa so let’s see
  14. I mean clonixine.. Methyldopa doesn’t seem to have a rebound
  15. I have these buildup surges and they cause huge moments of distress and blood pressure increases
  16. I’ve been having a surge every night on Labetalol holy s***.. just added methyldopa
  17. Hi I had one last night with very intense side effects.. I am currently on Labetalol 100 mg morning night and was forced to take a clonodine half pill to calm it down.. Does methyldopa or clonodine stop these for anyone? Why isn’t Labetalol working I was literally shaking
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