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  1. What’s working for you scout? Yes I shake like crazy
  2. How high is your bp going? I get bp surges every night to 150/100 even laying down.. still trying to figure out how to get rid of the excess norepinephrine I HATE NOREPINEPHRINE
  3. It’s not real . Norepinephrine causes bradycardia by activating the baroreflex which makes the heart rate go down and elevate bp how high is her bp get on diastolic ? Systolic should not be affected
  4. They made me feel really weird and lightheaded
  5. I cant even watch a movie without surging or talk to a girl ..
  6. Clonidine or guanfacine completely wlwminated the orhostatic rise in BP also magnolia bark - the problem is there is break through rushes after meals or any excitement.. I’m trying to figure out if it’s cortisol or dopamine related -
  7. Any excitement puts in me a hypertensive state.. i start "surging" and get a norepinephrine rush- My bp goes from 120/80 to 160/100. I have almost completely eliminated the orhostatic increase in BP from my Hyperderenergic condition - The only remaining thing is this - ANYONE else have these? mayo clinic has not been able to help.
  8. Who diagnosed you with Gitelman? Nephrologist ? Los Angeles?
  9. Coconut water should help in theory?
  10. I got prescribed it by my neurologist who uses natural substances. It’s basically valium
  11. yeah its making my standing heart rate abnormally low.. so weird... Its a dopamine blocker i guess.
  12. My potassium is 3.4 again at er ... amazing
  13. Has anyone ever taken this? supposed to be just as good as valium
  14. its happening more and more. I got a fit bit to see if it does the same thing.
  15. Does anyone else have their heart rate suddenly drop from 110 to 60 ?? Then back up? This has been happening on my Apple Watch often and I am concerned..
  16. NO idea i will take cortisol supplements
  17. Nope This is happening upon arrival- MY theory is the hyperadrenergic state makes us piss out the potassium - or it can be the sodium and potassium imbalance.
  18. I have noticed that my bloodwork always shows low potassium since I end up in the er every 2 weeks.. anyonelde have this problem
  19. Beta blockers can make things a lot worse so be careful -
  20. Hope this answers your question- The overall cardiovascular response is increased cardiac outputand systemic vascular resistance, which results in an elevation in arterial blood pressure. Heart rate, although initially stimulated by norepinephrine, decreases due to activation of baroreceptors and vagal-mediated slowing of the heart rate in responses to the elevation in arterial pressure.
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