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  1. so for hyper pots tho is the HR usually also high and sustained?
  2. my bp goes up def not low hr goes up right at begining ill check again and it starts to come down . so its not sustained?
  3. So is it POTS still if your heart is high when you first stand but comes down in a min or two or when you walk around ? My hr goes up well past 30 but just for a min then starts to come down. I read somewhere its sustained hr increase .
  4. yeah last time they checked it was higher than normal.
  5. I know anyone feels sick not eating all day but does anyone else feel like on deaths door when they go 6 or more hours? I had some pretzels but I need a meal . My moms bringing food now and im just hoping I feel better once I eat . symptoms are confusion weakness,anxiety , why would POTS cause these symptoms from not eating ? BS is 108 so not low either .
  6. yeah This is all i could find but thats extreme emergency case. I mean just low blood volume chronically.
  7. Whats the symptoms of this ? can you have this but not dysautonomia ? is it similar problems ? I cant find much about it online oddly .
  8. Theres nothing I can do i too cant take BC and my sleep issues are hormonal. everytime after my period I get hardly any sleep I. dont know what to do . Im afraid of a mental breakdown and having to stay in a psych ward because im losing my mind, my self . my period makes me so depressed because i cant do anything about it every month . What medicine is the one that helps your brian fog?
  9. My bp doesnt seem to low i have checked it when feeling bad symptoms and there doesnt seem to be a cause. maybe low blood volume from losing more blood during period? I heard low blood volume can mess with your head . I cant take BC it started my problems due to bleeding non stop for months .That would be really bad for that to happen now . Idk why i had that reaction but im not willing to risk it .
  10. Does anyone else have really bad brain fog like REALLY bad ? My hugest complaint with all of this is the cognitive issues i suffer . I already have PTSD and depersonalization which creates brain fog between all of it I feel like I have dementia ! I dont even recognize my own house ive lived in for 15 years .Obviously I know I live here but it dosent seem like I do if that makes sense . I am a day after my period and the FOG is just awful my mind is totally blank gone . I only slept 4 hours thanks to lovely symptoms keeping me awake and im at the end of my rope . Please what has helped your mental clarity ?! I was thinking about taking iron to maybe help with my period . Does that help anyone .Sorry for being all over the place in this post I am out of it so bad right now.
  11. How do you know if you have Hyper pots ? whats a adrenaline rush feel like ? typically how high is your HR? ect
  12. my chloride level is upper range almost out of it but chloride is in my driking water and gatorade ! i just dont know what to do i dont want too much of it . i wanted to try electrolyte capsules but they have a lot of chloride in them ! I see my doc next month . do you guys have higher chloride from the salt we consume ? do you keep having a lot anyways im new to all of this .
  13. Does anyone else get these scary feelings in your head it feels like blood isnt going to it or something i even get it laying down which doesnt make sense.
  14. so im not feeling good my bp is perfect laying down and pulse is fine but i feel very bad i was sitting up for a long time . do you think its a blood volume problem? how does my dr test for that? my oxygen is also never below 90 so i get plenty oxygen.
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