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  2. I like honest company and a brand called Ms. Meyers. Though I’m not sure if those are fragrance free. Melaleuca is another company that has good products.
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  4. If you’re looking for someone to manage Pots, you may have better luck with an electrophysiologist. These are a special type of cardiologists that usually manage autonomic disorders. A general neurologist may or may not have the background, they would typically work with general neurological issues like migraines, seizures etc.
  5. Clb75

    What is This??

    Some people get symptomatic after eating because blood rushes to your stomach to help digest food. When this happens it can trigger dizziness, BP issues, etc. Not sure if this is what’s happening with you, but thought I’d mention it.
  6. My doctor told me about a week when I first started it. I noticed a difference around 5 days or so. Are you drinking lots of water and increasing salt while taking it? Florinef only works if you’re increasing your fluid and salt intake.
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  8. The pill expands blood volume. For some it can raise your BP...if it’s already low that can be helpful, but for others it could be too high.
  9. Clb75

    Tilt Table Test

    Your doctors seem to be saying you don’t have POTS or NCS. However, you could have other forms of dysautonomia like autonomic neuropathy without having Pots or NCS. A tilt table is typically for those, while there are other tests for your other symptoms. A rheumatologist would be a good place to go to rule in or out any symptoms and they could probably do the ANA there. A neurologist that has some understanding of autonomic disorders would also be helpful. Not all are experienced in autonomic disorders so you may need to check around. They could also look into the fasiculations. Can you go to a large teaching hospital in your area? They may have staff with wider experience in dysautonomia. I know it’s frustrating, many of us have been in your shoes. It can take a while to get a proper diagnosis, and to overcome the ones who keep suggesting it’s psychological. Don’t give up, keep searching for answers!
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  11. Ok, I’m glad they tested the IgA antibody. I’m sorry to hear about the sepsis, hope everything gets back on track soon.
  12. Hi, I’m sorry you’re having such a rough time. I’ve been on ivig for 6 years for CIDP. It hasn’t helped my pots symptoms though. Ivig can cause a lot of side effects, and I have read that pulmonary embolism can be one of them. I had a thought...your footnote says you have an IgA deficiency. Were you tested before you started Ivig? I was tested for this before I started and I remember the doctor said that a deficiency can cause trouble with Ivig. I don’t remember what, but he said that you shouldn’t get it if you have the deficiency. It may be something to look into. Also, maybe they can play around with the dose, like dividing it up over two days, slowing the infusion rate etc. I also find that drinking water before, during and after the infusion really helps. Hang in there, hopefully they will figure it out soon.
  13. Clb75

    What to do after POTS Dx

    Have you tried exercising on a recumbent bike? This has been really helpful for me. I am housebound currently but was bedridden for several months when I first got sick. I think the bike is what helped me to be able to get out of bed. Swimming is also supposed to be helpful since the force of gravity is less while in the water.
  14. Clb75

    Abdominal binder?

    Thanks Corina
  15. Clb75

    Abdominal binder?

    Thanks for the replies. I’ll give it a try and see what happens.