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  1. Sucks man. Next time do a HIT workout and eat a large dinner day before, load up on alcohol, sleep short, oh yeah and visit a sauna
  2. I feel you and hope you get something out of the TTT. I have been pondering going to my GP but am worried i'll get the standard "eat some more potato chips and some licorice" reply. "O yeah have you tried exercising?". Its difficult enough to tell your partner you cant keep up with simple cleaning chores, but it would help if you can get a diagnosis. There is a center here where i can get a TTT but i need to go through the GP to get basic vitamin markers excluded Probably he will think i'm exxagerating. Hope you find something! I will do a couple reruns
  3. For a normal person, does the heart rate increase temporarily and then drops back to what it was before? Say after one minute? My energy is always low. Especially if i have to work in an airconditioned room, or in hot sun and then must bend through my knees, i get a lot of dizziness.
  4. 105/65 after 5 min lying down in rest Hr 69 114/66 sitting up straight, then after 1 minute Hr 76 110/68 sitting up straight, then after 3 minutes Hr 80 106/72 stand up at 5 min, wait 2 minutes and measured at 7 minutes Hr 96 116/76 standing measured at 9 minutes Hr 97 I think i didn't do it quite accorddingly to the test. When i stood up i wanted to measure at 6 minutes, but the machine didn't detect it because i let my arm hang down, so i stretched it out again in front of me.
  5. Normally it runs 100/60 and i have low vit D. If i go to higher levels i achieve ~120/80. Ok i always thought POTS included low BP. Strange. I tried to test myself with a pretty decent home BP meter if ny heart rate goes up 30 when standing but it didn't. Is such a meter good to use standing for testing HR?
  6. My BP is good when i take vitamin D to fill up my low levels. However, i still suffer from dizziness upon standing. Hence i still don't feel good. Anyone know why this could be? Anyone have this? Is there a form of dysautonomia where BP is good but you still suffer orthostatic intolerance, if so what is is it called?
  7. Hi, I have posted earlier about wanting to train my legs with resistance training and got some great ideas. However i thought "is there a way we can stimulate leg muscles without exercise?" First thing that came to mind is a leg massaging device for leg circulation. Has anyone tried it, and what was the experience? Second thing that came go mind is electrical stimulation of muscles. There used to be tv commercials for devices doing this with regards to the abs. Anyone have any experience with this regarding strengthening leg muscles?
  8. I read this several times as alternative to recumbent bike. But what i remember from school/gym is that it feels way more intense of a workout. In how far does this work out legs? As far as i can remember it feels like 10-20% leg muscle recruitment at most. It also does not have leg resistance apart from via the rowing rope. Any idea?
  9. I read conflicting reports. Understood that POTS sufferers can have abdominal compression, but for other forms of dysautonomia this does not work. I am looking for something that like i said doesn't irritate my skin. As i'm a guy i really dont want to be wearing from feet all the way to the abs, so any working alternative would be great. I read that the calves are really important in that they provide a "calf pump". Anyone hear this?
  10. What is better? Pure calf compression or will socks suffice as well? You know as a hairy dude i am not looking forward to have too much wrapped the entire day, especially summer.
  11. I think your last idea is brilliant! Didn't think of this myself. Pretty cheap too. Might try to attach it to my large bed, and take a low resistance band as to not move the bed too much but at least get some resistance for a small pump and do more reps.
  12. Hello, I am a male 36 years old who hasn't had a diagnosis of dysautonomia or pots. All my life i haven't felt really energetic or looked energetic in any kind of way. I have always craved salt as well, since i was was younger i would literally eat bouillon cubes out of my hand. Always had the feeling of fainting as well. I've had treatment for low cortisol, thyroid and testosterone. One of the key findings was i was low in vitamin d. High dosing it made my BP normal again, but horribly constipated (which is one of my other main issues). It didn't however solve the issue that when i
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