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  1. So I went to several respected cardiologists in the past few years. My most recent visit was less than a month ago. I took a stress test and everything came back fine. However for a while now I have been getting left arm pain. And I Also have been getting it when I breath in. Sometimes I dont get it but it is frequent enough that it bothers me. I'm just looking for comfort now and hoping other people have experienced this symptom. I also have a stiff neck and if I bend it a certain way sometimes it triggers the same pain in my left arm as it would when I breath deeply. It's weird. Maybe there is some autonomic nerve that is under stress causing this pain it's really confusing. Anyone else feel this way? I hope everyone is hanging in their.
  2. Thank you for this post. I also have had a csf leak. I'm sure I had it as I remember the pain laying down. I Al's remember the feeling of what seemed to be cold liquid rush down my spine. Yet the mri came back negative and the doctor was very condescending with me saying it's just anxiety. I may take your advice and send my mri to the doctor you listed. Thank you.
  3. Nothing new here. Just looking for company. Something I noticed in the past year is that if some one scares me or if I get excited too quickly I get a sudden pain go down my whole left( sometimes right) arm. This pain is just like the normal pain I get occasionally but this pain only lasts a few seconds. I also get this pain sometimes if I'm just lying flat for a long time and quickly move my arm even just an inch. The pain goes away quickly after that. Another strange pain I've been getting is in my left chest and it feels like an expansion pain instead of constricting. It goes a little into my side as well but it is not very comfortable. Just wondering if anyone else has this.
  4. Along with the normal chest tightness I experience almost everyday, I also sometimes get another weird distinct pressure in my chest that I get every once in a while. I feel it mostly on the right side of my chest by the sternum. I really dont know how to describe it but it comes on for a few seconds and then goes away. It comes back seemingly randomly and eventually just disappears for a few days, weeks, months. I dont know how else to describe it but does anyone else get this/ know what I'm talking about?
  5. Just measured my bp again. Laying down It was 130/82. But sitting it was like 150/97. I really need to see a doctor again
  6. Today they took my blood pressure and it was 150 /62 sitting down. 45 minutes of resting and it stayed the same. It's so weird. I wish this disease was better known.
  7. I just took some readings lying down and one was 150/90. The other was 137/87. If I really relax I can get it done to 131 / 82. There are moments when it goes to normal but a lot of the time it is pretty high. I'm going to a doctor soon but just wondering if anyone has similar events.
  8. Thanks I appreciate. I think I have the type of autonomia that is high blood pressure. I just checked my readings after I got out of the shower and it was like 147/97 then it went down to 118/75 and then it went back up again. My BP is also different on different arms. I'm otherwise healthy and I'm only 24.
  9. I was late to a dentist appointment today so I had to run to get there on time. I dont have pots but I have some form of autonomia that's not diagnosed yet. Anyway after I ran to get there and stopped I pretty out of breath. Then when I sat down to see the dentist I had a whole bunch of palpitations in a row. Which is surprising because usually I only get a few like 3 or 4 in a row at the most and that has stopped in frequency. But today I had like 20 to potentially 40 palpitations in a row. My heartbeat was 115 and my blood pressure was high too. Like 147/87. Well when they first measured it is was 136/ 90 but it strangely went up after I sat down a while. Probably cause I was nervous but I didn't get dizzy or anything I was just shocked that I had that many in a row. Anyway I will probably see a doctor soon but I already know they will put me on a monitor and wont find anything anyway. It's not like there is anything I can do just hoping to find comfort. Thx.
  10. Misery loves company so I'm just posting here for comfort. I know people get arm pains and chest pains since I've been getting them for a while now. But does anyone get pains in there arms that get worse when you breath in? Please dont tell me to go to the doctor. Most of them are useless and they never listen to me and say nothing is wrong with me anyway. Hope everyone is doing well.
  11. So you guys think this is a spinal problem? Do you guys get this pain often as well?
  12. So I asked this before but just want to be comforted since i feel like the pain is not getting better. I used to have weeks where I wouldn't get any pain for a long time. And then I have weeks like these where the pain is non stop. The pain is usually in my left shoulder/ deltoid and my left arm. It is usally worse when lying down but i also get it standing up. Im just curious how long the pain lasts for everyone else because I have been having this pain for like a year now. Please also let me know if there is something that helps this pain. BTW the i have had all the heart tests done and they found nothing so i guess its the dysaunotomia.
  13. I had the same thing happen to me over a year ago. It lasted around an hour and by the time i got to the er it went away although i still felt slightly faint and had a fast heart rate afterwards. I did all the tests as well as an echo. They found nothing wrong. I dont have pots btw but i have some form of mild dysautonomia. However I do know of people who have had reoccuring episodes. As far as im aware it is not dangerous but is very worrisome. Also i know what you mean about docs. Most docs are pieces of s***. Although not always their fault since they have a stressful job. Just keep looking until you find one who listens. Also unless completely necessary I would try to avoid all the drugs they give you as much as possible. Who knows what chemicals are in those things. Hope you are doing alright.
  14. Anyone else get upper back pain that lasts a long time? I get back pain that is dull in nature and can get pretty unbearable. It seems to be worse when lying down and when I think about it. Anyone else get pain like this? It's really uncomfortable.
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