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  1. So you guys think this is a spinal problem? Do you guys get this pain often as well?
  2. So I asked this before but just want to be comforted since i feel like the pain is not getting better. I used to have weeks where I wouldn't get any pain for a long time. And then I have weeks like these where the pain is non stop. The pain is usually in my left shoulder/ deltoid and my left arm. It is usally worse when lying down but i also get it standing up. Im just curious how long the pain lasts for everyone else because I have been having this pain for like a year now. Please also let me know if there is something that helps this pain. BTW the i have had all the heart tests done and they found nothing so i guess its the dysaunotomia.
  3. I had the same thing happen to me over a year ago. It lasted around an hour and by the time i got to the er it went away although i still felt slightly faint and had a fast heart rate afterwards. I did all the tests as well as an echo. They found nothing wrong. I dont have pots btw but i have some form of mild dysautonomia. However I do know of people who have had reoccuring episodes. As far as im aware it is not dangerous but is very worrisome. Also i know what you mean about docs. Most docs are pieces of s***. Although not always their fault since they have a stressful job. Just keep looking until you find one who listens. Also unless completely necessary I would try to avoid all the drugs they give you as much as possible. Who knows what chemicals are in those things. Hope you are doing alright.
  4. Anyone else get upper back pain that lasts a long time? I get back pain that is dull in nature and can get pretty unbearable. It seems to be worse when lying down and when I think about it. Anyone else get pain like this? It's really uncomfortable.
  5. Same I have had a bunch of tests done as well and no tests reveal anything wrong. I really like this forum. It feels good to know people are going through the same thing you are.
  6. Sometimes when I lay down too long I get a dull pain in my left upper side which also moves to my back. I am just wondering if anyone else experiences this pain. on a scale of 1 to 10 it is around 2-4. The pain goes away once I stand up and move around for a bit. It is not too painful or anything but just annoying and worrisome.
  7. So I have had this pain on and off for a while. It's usually a sharp pain in my right chest in a specific point. It's sort of higher up in my chest. In the past it would come on and off. However recently it has been lasting longer. Just after playing tennis today it has lasted for a few hours I believe and has even moved to my left chest. I had all the heart tests done so I don't think it's my heart. I would like to get more tests done but I'm broke and docs don't listen to me anyway. Anyone had anything similar?
  8. Also how long have you guys experienced these symptoms? And what does it feel like?
  9. Glad i'm not the only one. You guys learn anyway to manage it?
  10. Anyone else get on and off stroke like symptoms? It happens on the right side of my body as well as my right cheek. I have had neurological tests and they came back fine. My right side still has the same strength as my left but it just feels "off" if that makes sense. I get pins and needles and a strange weakness that is not an actual weakness. I have had this for like 2 years now. I had an mri done a while ago because I was sure I was having a stroke but the mri came back fine. Since dysautonomia is a neurlogical problem could this be somehow giving me these symptoms? Anyone in the same boat as as me?
  11. Anyone else get bad palpatations. It usually happens when I'm running. Sometimes it's a fluttering feeling. Sometimes it's like a really hard thump in my chest. Sometimes it feels like i can't breath. But they only last for like a second. I hear it's nothing to really worry about but can anyone tell me how to stop them?
  12. your 84 years old? This burning pain is distinct from heartburn. Is it the same way for you?
  13. I did get it checked out. My arteries are clean. Is this not a common pots symptom?
  14. So for the last week or two have mostly been fine. Still got occasional mild flare ups and pains every other day or so but then out of no where I get a huge flare up while resting. I also am usually feeling tired before they happen. Anyway it started off kind of mild like always but then it just kept getting worse. I felt an extreme burning pain in the center of my sternum and it would not go away for a solid 2 hours. I eventually decided to go waiting near the hospital just in case because it hurt so much. I also had a mild gag going on but never actually vomited. Anyone else get this frequently? I've had EKGs and an bother heart test done and they say nothing is wrong there. I really hope we figure out what I causing the pain.
  15. This is so comforting. I get these pains almost daily and always think Im dying. Whats weird though is that sometimes they go way for like 2 days straight.
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