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  1. I have had the condition for many years but never knew it. Hundreds of E R visits always said I had High BP and Anxiety. They always said nothing was wrong with my heart. Finally at age 41, ai had a very bad attack and ended up in ER. I was admitted and told I had a heart attack. Troponin was High, Stayed in for 5 days. After 5 days I was released and told I hadn't had a heart attack. These attacks continued and eventually I became bed ridden and was unable to even go to the bathroom. Still haven't received an official diagnosis but I have done loads of research for myself. I know I have pots... I am taking magnesium and Natto -Serra and most of the time it helps... sometimes like tonight I worry I may be having heart issues... Wish I could just pray it away..... I am a single dad of a 4 year old, this is the last thing I need. Any suggestions would be a big help!!! I want to see my kid grow up!!! Also, I hope something I wrote here will be of some help or comfort to you!!!
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