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  1. Anyone here living alone and bedridden? I will be soon. Will have mini fridge in bedroom and microwave next to bed, meds nearby. Friend will visit every few days to replenish food. My main issue is bathroom related. I was thinking of having one of those diaper genie pails near my bed to place used diapers. But I am so worried it will stink up my room. I'm not incontinent, just too weak to sit up or walk, but at least a diaper will absorb stuff and can be neatly wrapped and disposed. How would I empty a bedpan?? My friend would empty the bag from the pail when he brings me food. I'm just really worried a diaper pail won't really seal the smell. Anyone ever have to deal with a situation like mine?
  2. Be careful with licorice. It can cause psuedohyperaldosteronism, yes your BP will elevate but your kidneys will also waste potassium and you will then suffer from hypokalemia which brings its own slew of symptoms such as exhaustion, muscle weakness, elevated and irregular heart rate. I would stay away from it.
  3. I know this is an old thread, but has anyone considered that they might have "adrenal medullary hyperplasia"? Here is a fascinating article about a young man who suffered from it but discovered the cure: https://www.cnn.com/2019/07/27/health/doug-lindsay-invented-surgery-trnd/index.html?fbclid=IwAR3tLAtz7d4N7d7VF1r5QXMNFOCV3f7fXkEcqNUxU5zqc2da6sbMUXgUUmw God bless.
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