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  1. I agree don’t feel guilty posting just because you aren’t as bad as some other members . Over the last few years I have improved enormously and would class myself as highly functional although my VVS and POTS affects me in some way every day . I have found squatting whilst clasping my hand in front of my chest and squeezing my chest muscles to help when I feel I’m going to faint , if that doesn’t work I get down on the floor ASAP ! I concentrate on strength training of back , abdominals and legs muscles as they are important for skeletal pumping of the blood . I notice a difference if
  2. Sorry you are in so much pain . I have recently had swelling and pain in jaw bone but doesn’t sound anything like what you have got . Dr gave me antibiotics which worked . sending lots of sympathy and hugs , hope the meds work 🤞
  3. Hi sorry to hear you so unwell and struggling to work . My advice to you would be to keep a dairy of symptoms whilst both resting and during activity, BP and Hr readings to take with you , I found this really helpful, especially with the brain fog as my mind would go blank and I use to loose the ability to make comprehensive conversation during consultations . I always had my hubby with me to support me , but of course with COVID that may not be allowed. A poor mans TTT can also help give you a picture of what’s going on . I wish you all the best , there is hope many of us do impr
  4. Not sure if it’s the same thing but I use to get very nervous after summer break opening my dance school . I would stress about everything from admin to teaching even though I have been teaching for 40 years ! Soon as I got to studio I felt fine and every year wondered why I was full of anticipation. Hope it all goes well for you xx
  5. Sorry you haven’t found any thing that helps you , must e awful putting up with problems since you were a child
  6. Thanks Pistol , been rather a worrying morning ! The good news I haven’t loss pelvic sensation at the moment , if I do then it is classed as a emergency 24 hours to have surgery or incontinence is not reversible . It is caused by herniated disc
  7. Pistol I just wanted to thank you for pushing me to go to Dr . I don’t have urine infection but due to loss of sensation I have to have MRI to rule out Cauda equine syndrome . If the loss of sensation progresses any more then I will have to go immediately to hospital . Trying to stay positive that this is more a localised problem than being caused by my spine . 🤞🤞🤞 Again thank you I really was ignoring this problem I was just putting it down to POTS !
  8. Just sending you best wishes and I hope you can get some help 💗
  9. Thanks pistol been fine today doesn’t seem to have made my pots any worse like the flu jab did . Only had sore arm so very pleased !
  10. Yes I had this when I was at my worst , it’s horrible feeling . I am pleased to say as I have got my insomnia under some control it has gone away . I hope this improves for you.
  11. I got my vaccine today sore arm very quickly and felt a bit odd a couple of hours after it just for a short time . Did feel quite dehydrated this evening but feeling fine now. Will see how I feel tomorrow . just thought I’d share !
  12. Pistol thanks for your help ! I will look into Prelief. Yes I’m 56 soon yikes it’s scary!!!
  13. Hi pistol thanks for replying . I shouldn’t complain really I have been doing really well since lockdown has forced me not to work ! I can relate to your symptoms I have always been teased for the amount of times I need the bathroom since childhood . I was told after my hysterectomy I have a child size bladder so that doesn’t help . I don’t get any pain it’s just a weird feeling “out of control” and often return immediately to the bathroom as I feel I need to go again !! It’s also very intermittent. My last urine test was about 10 years ago when I was going to be tried on an a
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