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  1. Well done great achievement! I grew up in a coastal town I love that sea air and I could listen to the waves for hours
  2. Hi Pistol The swelling on my eyes are very slowly going but still burning and itching , my thighs are covered in blisters which are slowly drying up but I think the heat exasperates the itching and it’s now two weeks today since I laid the bark ! Feel better pots wise this morning spent a few days doing not much at all ! I could truly kick myself for being so careless I should know better . The reaction took 24 hours of laying the bark so it took me a few days to work out what had caused it . yes I too react badly to bites I suppose that will be the next problem to overcome ! I had a new inhaler off the nurse which has really helped with the tree pollen this year . hope you are ok at the moment and coping during the pandemic . Xx
  3. Hi everyone Hope you all doing ok in these strange times. We are still in lockdown 8 weeks and counting , so I have been using this time to get all those things done I never have the energy for ! I have managed to be very productive as long as I stick to my strict regime. I just wanted to share a story which proves that even when we feel better we have to keep been thoughtful of everything we do ! So I got the garden weeded and planted up and to help with easy maintenance I decided to use bark mulch, I have used this in the past no issues . Due to lockdown I had to use different supplier I picked water retaining bark in plastic bags. Stupidly never checked what was in it ! Long story short I have had blisters, rashes over my eyes and legs, breathing problems and really increased pots problems . I have since found out the mulch was mainly pine, I know I’m very allergic to it, also the bark stunk which apparently can mean lots of mould spores or toxinseven some of the plants weren’t happy after laying it. After researching I have now added nitrogen to the bark and leaving it for a few days that seems to have dissipated the smell, hoping it will now stop my reaction as I really don’t want to have to remove it all ! A lesson truly learnt never stop being mindful of this condition ! stay safe everyone !
  4. Defiantly ! Stormy weather gives me migraines . I have allergies which induce asthma and facial swelling, rashes etc if I don’t remember to take my antihistamines. Last year I was a bug magnet and their bites lasted weeks , they never use to like me so something has changed in my body I reckon.
  5. Thanks for sharing interesting article x
  6. That’s great news I am thrilled for you ! Hopefully this will be continue to you feeling better . Midodrine gave me energy to do more things , exercise more and therefore I was actually tired not just fatigued so my insomnia improved . I really hope this gives you the ability to break the cycle of symptoms so life is not such a fight xx
  7. Thanks for sharing , like you I didn’t understand all of it but it was still very interesting .
  8. Hi pistol cant offer any advice meds as I have low BP so just sending hugs t get better soon x
  9. Very cute !Lovely home you have made . Our cat was a stray whom adopted us 15 years ago . She use to be very much an out door cat but now she is getting on about 17 years old she is mainly indoors and is defiantly the boss , very clever at manipulating us to her every whim !
  10. Hi everyone ! Hope Santa brings you a present of better health ! Take care everyone enjoy the holidays x
  11. Yes as Pistol said it’s one extreme to the other . What has helped me was learning not to get annoyed and stressed about it , I use to get so angry at my body for misbehaving but it just exasperated my symptoms . During episodes I lie down and practise deep breathing relaxation exercises , this has taken a bit of practise to relax and not get distracted. My body temp often is low so I use a hot water bottle and tuck up in bed whilst I practise the above ! Hope you feel better !
  12. I was on florinef for a year it only helped a tiny bit even though I was increased to maximum dose , I piled on loads of weight . I started on 2.5 mg of midodrine and noticed improvements within two weeks but as I increased to 7.5 mg I stopped feeling dizzy when upright that was amazing ! sounds as though you are doing all the right things and learning to give in to the warning signs is the hardest I think , we are a determined bunch ! Really we just have to be 😀 Happy Christmas to you too x
  13. For me the midodrine has enabled me to be upright and gradually to build up exercise and be more active which in turn has helped me get to my Bp more stable. I think I also understand my limitations and I know I cannnot ignore the warning signs , I use to push through those signs and it never ended well . Midodrine certainly was no quick fix and even now I have regular crashes and have to cut down on my activity, it’s a balancing act I often misjudge . however 5 years ago I was not working and unable to do simple tasks , now I work full time and take care of my home ! I haven’t fainted in about two years I know as soon as I feel hot I need to stop, down a glass of ice cold water and lie down to stop the faint !So I believe it’s a combination of things that help but midodrine was and still is the mayor influence . I hope this makes sense not having a great day , brain fog !!
  14. Hi i teach dancing to adults and kids I take 7.5 mg x3 times a day so I time it that I take a dose 1 hour before I start my classes I also load up with electrolytes . This keeps me going for about 2 hours. I have VVS and POTS .
  15. I use to have Bowie posters as a kid , loved him! Yes slowly getting better like you fatigued and I am hoping I will feel enthusiast about Christmas soon !! enjoy your mince pies, yummy ! X
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