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  1. Hello friends, I haven't posted in a while but I'm having a concerning new development to my myriad of health issues and was wondering if anyone else has had an similar experiences. Lately I've been having trouble with my blood glucose level. I am not diabetic, but am prone to getting low blood sugar sensations when I haven't eaten for a while. But since I have gastroparesis, I am always having small meals or snacks throughout the day. Regardless, lately I often feel weak, shaky, nauseous, irritable, a general feeling of unwellness, and like I desperately need to eat, even if I haven't be
  2. i get it the worst when i'm trying to sleep and it's a loud ringing...the only other time i've had it was when i was tapering off lexapro.
  3. My wellness doctor just prescribed me with capsules of licorice root extract and I noticed an IMMEDIATE boost in blood pressure. I'd prefer to be on the licorice and wait to try midodrine... Only problem is for some reason it gives me bad stomach pains, especially when i take it while on my birth control.
  4. I posted about this several months ago, don't be embarrassed. I don't have MCAS just POTS. It makes me too nervous a lot of the time to get intimate with my bf because my heartrate skyrockets and palpitates all over the place. Issie is right, stay hydrated and take things slow so your body has time to catch up with all the extra stimulation.
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