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  1. Hello friends, I haven't posted in a while but I'm having a concerning new development to my myriad of health issues and was wondering if anyone else has had an similar experiences. Lately I've been having trouble with my blood glucose level. I am not diabetic, but am prone to getting low blood sugar sensations when I haven't eaten for a while. But since I have gastroparesis, I am always having small meals or snacks throughout the day. Regardless, lately I often feel weak, shaky, nauseous, irritable, a general feeling of unwellness, and like I desperately need to eat, even if I haven't be
  2. POTS symptoms also have a lot of overlap with panic attack symptoms, and they feed into each other and make each other worse. So when you get POTS symptoms that are concerning (chest pain, pounding heart) your brain goes "wait, what's happening? something's wrong" and it triggers anxiety which also has symptoms like shortness of breath, tingling sensation, sense of impending doom and feeling like you're going to die. And just to reassure you, you can't die from a panic attack; in fact it's extremely unlikely you'd even faint from one. Please don't misunderstand me, I'm not saying all you
  3. Hi everyone. A month ago I woke up with a general feeling of weakness in my right hand and a very strange sensation in the right pinky...it's not a numbness or a tingling, it just feels WEIRD, like it's got a rubber glove on it. The sensation radiates when pressure is applied to the ulnar nerve. The finger itself is also more extended when i spread my fingers out than my left pinky, and when i softly close my first, my right pink doesn't stay down as far as the other fingers. I saw my PCP and he said he thought I might have damaged my ulnar nerve by whacking my funny bone (ENTIRELY possib
  4. novocaine always makes me tachy. my dentist gives me carbocaine and it doesn't affect my heart rate.
  5. yogini- thank you for your words or encouragement. i agree with you. i don't want to give her a letter that she could hold over me. we have never had a great relationship even prior to my POTS onset and she has shown a penchant for saying unkind things about her children's significant others, so I have no expectation that she will get any nicer. BF has agreed to speak with her before my next visit, and i said i can tell her definitively that beyond asking how i'm feeling, i won't be answering any more health questions myself when i visit next. tbh it is has been a tremendous relief to he
  6. thank you for the responses. i've been with my boyfriend for almost seven years, and his mother has been...challenging for all of that time, even before i got sick. she is someone who requires a great deal of energy to be around even in the best of circumstances, but now that i am debilitated by POTS, my ability to handle it has dramatically dropped with time and through interactions with her. i do not expect her to change, but my kind of central thesis for this rant was that after almost four years of her treating me this way with my illness, i just don't have the wherewithal to handle
  7. Hey everyone, I know it's been a long time since I've posted anything, but now I feel like i need to rant about someone I simply don't have to the tools to deal with. So saddle up, this is going to be a long one. I have mentioned before on the forum that my longtime boyfriend's mother (hereafter I shall refer to as BFM) has been extremely difficult and less than supportive of me and my relationship with my boyfriend (who I'll refer to as BF) for years. It has caused me a great deal of distress and anguish for a long time, but since BF and I are long-distance, I only have to put up with he
  8. i have done it several times over the past year or so. I do not notice it helping with fatigue at all, but I absolutely notice that it helps my gastroparesis, which makes me believe it is helping stimulate my autonomic nervous system and stimulating the vagus nerve, which is good!
  9. finding the holidays particularly challenging this year. hoping everyone else is getting on okay.
  10. birth control actually is a must for me. not only does it actually give me a 5-10 point boost in my BP, but it keeps me from having really awful heavy periods that make my BP even lower and drags me down into anemia...every. single. month.
  11. thanks for the replies! Sarah- I do not have high blood pressure, in fact my baseline is extremely low. But I am on Metoprolol to keep my tachycardia in check so I certainly don't want to be taking anything that is going to mess with its effectiveness, so thanks for calling it to my attention!
  12. Hi guys, my frequent urination is at a point where it's seriously interfering with my quality of life (ha. in addition to POTS in general affecting my quality of life...) and my urologist suggested myrbetriq. i know it's still relatively new to the market, but it's the only pharmaceutical he could recommend for overactive bladder due to dysautonomia that wouldn't have serious contraindications relating to my delayed gastric emptying. as with any new medication, i am extremely weary given my extreme sensitivity and knack for catching all sorts of side effects so i wanted to do some research bef
  13. i take licorice root extract tablets i buy at whole foods or other health food stores. definitely notice a boost in my bp. tried midodrine and it gave me a kidney infection. never again.
  14. update on this topic-- since no doctor ever could explain to me why i had this weird morphine sensitivity, i was given another narcotic painkiller when i had a minor surgery in march to remove my sternal wires. i actually woke up briefly after being put under anesthesia when they gave me the opioid and i grabbed my neck because that's where i was feeling the pain. last month i started seeing a new psychiatrist who THANK GOODNESS was able to give me an explanation for my reaction to opioids...essentially people like me because of genetic reasons don't metabolize narcotics very well, and i have
  15. I've become hypersensitive to many things with my onset of POTS, sounds, light, smells in general, but lately I've been really sensitive to the smell of certain foods cooking. Whenever someone in my house cooks garlic, onion, bacon, sausage, or makes coffee it super bothers me and it feels like the aromas are stifling me, like all I'm breathing in is the wafting odor. I'm not one of those people who can't be around perfume and scented candles and stuff but for some reason these really pungent foods being cooked have been driving me crazy lately. Anyone else experience this?
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