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  1. When I first started I felt awful during and after any excersize. I always start with a salt pill and a bottle of water. I lift weights and use a row machine so after every set I drink a whole bottle of water. Little by little I've worked myself up to being able to feel good while working out and more actually enjoy it. Also it along with my diet has completely changed how I feel. I am really close to feeling how I felt before all this came on.
  2. It'd be a drive for you but there is an autonomic nuerologist at the university of Utah.
  3. I lay on my right side so I can not feel my heart pounding against my mattress and use a huge body pillow that goes between my knees and arms,somehow it helps my hips and pooling blood and keeps my arms at the right height and it is good for snuggling too.... Thanks, I'll try it.
  4. I hate the heart felt flutter. My wife gets upset cause I'm moving around to much trying to find that quiet spot inside. I also use water to calm things down. I've noticed that for me that consecutive days of weight lifting and lots of iron get rid of that nightly burning awakening and calms the most heard in my chest. Unfortunately I only get a chance maybe twice a week to lift weights. I would also like to hear if there is anymore ways to help this.
  5. It's a similar feeling but different for me. Its more of a woozy feeling than a dizzy feeling..
  6. Wow this really inspires me. I love to run but the reflux keeps me from running. I have times where I feel my dysautonomia is leaving me alone but the reflux is always there. My goal was to make it the top of one the highest peaks in Utah this summer with my 8 yr old and 10 yr old kids. 14 mile hike and we made it!
  7. I been getting this lately but didn't know how to even describe the feeling. It's like being on an elevator though. Sure would like to know what is as well
  8. I know exactly what your are feeling. I experience this and have a blood sugar tester and my blood sugar is normal during episodes. However eating a balance of protein and carbs does help. When I had my ttt I became extremely hypoglycemic before I thought I was going to pass out. Now I use it as a sign that it's time to drink water and more salt
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