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  1. Bebe- HAHAHAHA I am so relieved I'm not the only one whose doctor suggested my chest pain may be due to my bra!!! I couldn't even believe it. Good lord! I've always been curious as to what the pain actually is. I've read about referred pain (for instance, when someone IS having a heart attack, the pain in the whole chest and down the left arm is "referred pain"...basically pain in the general area of what is actually in pain) and wondered if it could be vein/arterial pain, or like fluctuations in BP/HR that could be hurting the area...?? No clue. I sometimes get the pain down my left rib cag
  2. I fairly often get intense chest pain that radiates down my left arm, as well as nausea (no vomiting though, thankfully) and sometimes I'll get hot and/or shaky. I jokingly call it "heart-attacking", as in "Oh, no, I'm fine...just heart-attacking again)-- LOL totally agree with Katybug I wouldn't be able to tell if I WAS actually having a heart attack! Which is sort of funny, I try to make light of it- but it is scary, and the actual feeling used to terrify me, but now I just consider very uncomfortable. Haven't been on anxiety meds- if these episodes coincide with coming off of them though,
  3. Hi everyone, I have BAD pain, which I originally thought was joint pain but seems to be muscle pain or myofascial pain. The worst location is my neck, it always starts there and then starts to radiate down my shoulders and across my scalp. I have found self-massage (and massage in general, when I can afford one!) is somewhat helpful, as is heat (but can't handle any extra heat this time of year!), but the most pain relief I get is from cyclobenzaprine (flexeril) which is a muscle relaxer. I can only take 5mg per day, otherwise I get bradycardia/palpitations, but it definitely helps. When I ha
  4. ....your smartphone autocorrects "posty" to "potsy" for you. Because potsy is a word...
  5. I had the mirena. Was great- after the initial bleeding (on and off for a month or two) I didn't have a period for three years. I do feel like it lowered my sex drive, but I never had to worry about remembering a pill.
  6. I've gained about 15 pounds... I assume from inactivity but not sure bc I also eat much less now but bloat a lot... I've been continuing an exercise plan and hope to lose it. I was 114 when I got POTS and was 129 at last dr visit... I think I've dropped a couple but its hard to tell, I look skinny in the morning but pregnant after lunch
  7. I no longer take midodrine due to side effects but it made me RAVENOUS for food!
  8. Kjmom- I love that one! Whenever i call my cardios office, his receptionist is always like "Oh, hi Rachel! How are you, honey? Is the new med not working?" LOL I love all these! Thanks for posting your list!
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