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  1. You know you have POTS when... at the amusement park, you're don't have to ride the rides for that adrenaline rush, you just have someone push you real fast in your wheelchair. Your idea of a good night is simply a good comfy pair of pjs and a movie in bed, followed by 8-9 hours uninterrupted sleep. When you refer to your IV saline as your best friend. When you name your aides to daily living, such as Portia the Port (my medi port), Pip the Pump (my IV pump for the saline I get every other day), etc. I'm sure I have a few more, but brain fog and the fact I've had three hours of sleep since Wed
  2. Don't know about this, but i found a while back a connection with my blood sugar and my migraines. My neuro suggested I start checking my sugar one time when we were just pulling straws trying to find a reason for them, and I noticed if I didn't keep my sugar in the 90's and up, I was more likely to start having issues. I don't check as often now, but I do still prick my fingers and such when I get more symptomatic to make sure. Now that we believe my migraines fall under my POTS stuff, it kinda helps me monitor my body more.
  3. So sorry for the troubles you're having Bella. I have a PICC line myself, and we have been pushing for a port as it's looking like this will be more long term than we originally thought. I've had a couple issues with my line, but so far, no clots or anything, and it flushes pretty easy (just hurts more, I think from placement). This thread is very helpful to me.
  4. "BECIA GOT A BUBBLE BATH!" - after last week's crawl to the basement bathtub. Never mind being allergic to the bubble bath I used, I had bubbles, I had warm-ish water, and I smelled pretty, lol. Also... "BECIA STOOD FOR MORE THAN A MINUTE!"
  5. You know you have POTS when... ...You scream in excitement when you notice that the pretzel M&M's have 200mg of sodium per serving, thus allowing you to have chocolate. I know its not much, but its better than nothing, and sometimes you just need chocolate, lol. ...when you salt your water in the restaurant, thus causing the people around you to gag. For what its worth, I usually get a lot of lemons with my water, so I don't really taste the salt. I got asked "if you're eating so much salt already, why do that, why not have plain water?" Any little bit helps, and given how my stomach m
  6. You know you have pots when... You no longer cook for enjoyment, you cook for living. For me, if it tastes bad, I'm sure it's good for me, because I hate HATE salty stuff, it all tastes horrible to me, so I literally choke food down now when I do eat. All of my cooking experiments have been failed lately, but man, I can still bake like crazy. Your phone has alarm settings titled "take midodrine", "take your midodrine now...", and "seriously, get off your duff and take your pills". Yes, I have alarms set for them, but I usually don't need them now, I'm pretty much on a schedule and I know wh
  7. Found a new flavor of Gatorade to enjoy... X-Factor Fruit Punch + Berry. Bought by accident, really flipping good!

  8. Have the flu with my POTS, not cool at all...

  9. Tachy and exhausted. Not a good combination. But enjoying the sunshine.

  10. EEG done and off, migraine in full effect, very potsy, but here come the holidays...

  11. Trying to wrap my head around the holidays, dysautonmia, and everything I've got going on... Schoolwork, church, and cooking. Oh joy.

  12. Reading something other than research for once in awhile...

  13. Sometimes I get down before I go out, other times it's been really sudden, and there aint nothing I can do about it. Hence how I ended up on crutches for almost two weeks, because I apparently hit the floor pretty hard and my roommates thought I had broken my hip or dislocated it. When I came to, I asked for some help sitting up because my back was really wrenched, when he started to move me, I screamed. I'm a little afraid to leave my room, because the house is hardwood and stone, my room is carpet. Already hit it twice this morning, my fault, had to get up quickly, and it didn't work quit
  14. I go through this a lot, just suddenly "bam." I try to use my yoga techniques for breathing to slow myself from panicking, but sometimes that doesn't work. If I end up with a really cold feeling, I know I'm going to pass out, and there's nothing I can do about that part. When I pass out, according to those around me, I stop breathing for about 20-30 seconds. Laying down, fan blowing some air at me, give me about an hour or so, and I'm usually good. Foggy, but good.
  15. I needed this video... It's put a lot of what I'm dealing with in perspective, and helps me understand.
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