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  1. i voted "illness". i had mono at age 20 and developed POTS suddenly during those weeks...the mono went away but the POTS stayed, undiagnosed for 4.5 years. when it finally got diagnosed, the doctor told me that my probable cause was the mono infection, Epstien Barr Virus, attacking my Autonomic Nervous System.
  2. I said "other" because I had my daughter after onset, before diagnosis. Her pregnancy actually bolstered my recovery....I was totally downhill before, and I didn't know what was wrong with me (didn't know about POTS, nor did any of the -like- about forty doctors and specialists I saw). I was bedridden, getting worse exponentially over about a 6 month period...then I just decided that I didn't want to die without having a child, and got pregnant. I was hyperemic, but that was better than the constant braindead and in bed state I was at before the blood volume increase, hormone changes, etc.
  3. Get that too... Especially in the first year of POTS. An optomostrist told me that colors (especialy green and red) come from low BP. The sinking, etc. is a "crazy" feeling partly, I think for me at least, because of the disassociation from my body...like a "physical things aren't really connected to me" kind of feeling. But, I got used to it and just ignore it as much as possible. The sinking is one reason why I try to stay upright. Like, when I'm dizzy, some ppl will advise me to lay down (logical), but that will make it worse for some reason. I don't lay down unless I'm ready to go t
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