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  1. My migraine is finally starting to stop but now I'm all disoriented and just weak. anyone else feel like this after a migraine?
  2. Do any of you get heat flashes before a migraine? I am starting to get a migraine now and am in the aura phase, I started sweating which i don't normally do a then My whole left side of face went numb and my right hand and my teeth and my throat went numb now my lips are going numb probably soon i will get confusion and start typing gibberish so please for give me, i hate t these migraines. i usually have them twice a year but i had a small migraine and now i am having another one today. I don't think i ate anything different. yesterday i had some banana egg pancakes with a new syrup with artificial ingredients but it usually doesn't affect me. for lunch i have peanut butter crackers which i have almost eery day, then for dinner i had a half of egg salad with applesauce, and my usual chobani for snack, and gold fish i hat these m;migraine they scare me now I'm freezing. dont know why i had one two days in a row maybe the weather its snowing here today.
  3. Can a missed dose of atenolol cause side effects? Forgot to take my morning meds. Been feeling really foggy. Have another dose this evening so hopefully the fog will go away.
  4. I have an appointment coming up so I will ask her then. Its weird though. Sometimes it bothers me and sometimes it doesn't. It was also very humid those couple days too during the heat wave in the east coast.
  5. Can garlic salt trigger asthma? I used a little extra garlic salt mixed in the flour when i made breaded pork chops for dinner last night and I ate that last night and tonight for left overs. both times an hour or so after i ate I keep getting chest tightness and feel like I am having trouble breathing. My grandma seems to think its the garlic salt. Any one else have issues with garlic salt?
  6. Has anyone tried b12 for fatigue? I am so tired all the time it gets frustrating. I am thinking about trying b12 supplements.
  7. I was wondering is there any tips or tricks to prevent migraines from coming? I currently take vitamin b2 400 milligrams for it and I take atenolol. But with my migraines I usually start getting little hints a couple days before a migraine that I am going to get one. Like sometimes i get real anxious and agitated a couple days before one. Sometimes my eye twitches for a couple days before. Sometimes I get a weird metallic taste in my mouth before a migraine. I am getting concerned that I am going to get one in the next day or so because Monday night I had trouble sleeping only had 3 hrs of sleep that night and Sometimes before migraines I don't sleep well. Then yesterday and today my eye twitched non stop and last night I was real anxious and agitated all afternoon. When I do get a migraine I get numbness in one arm and side of my face. I get slurred speech, blurred vision, and really lightheaded. Then after all that comes the migraine. The headache doesn't really scare me its the auras before the headache. I was wondering if there is a way to stop migraine auras or prevent them from happening when i think one is coming. Does this make sense?
  8. Thanks for the good ideas :)! DizzyGirls: I eat eggs everyday lol. I eat them because they are good and they are very easy to make when I am tired. Which I am most of the time. Katybug: I used to eat ramen everyday for lunch! It was so good. But then When I started getting migraines I learned more about what could trigger it so I try to stay away from things with a lot of preservatives. Sadly ramen is one of the things I can't eat anymore. I miss it! Lewis: thats amazing! 25000 steps! I could never do that many. I barely make it to my goal of 6000!
  9. What are some ideas for energizing foods? My fatigue has been bad lately and I want to try eating healthier foods that give energy. Have you found any foods that help you?
  10. There is a really good recipe that I found online. It is just two ingredients :). You take 1 medium banana, and 2 large eggs. You get a bowl and mash the bananas so they are like almost soupy. Then you take eggs in a separate bowl and mix those up good. Then combine the two and get it mixed real well. You can add 1/8 of baking powder to make fluffier pancakes. you can also add cinnamon, vanilla extract or other things as well. I just use the banana eggs and baking powder and they are delicious! If you don't want to use syrup as i don't like to use it because of the artificial ingredients you can use peanut butter or you can use honey and cinnamon
  11. Did way too much today. Got up at 6:30. had work 9 to 2. Got home. put dishes away from dishwasher, put dishes in dishwasher. cleaned out fish take. took break at 5 had quick dinner. finished fish take at 6:30. folded clothes. put clothes away. just now sat down at 7, Was basically on my feet all day long. I am so worn out. My brain fog is extremely bad. My back hurts and i am getting palpitations. I tend to get more palpitations and feel worse if i over do it. I am so tired I can barely function! And I have to do more dishes in a little bit! When you have days like this what do you do for energy and to feel better?
  12. Been feeling miserable this past week! Started feeling off sunday the 17th. On Sunday the 17th I had a weird spell where I got bad stomach pain, sweating and had to run to the bathroom. While i was using the restroom I got so lightheaded that i thought i was going to pass out. That never happened before. Then Monday I felt okay I had my cardiology app and felt fine. . Then tuesday I got real bad stomach pain so severe I felt weak, clammy and it hurt to move. Ran to the bathroom 3 times again that day too. And i have been running to the bathroom like 3 or 4 times everyday this week. Last night I had a rough night. Did not sleep well. It was too hot. Couldn't open the window because the farm nearby just layed stinky stuff down on the field. Finally fell asleep but had to wake up early and only got like 4 to 5 hrs of sleep. Today My brain fog is terrible. Feel very weak too. My brain fog is so terrible its hard to function now. Everything just seems foggy. Not sure what is going on. Does anyone else get spells like these? What helps you feel better?
  13. Does stress make dysautnomia flare? My dog is really sick. She is 15. My parents and I have been worried about her all morning. They are a the vet now and she has a severe infection and may have to stay overnight. Took off work. The stress is making me feel sick. I have been crying all morning because we were worried about having to put her down but they took her to a different vet and they are going to try to aggressively treat the infection first. I have been so stressed this whole day. I always don't feel good when stressed and crying always makes me feel worse. I have been having G.I. issues with the stress too. and just feeling very exhausted from crying so much. So exhausted! I have never experienced this much stress in one day. Does anyone else get like this? What helps you feel better?
  14. Feeling miserable today! I have been tired all week since waking up at 4 am on easter sunday. Then having to wake up at 6 a couple of days this week for work. Today I had off so I got to sleep in. Usually I sleep in until 8:30. Today I slept too long. I almost freaked out when I saw the time. I slept in until 9:50!! Whenever I sleep in I always feel more fatigued and extreme brain fog. Instead of feeling better about sleeping in I feel worse. Doesn't help that its hot outside going to be 76 today and Its hot indoors 73 degrees. Been feeling worse since my shower too . What helps you when you are fatigued?
  15. Took this photo On monday i think. :) 


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