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  1. Thank to all for your feedback. I discovered that the form is indeed a release of my protected health information. It seems that the way this psychologist structures his practice, is to share personal info with other doctors. He was going to “collaborate” with my doctors and “educate physicians on what he is seeing.” He will divulge protected, personal information with this process. My PCP is aware that I am depressed and has thankfully never indicated that I was anxious. I prefer to see a CBT or psychologist to treat just the depression. I do not have an anxiety disorder that may warrant an i
  2. I am currently looking for a CBT to address my depression. I have an appointment on Friday morning, but printed out the paperwork required for treatment. There is an Authorization to release Information that I have never encountered before. It states "Communications between Dr. X and your primary care provider or other health care provider is important to insure you receive comprehensive health care that is integrated. By signing this form you authorize Dr. X to exchange information about your treatment history and current treatment progress, as well as diagnoses with your PCP and those health
  3. While I was researching cooling options, I found the site whose link is posted below. I felt that it was very helpful as it has a lot of information on the subject. I did purchase a Glacier Tek Flex vest but, have not used it extensively yet. I hope others find it to be helpful too. I would like to add that since I purchased my vest there is updated info on this site. http://activemsers.org/gear/reviewcoolingvest.html
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