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  1. I got this thing at jcpenny's as a cheaper alternative to an abdominal binder and it has made a WORLD of difference. It helps me so much. I wear it to work everyday and i love it. Just thought i'd share.
  2. I have had three. 2 lesions nothing else and no new ones.
  3. I was interested mostly that they were using propanolol to treat ptsd to great effect
  4. Dizzy, I totally understand where you are coming from. And I think that every one of us can share the sentiment of frustration with doctors telling us that it is psychological. Sometimes I feel like we all carry the memory of that battle for diagnosis so close at hand that we naturally become defensive when even attempting to entertain the idea.But I think that it is important to look at any avenue that may provide relief from symptoms because for me, that is the ultimate goal. When i first began experiencing symptoms, "i have no control over this" was burned into my brain because i tried to c
  5. Symptoms of PTSD: Flashback episodes, where the event seems to be happening again and again(que pots attacks) Repeated upsetting memories of the event Repeated nightmares of the event (que waking up terrified) Strong, uncomfortable reactions to situations that remind you of the event (que restaurants and busy places Emotional "numbing," or feeling as though you don't care about anything (we have talked on the forum about this before) Feeling detached(que out of body feelings) Being unable to remember important aspects of the trauma Having a lack of interest in normal activities Sho
  6. Thanks for the tips everyone. 42 hrs down this week! And no huge problems!
  7. The hair growth became worse as the pots became worse. Quite clearly.
  8. I don't know about y'al but when i have a POTS attack, it is the scariest thing i could ever possibly imagine. It literally feels like i am going to die. Moreover, i feel completely out of control. And it seemed after one happened, they continued to happen more and more frequently until i was medicated. Even then, i feel like i am standing on the edge of a cliff at all times, trying to hold my pysche and body back from a pots attack. I was watching "Through the Wormhole" the other day and was surprised to hear that Propanolol had been found to be used in great effect to treat patients with p
  9. For those living outside the U.S., what type of production occurs in the area you lived in when your dysautonomia became pronounced: i.e. rural, urban, suburban, local manufacturing facilities, local agriculture etc.
  10. First day down! Got woozy a couple of times but it went away
  11. Just got a 40 hr. a week desk job. Any suggestions for getting through the work day? I've already recognized that I have to get at least 10 hrs of sleep.
  12. Mine starts in my tongue, moves through my mouth down my throat and then overtakes my body. Happened a couple of times a few years ago. Wasn't at the dentist though.
  13. Mine was also present with increased saturation of colors, well put!
  14. I've learned that complaining about symptoms doesn't get me anywhere. Really all they can do is adjust your medication. If you go in and tell them that you would like them to monitor new medication options they are much more helpful.
  15. That is interesting, my ssri helps me sleep. In fact, it was a godsend because I was going 2-3 days without sleep due to adrenaline. I also am having the weight gain though
  16. I have been watching my heartrate for a long time, and the only time it ever got into the 30's was when i was on midodrine.
  17. ugh, i know what you mean about compression stockings, they definitely need to be more fashionable Some sports stores sell sports compression stalkings that are breathable and look a little more athletic like soccer socks. They are quite a bit cooler than the run of the mill ones. Also, if i am trying to wear a dress, i will sometimes switch to abdominal compression instead of leg compression and it helps quite a bit. I just went to JCpenney's and got a little corset/girdle that has a bunch of clasps on it and i made sure it was tight. I have to make sure if i am using abdominal compression t
  18. I was diagnosed with migraine with aura quite a few years ago. I now know it was just the symptoms of my presyncope.
  19. Me too. I read on here once about someone's corotid artery spasming. Mine does the same and the rythym of the spasm is different then my pulse. You are right though, why does looking up do this?
  20. How I got my referral to mayo: Tests i had done at mayo ordered by Dr. Goodman: For lab: 24 hr urine sodium Bloodwork: -am cortisol - 25 hydroxy cut d2 d3 - alt - anca panel - angiotensin converting enzyme - antinuclear ab - ast - vit b 12 - calcium - cbc - copper - creatinine - electrolyte panel - extractable nuclear antigen antibody with ena panel - folate - ferretin - glutamic acid - gliadin antibodies - glucose - hemoglobin 1ac - lactate plasma - paraneoplastic autoantibody evaluation - pyruvic acid - sedimentation rate - tsh - tissue transglutaminase ab iga - tryptase - catecholamine f
  21. My chest gets all kinds of weird feelings: pain, the breathing through a straw feeling, sharp pains, dull pains, spasms etc. When you say inflamed do you mean like pushing on a blister and not feeling it? I get that feeling inside my lungs a lot along with the breathing through a straw feeling. Also, during those times its like I am breathing air in and out but that it is not diffusing into my lungs/bloodstream--like the pressure is off in the lung itself.
  22. I agree with this to a point. I think that biofeedback can help a little, almost as much as compression with myself. However, when I was not medicated or on the proper medications biofeedback could not control my symptoms. Now though, i still get pots like feelings and am able to use biofeedback to control them. The big things I say to myself are: this isn't going to kill you, its okay, it will pass soon etc. It helps a lot but I have to believe what i am saying otherwise it doesn't work. Also, I have recognized that the less I acknowledge pots symptoms, the easier I can navigate activities of
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