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  1. Perhaps this can shed some light on the effects of dopamine and serotonin in pots. Antipsychotic Pharmacotherapy and Orthostatic Hypotension Gugger, James J. CNS Drugs 25. 8 (Aug 2011): 659-71. All antipsychotics are associated with orthostatic hypotension,[1-3] although it is more frequent and severe with certain drugs. The incidence of orthostatic hypotension in patients taking antipsychotics is described below; however, comparison between studies should be done with caution due to significant differences in the demographic profile of each study and differing methods of assessment for orth
  2. I was on the metoplerol for a long time and then stopped tolerating it. I now take florinef and like it much better.
  3. Interesting I have a slight nystagmus too. Have you had your potassium levels checked?
  4. It could be the sitting down motion that is making you light headed or that you are urinating when things are already getting bad. I am just the opposite. I feel bad and then have to urinate.
  5. Hi! Thank you for sharing your story! Just an idea, maybe its the car? When I first got sick they thought I might have carbon monoxide poisoning.
  6. I wish I could help too but I am not a fainter. You keep on waking up though sister!
  7. Alcohol used to stop my fast hr in the beginning. Now, I just flush tremendously and get even worse. It probably is calming down your nerves-- so to speak I'm with katybug on the pina colada!
  8. This sounds to me like your immune system is going wacky. The rash is inflammation, and the fever is also an immunorespone. If your wbc count is low though, that wouldn't make a lot of sense. I know this sounds terrible and I pray to god it is not the case, but you might want to get tested for hiv and leukemia. It also could just be the eds attacking your white blood cells. I would think that the low white blood cell count has a lot to do with whatever it is that is going on. Here is a list of causes http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/low-white-blood-cell-count/MY00162/DSECTION=causes Also I am
  9. High elevation causes the body to increase blood volume i went to Denver though and it took me a few days to adjust. I got pots within 2 months of coming back from my trip in Denver.
  10. Sometimes when my arms or legs go numb, I hang them off the bed to get some blood in them. The numbness usually goes away within 30-40 seconds.
  11. I am going through a stage where I'm not sleeping either. It is strange because like Jen, I also am feeling surprisingly rested.
  12. A review of postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome Sheila Carew, Margaret O. Connor, John Cooke, Richard Conway, Christine Sheehy, Aine Costelloe, and Declan Lyons* Blood Pressure Unit, Mid Western Regional Hospital, Limerick, Ireland Received 4 July 2008; accepted 4 November 2008 Introduction Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS) is defined as a sustained heart rate increase of 30 bpm or increase of heart rate to 120 bpm within the first 10 min of orthostasis associated with symptoms of orthostatic intolerance1–3 and without significant orthostatic
  13. Found this in my research, thought i would share. Sorry about the vertical text, its from a pdf Experimental induction of panic-like symptoms in patients with postural tachycardia syndrome Khurana, Ramesh K . Clinical Autonomic Research 16. 6 (Dec 2006): 371-7. Abstract Patients with postural tachycardia syndrome (POTS) might be misdiagnosed with panic disorder due to shared clinical features. The first aim of our study was to investigate the relationship between symptoms of POTS and panic disorder. The second aim was to delineate clinical features disting
  14. Hmm thats interesting. I took metoplerol and celexa at the same time and it made me feel like i weighed a million pounds
  15. I feel like the head pressure indicates a more systemic vasoconstriction problem rather than simply poor vasoconstriction in the abdomen or legs. When we bend over, blood starts pooling in our heads, which means to me that the veins in the head also aren't constricting or returning blood properly. We are like sand timers!!!
  16. Vanderbilt in Tennessee is a good one I hear. They are also doing lots of research. I went to mayo in Arizona. Ramakentesh is really well versed in this and could probably tell you all the doctors and their theories!
  17. I've heard that after you exercise, blood goes to to muscles to rebuild them. Makes sense to me, considering I don't get bad until after I exercise.
  18. Naomi, I always ask for 2 liters. It seems to do much more than one. The other thing that seems to really help is a slow dispersal rate from the iv. For example 1 liter per hour with 2 liters total. I have to tell them to slow it down all the time because they think it is pointless and are just trying to get me out of there. If they do it quickly, I seem to urinate it all out. Another thing to note is that the first time they gave me saline was in the hospital. Two bags, slowly, before they wheeled me down for a ttt, as per the cardiologists orders. The ttt still showed pots but my blood press
  19. I take florinef and also have the shortness of breath. But I also get my potassium checked regularly and its normal .
  20. Just curious, for everyone, what are the changes that happen that make you feel this way as far as taste, touch, smell, hearing, vision? A lot of people are saying surreal, what is it about the scene that is surreal( the speed of the moment, the lighting, the detail, the placement of objects)?
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