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  1. Great poll, can't wait to see once more people vote!!!
  2. I'm a postpartum POTS and i'm still not better, maybe a little worse actually. Not to be discouraging. I guess I just haven't found things that help me specifically. I wish, WISH, so bad that I could, I just want to be well enough to drive again and have a few good days here and there.
  3. "everything was beautiful and nothing hurt"

  4. You're very welcome! I just happened to look at the bottom of my page and notice, i forgot that the b-days were even there. I hope you had a wonderful day and felt good enough to enjoy and celebrate YOU!!!

  5. Thank you for wishing me a happy birthday.

    That really meant a lot to me.

  6. you're welcome! That was the first time I had noticed the birthdays. I bet that was a nice touch but there are probably LOTS more of us on here now, that'd be a lot of "happy bday"

  7. Thank you for the birthday wish!

    We used to post Happy Birthday to members each day and this fell by the wayside. It was a nice touch!

  8. Happy Birthday, I just happened to scroll to the bottom and it has bdays down there :) I had no idea

  9. Elsie or Jenny, did you ever try the dr recommendations by Rachel? any luck with other drs in atlanta, i'd love to hear about it. i am scheduled to see dr dan dan late july, that was his soonest appt.
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