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  1. Thanks so much for your feedback IceLizard. It's interesting to hear from someone with Pots and EDS. And someone who's been dealing with Pots for quite a number of years as well. It sounds like everything Dr. G did for you are things I've already tried or things I already know (like getting the EDS diagnosis). I've been working with a exercise physiologist for a few years and that helped a lot. Dallas would be way too far for me (especially if the Dr. doesn't want to work with locals for followups) but I like how precise and thorough your appointment sounded. I just really don't want to go all
  2. If you've been to Toledo to see the world famous specialist I'd love to hear what you think... I've been around the block with other Pots specialists. It's been years... I've tried Midodrine, Florinef, and Mestinon. All things to raise my BP (which is low when at rest and gets higher when I stand). I'm on a high salt and fluid diet. And do rehab exercise regularly. Over the years my symptoms have gone up and down. I've also been diagnosed with MCAS and EDS. No specialist has ever told me what kind of Pots I have or what they think caused it. I feel like my currant specialist isn't really that
  3. I've wondered about this too. Maybe it's a case of something within the mutated gene being "turned on". Or a function of age and changes within the body. I know someone who has a birth defect with their heart that didn't show any symptoms until they were in their late 30's early 40's. It was explained to them that symptoms don't show up sooner because a younger circulatory system compensates for the defect better than an older one.
  4. I've been thinking a lot about pregnancy and pots lately. How did those of you who've had children deal with vomiting- Did it make your Pots a lot worse? I know if I get sick now my symptoms go crazy. How would you have classified your symptoms before pregnancy? Were you all in a place where you felt your symptoms were well controlled and didn't limit you much. Also, how was it after the baby- were your symptoms much worse due to things like lack of sleep and loosing that extra blood volume?
  5. I had unexplained weightloss and I know I can sweat, it's just diminished. And if I do I just feel miserable because it takes so much effort to get there. Have you had a tilt table test? That's one of the main tests they use for Pots. I see both a cardiologist and a neurologist. The neuro specializes in Pots.
  6. I actually bypassed my family doc and called my cardiologist. I guess it all depends on the relationship you have with your doc. For me my pcp just doesn't get the dysautonomia stuff but my cardio has always been great.
  7. So far I'm ok on antibiotics but my sister has a terrible time- full blown hives. I've always needed prednisone for respiratory stuff but mine hasn't been bacterial it's been viral.
  8. I'm planning on it. I already told the doc when I was being released how amazing he was an how appreciative I was of his approach. He looked a bit stunned to hear it isn't always such an open-minded reception. He said this wasn't something docs encounter everyday and didn't understand how you could be anything but open minded.
  9. Welcome to the forum. Those symptoms all sound familiar to me. It took me about a year and a half to get the pots diagnosis. I saw two neurologists who all said I was normal before my cardiologist got me an appointment with a pots specialist. It can be frustrating when doctors don't get it- I had one flat out tell me it was in my head and another suggest it as a possibility. I think doctors forget that feeling this sick and having no answers can itself be anxiety producing. It's not the cause of the symptoms but rather the result.
  10. I forgot- they also treated my high temp with Tylenol. Monitored my vitals every few hours and kept me on my ant-histamines and b12 (to help autonomic regulation).
  11. Thanks- it's always awful to get sick like this with Pots. To answer some of your questions tanner. Within the first hour of being sick my resting (laying down) heart rate was in the high 140's. I did have chest pain when it would get over 130's. I would feel faint even just sitting up sometimes. My bp was fluctuating high and low when I first got there. It was so important that my doctor called the ER. Doctors take other doctors more seriously. No one in the ER really had a good idea what Pots or mast cell activation were but a few had looked up info because my doc had called a head. After th
  12. So often trips to the hospital can be horrible for people with Pots, I thought I'd post about a good experience. After Christmas I came down with a horrible stomach virus. As soon as I got sick my heart rate jumped way up and I knew I was in trouble. My doctor said to go to the E.R. and called ahead to explain to them why I was coming. When I got there they took me right back to a room and started an iv and some anti nausea meds. After almost a whole night my heart rate still couldn't be controlled and I was still loosing fluids so the admitted me. Once admitted the doctor I had in the hospita
  13. Thanks Ramakentesh, lots to think about. I've often wondered why meds that increase my bp make me feel better too, even though my bp raises on standing.
  14. Thanks everyone! Good to know that many of you experience similar symptoms despite a high bp reading. Tachyfor50years, those links were helpful.
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