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    Before getting sick Jan 2012, Salon owner loved doing hair, worked at bridal shop, make jewelry, photography, on the board of the human society, hanging out with grandson, going to kids sporting events, shopping and walking.

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  1. Silly question about this but is it the same as eating licorice the candy?
  2. Thanks everyone. What do the steroids help with? Do they get rid of neuro symptoms? Which one were you given? Thanks
  3. Leydengs: How long were you in a wheelchair for and could you not walk because of tachycardia, and what symptoms did you experience? It makes me sick to stand and I get lots of neuro symptoms.
  4. What were your symptoms and how did you get out of bed? Were you completely bedridden?
  5. That is Awesome!!! That is a long time! Were you completely bedridden I have not walked at all for 4 months. What were your symptoms that kept you down? What did it feel like to walk after all that time? Did you get sick?
  6. Do people recover from being bedridden and go on to there normal life?
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