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Fevers, Fevers, Fevers....


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hi all -

i'd been doing pretty darn well (for me at least, though i'm sure many would consider it quite rotten :) ) and was looking forward to updating everyone on some of the "developments" so to speak. but now i seem to be in a rut of recurrent fevers that - thus far - are quite perplexing but a bit disconcerning to say the least (particularly considering my history of recurrent sepsis).

a week ago sunday i had a fever but it didn't get above 102 & responded to some degree to tylenol. a bit of a scare b/c it was my first fever in years wherein it didn't turn into full out sepsis within 24 hours or so, but in the end it was a bit of a relief to know i could get a fever and have it be "just" a fever (with aches, headache, etc). we assumed it was a virus of some sort and by mid-day monday i was pretty good to go (for me). tuesday & wednesday were also good....amazingly good for me in fact as i actually got out to get my haircut & for a trip to the store (via wheelchair, but still more than i've done in a LONG time).

but then thursday the fever returned. similar to sunday in that it topped out at 102 & responded to meds to some degree. knocks me flat for the day but not in super scary territory either, especially having made it through it on sunday.

okay by friday morning but friday afternoon fever returned. this time meds didn't help, had violent chills, & hit 104.3. not sure what kept us from the hospital but i wasn't losing other bodily functions or my cognition (happens to me when i get septic) so we held fast at home.

since then i've had the fevers daily. usually fever-free in the mornings (though wiped from the fevers & accompanying issues of the afternoon/ evening before) and in the afternoon it returns with a vengence. saturday & sunday they topped out around 102 but yesterday back up to 103.7.

i've talked with my PCP a few times & she had my home nurse do extra bloodwork yesterday that we're waiting on. we're trying to walk the line between not heading to the hospital if not absolutely necessary yet not being stupid either and making things worse. we know that i'd be admitted if i showed up at the ER but the mere fact that things are so cyclical isn't at all like the other times i've been septic so we're trying to stay home if at all possible. i am still on hard-core antibiotics from the last hospital stay (about 3 days left). and we're worried that if i show up at the hospital they may remove my port even if that's not really necessary/ appropriate and with my not having a lot of central line access left that's a route we want to avoid if possible.

the fever's just starting to creep back in for the day so i'm just hoping/ praying that it's a day of "just" 102 which wipes me out but isn't near as high on the pain/ discomfort/ degree of shakes scale as when it gets over 103 (i'll spare you the details :) ). but this is getting frustrating and - i'll admit - a bit scary too. and oddly enough i'm just as scared as having to deal with "hospital land" yet again as i am of the physical issues themselves.

this ended up longer than i'd expected, but most of all i'd just really appreciate any prayers/ good thoughts you could send my way. both for my patience & that whatever is going on in this crazy body of mine becomes clear, hopefully without it having to get to a really dangerous point. and that we (me, my family, & my PCP) have the wisdom to know if & when the hospital is a necessary evil that has to happen.

many thanks....

B) melissa

p.s. welcome to so many new members that i've missed welcoming as of late!!

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Sunfish!!!!! :) So happy to see you again (read)

I was wondering about your health when I saw your post. Glad to read un update, though I am sorry that you are feeling unwell.

Always thinking on new and old members, even being ill. You are a saint. :)

I keep you in my thoughts and hope you can feel better soon.

Take care (I know you do)

You are a possitive fighter and winner.

Hugs and love,


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i am so sorry to hear about the fevers melissa. glad that you are able to stay out of hospital (for the time being and let?s keep our fingers crossed you stay out of it this time!!!) and i can only imagine how frustrating this must be for you. i know you are not the person to complain and that you are a very sunny person (that's what makes you so special i'm sure!) but at times you really must want to throw with dishes and everything that you could possibly lay your hands on to get rid of your frustations. (in example: i once threw all my meds on the kithcenfloor and stamped on them until i lost all my anger and frustration :) after that i had to call my doc to ask them for new meds as i realised i cannot do without them, which made me feel soooo stupid :) ).

i do hope you the bloodwork will lead you to whatever's going on and that you can be treated without being rushed to hospital.

thinking about you,


corina B)

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Melissa,sorry to about your fever,just want to know that you are in my prayers daily,sending you good thoughts,Pat

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Thinking of you and praying for you. I hope they figure this out and these fevers resolve soon, without the hospital return- but you are correct you do what you is necessary.

I am glad to hear that you had the brief opportunity to get out a bit before this. How wonderful it can feel, just to get a haircut. I am lucky to have a hairdresser who comes to me most of the time, but it is wonderful to have the special treat of going to her when I can.

So frustrating to have the occasional better day, only to follow by more challanges!!

Hang in there=== :)

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And to think you had time, and felt up to, responding to my little troubles.

Hope this passes for you soon, and you feel better.

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I always like to hear updates from you but it makes me sad to hear that the fevers haven't resolved yet. I hope that the blood tests show something to guide your doctor and that a treatment can be figured out to settle the problem (even if it does mean another dreaded hospital stay).

Healing thoughts and prayers are heading your way.

Best wishes,


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I am sorry to hear you have so many fevers as of late .

I just wanted to mention that my daughters has had fevers of unknown origin for many years until they diagnosed her an autonomic nervous system that does not work properly. Dr. Grubb told us that this is one of the symptoms (problems) that is not as common as all the rest under the dysautonomia catagory. Tylenol and other meds dont seem to help. We just try to cool her body off. Ice vest, popsicles, cold wash cloths. This may not be anything in relation to you but I just thought I would pass it on. Doctors were puzzled for years, test after test.

I wish you well.

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thanks all. i just talked with my doc (PCP) and - for good or for bad - my blood work is "beautiful". good of course b/c it all but rules out an infection as well as pancreatitis; bad b/c the fevers aren't gone & we're still not sure what's up. all in all VERY good though b/c it takes away the majority of any concern regarding sepsis sneaking up on us yet again.

our one other thought is that i may be having a reaction to the hard-core antibiotic i'm still on post-hospital from the sepsis/ pneumonia. this possibility had crossed my mind but not seriously b/c i'd already been on it for several weeks when the fevers started. i had a similar reaction (fevers) to another med (not an abx though) a year & a half ago but it started within a day or two. upon further discussion, though, a reaction - though unusual - can happen later. my last dose is tomorrow night so if the abx is the culprit the fevers should resolve within a few days. i hope, hope, hope.

gelann, thanks for your thoughts. we've explored that issue for me in the past (fevers being related to the ANS dysfunction) and while dr. grubb thinks it may play a role in their severity at times (like when my temp reached 107 in december when i had sepsis) and certainly in my normal body temp fluctuations, this seems to be something different. obviously anything is possible, but my history points toward anything over 100 being something more acute (and many times serious) so that's the first thing we look toward. i do have an appt @ dr. grubb's tomorrow though so it will obviously get brought up again. so sorry your daughter has to deal with fevers though too; though mine have primarily been infection-based, i've had them a LOT this past year & i know they're not fun. (just out of curiousity, how high do they get for your daughter?)

yesterday thankfully did end up being a "low" fever day (101.7) so that's the hope for today too (as it's already creeping up so no fever isn't an option). and then hopefully the antibiotic will end up the culprit & i'll soon be fever free again & can come back with some of my other updates...

;) melissa

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I am glad the blood cultures are negative. Have you also had urine cultures to exclude UTI? I am sure your doctors are on top of it. Drug fevers are common - always bring "fun" for doctors to figure out whether the fever is due to an underlying infection or from the antibiotics that treat it. I hope the fevers are settling down, but please, do be cautious and do not hesitate to go to a hospital if they don't, even though I know you would love to avoid another hospitalization.

Best wishes for a speedy resolution of fever ;),


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Thanks so much for keeping us up to date with everything. I am so sorry to hear about these fevers but I'm rejoicing with you (and everyone here) that your blood work looks good.

I will definitely be praying for you.

Take care,


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I hope your appointment with Dr. Grubb went well and hopefully feeling better.

My daughters fevers which started in 1999 her junior year of high school have gone as high as 106.5.

Even at that time she would have some low temps 97, 96 which we didn't think was strange but looking back on the records that we kept we now understand what was going on the ANS dysfuntion. She still gets temp. fluctuations. She can go anywhere from 93 to 103 in a short time span. Dr. Grubb has tried cymbalta which did seem to help the fevers but gave her awful tremors and when she stopped we noticed she had more fevers. She is now on a low dose of wellbutrin and she hasnt had too many fevers.

My best to you and hope they figure it out!


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