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hi guys,

Today my gastric emptying study was scheduled and I couldn't make it in. For those of you who have had it done you know that you can't eat after midnight and well my body didn't like that idea. I got up at 6am today since I'd have to be leaving early because of the heavy traffic I would hit and I felt soo dizzy, nauseous and disoriented...I had made sure I ate before I went to bed and drank a good amt of water, but thats one of my stomache probs, waking up nauseas...I am now waiting on hold for the doctor, I'll write back how I make out...I literally sat in bed crying this morning because how ridiculous is it that I can't even go to a doctors apptmt due to the dizziness and nausea?! :lol:

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Guest sonotech


I am sorry you are having such a tough time. I have missed many appointments also, and it is stressful and frustrating. It's hard to "take care of ourselves" when we can't get the help we need! I still miss LOTS of appointments, so don't feel alone in this. Do you ever have anyone that can drive you to your appointments? It sounds like you shouldn't be on the roads, especially in the mornings, anyway.

I hope you can get back in for the test real soon!!

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Hi, Jacquie:

I am so, so sorry that you are feeling discouraged. How frustrating is it when the illness actually gets in the way of our being able to get the help we need!

I am keeping my fingers crossed that the doctor will be able to reschedule you for a date in the very near future.

Is there someone who might be willing to drive you in to your next appointment so you don't have to worry about feeling particularly well to be able to go? Also, can the doctor provide some alternate fasting instructions to help you get the hydration that you need the morning of the test?

You are in my thoughts today. I hope you find some encouragement to help you through today; then, tomorrow is another day to keep up the good fight.

Take care of yourself today. It's okay to have a bad day as a wise Tearose once told me. :lol:

Lots of hugs sent your way,


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Hi Jacquie,

I'm so sorry you had to cancel your appt. I also have been unable to make it to doctor appts because I was too sick to go (seems funny in a way when you think about it... "too sick to go to the doctor"). I can't tolerate any testing for the most part so I've given up persuing any more diagnosis. I learn alot about my body just reading here on the forum and figure it's mostly due to all that this illness entails. I hope you'll be able to tolerate the test on a better day.

- Tammy

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So sorry to hear that you missed your appointment.It is not easy for us to have test performed cause we suffer with daily symptoms and we never know when our symptoms will be just too much for us to even get out of bed let alone go for testing. I really hope you are feeling better and are able to get another appointment soon....

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Jacquie,so sorry to hear about your being so ill and missing your appointment. How are you today?

I have had to cancel many appts.due to illnes(how ironic?),it is very frustrating. Hope you are feeling a little better today and know that there are so many of us out there who care and are sending you (((((((HUGS))))))). P

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