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  1. I became pregnant following my diagnosis with POTS. For me, it was a very difficult pregnancy. Vomiting through the first trimester, practically bedridden through the entire pregnancy. I'm not sure if I was classified as high risk, but my OB kept a group of specialists consulted at the hospital, and they provided advice along the way. I also was instructed to see a cardiologist throughout the pregnancy who consulted with my OB. I had a Cesarean due to placental previa; otherwise, my daughter's delivery was perfect, and we now have a healthy, gorgeous, entirely-too-smart-for her-own-good 4
  2. Hi, everyone. Thanks so much for brainstorming this with me! My POTS-y brain is not nearly as good at communicating as it used to be so I want to clarify that I do not think that POTS is hypovolemic shock. Also to second what Katherine said - POTS is not life threatening. I didn't make that clear enough, either, I think. Tessa, I am so sorry if my post made you think that in any way. However, what our bodies go through seems very similar to hypovolemic shock. Even without blood loss or confirmed hypovolemia, when the blood drops to our legs and away from the vital organs, it seems like
  3. I'll preface this with I'm no doctor, and because I've been trying to figure out what is going on with my body through research, I probably know just enough to be dangerous. In addition to a lot of the typical POTS symptoms, I also have recurrent cyanosis. My fingers, lips, and upper torso bilateral lady areas turn blue regularly. The docs say it is caused by POTS, but I can find very few people that have it! The cyanosis is not related to temperature, and Raynaud's has been ruled out. All this to say, I've been trying to figure out WHY they say the cyanosis can be POTS. Essentially e
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