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  1. SANDY Just stopping by to tell you happy birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day. :)



  2. Boy can I relate. I have suffered with anxiety and adrenaline rushes all my life. Even the phone ringing can set off a major adrenaline rush. It's scary and very uncomfortable. My doctor told me that my ANS is overactive. So it is in constant flight or fight mode. I do get brakes every once in awhile, where I don't get as many rushes. But I always know that they can pop up at any time.
  3. I too was diagnosed with sinus tachycardia, and bigeminy premature atrial contractions. I deal with tachy while standing, sitting, laying down, sleeping. It doe snot matter what posture I am in. It's been better lately, although I never know when I will be hit with it.
  4. I have dealt with the exact symptom you described for years. I must say it has been better, but for awhile I really thought I was going to suffocate. I was so breathless that I could not even talk. The minute I would get out of bed I would feel like my chest would not expand. I would struggle to take a breath, and the only relief I would get is if i would yawn. But that relief would only lasted for a few minutes. Then it was back to fighting for a breath. Eventually that symptom subsided and another one appeared. I have heard that BB's do cause shortness of breath. I was on them when the brea
  5. Hi Jennifer, Sometimes it helps to just come to the forum and vent. It helps to have support and understanding from others. I can sympathize with you. I have been plagued by anxiety all my life. Then it got worse once I started getting palpatations when I turned 19. I was suffering with panic attacks on a daily basis. Could not stop them no matter what I did. Now at 35 I have a handle on them, but also with the help of meds. It has not been easy, but I try to always think positive. Hope you get relief soon...........
  6. Hi, Sorry to hear you are having problems breathing. I too had and still have times when I am so breathless I can not even carry a conversation. I was so bad at one point that I could not even get out of bed because the minute I would stand I was completely breathless. I saw Dr Grubb and he explained to me that it is all apart of my nervous system not working properly. Remember our ANS controls every autonomic function in our bodies. Our diaphram which controls how deeply we breath may not be relaxing, which in turn will make it hard for you to take a deep satisfying breath. Or your lungs may
  7. I too must answer yes to all the symptoms you experience. However I was diagnosed with mitral valve prolapse syndrome by 2 doctors, and Pots by another. Whatever my diagnosis it is a form of dysautonomia one way or another. People with MVPS tend to have high amounts of adrenaline flowing through their veins. I was always a worrier and dealt with anxiety all my life on top of my other MVPS symptoms. Palpatations being my most annoying. There are a few books around that really explain the different aspects of dysautonomia.
  8. I too get very cold after eating a meal. It could be 90 degrees and soon after I finish eating I get cold and yes goosebumpy. I can not tolerate even the slightest bit of colder weather. And living in NY we know it gets very cold a good part of the year. Just the other day the humidity dropped down and I was cold while everyone else was loving the beautiful temps. But as far as eating goes I too always get very cold afterwards. Don't really know what that's about, or why that happens it just does..
  9. Hi cathy. I know and understand how frustrating it can be to be so sick and just keep hearing from the doctors that there is nothing they can do. Been dealing with this all my life in one form or another. Went to all different doctors where I live, and even traveled out of state quite a few time to specialists to get some answer. Even saw Dr Grubb. He is wonderful and explains alot about the condition but I still was left without a solution. I am on 2 different meds to control symptoms, but I really don't think there will ever be a cure. When you are dealing with an autonomic dysfunction there
  10. I am from good old New York. really don't like the cold weather. I have a very hard time staying warm in the winter. My hands and feet become white and numb from lack of circulation. I like the warmer weather much better. My husband and I are planning to move to Florida in around 6 or 7 years.. Really looking forward to getting away from the cold and snow..
  11. Hi Susie, I am going through the exact same thing you are. I have been at my job for 6 months and when I first started there my boss was never there. Now she is there everyday and the stress level is out of hand. I love my job and my coworkers, but my employer is very domineering and at times just outright mean to her employees. I am not one for challenging her or giving it back to her so i suffer in silence. I come home to my husband and unload on him. He has stated to me time and time again that if I don't say anything to my boss then she will just get worse and I will end up blowing up o
  12. That's the story of my life.. Up, Down, Up, Down, I feel like a yo yo.. Sometimes I have energy and I am ready to conquer the world and then there are times I just want to crawl into bed and sleep the whole day. I must say after a days work I am shot and can barely even make a meal. My husband does not understand why I come home so fatigued, and it kills me cause I want to be awake and alert but instead I just plop on the couch and relax. Oh well story of my life
  13. Thank You so much for all the advice.. I have been searching on the internet for holistic therapies. I went to a high end holistic store and spoke to one of the reps and was given three different remedies to take.. So I am now taking D-Mannose which is known to cure 90% of all UTI's. I am also taking a high dose of Cranberry extract and Emergen C (which is Vitamin C). It's odd how I don't feel any symptoms at this point. I just felt it yesterday morning and then saw blood. I told my doctor I am very sensitive to meds but he said don't worry you'll be fine.. Cipro stimulates the Central Nervous
  14. Hi Everyone.. I have a dilemma and I am not sure what i should do. I have been having weird symptoms when I urinate and yesterday I had blood in my urine.. So I went to the doctor today and he took urine and said it is probably a UTI.. I have never had one before and am very nervous cause he wants me to take the antibiotic Cipro.. I looked up the side effects and am petrified to attemp to take it.. My body is so sensitive to meds and now I have to take something that is hard on the central nervous system. I am thinking of trying a holistic approach. IK just don't want this infection to get wor
  15. I'm known as the jumpy queen. I jump and get scared over every little noise, and I am so sensitive in the car with other people driving. I drive people crazy while they are driving cause I always feel like other people get to close to us or like we are going to hit something.. It's annoying for me and for the people I am driving with.. I have such a sensitivity to sounds and sudden motions. I work in a spa and salon for dogs and evertime I am working on an animal and he flinches it sends me to the moon. I have all my coworkers laughing at me.. It's relly pretty funny...
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